Top 10 "Underrated" YouTubers that are Actually Very Highly Overrated


The Top Ten

1 Filthy Frank Filthy Frank

Anti-role model, treated as a proper role model - xandermartin98

2 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

Amazing entertainer; mediocre-to-average critic at best - xandermartin98

3 Cinemassacre

Sorry, guys, but the Angry Video Game Nerd schtick is getting INCREDIBLY old - xandermartin98

No, he's still good.

4 Vinesauce

Don't let your streams be memes - xandermartin98

5 Onision Onision

"Top 10 Good-Looking People With Ugly Personalities" - xandermartin98

6 I Hate Everything I Hate Everything

Is so obscenely popular that Hunt Down The Freeman had him insta-cast as an Asian-American dude despite the fact that he was very VERY clearly a Brit, enough said - xandermartin98

I find IHE to be really good personally, he's got well though out arguments and is just a generally funny guy - kempokid

Overrated? boi. he isn't. he deserves more attention - Knep

7 Escapist (Yahtzee and Jim Sterling)

Mostly Yahtzee (the Zero Punctuation guy) between him and Sterling, but still - xandermartin98

8 PeanutButterGamer PeanutButterGamer

You KNOW what kids LIKE?


9 iDubbbzTV iDubbbzTV

He's PRETTY GOOD though - xandermartin98

10 ralphthemoviemaker ralphthemoviemaker

At least HE actually makes his own movies - xandermartin98

The Contenders

11 kittydog kittydog

Her stuff is so basic that this isn't even her pic.

Very good at animating low budget makes it more trippy

Kittydog is one of the worst YouTube channels I've ever watched. It's just your average animation meme channel except 10x dirtier and lazier. What else can be said?

Please make her #1 already.

12 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.
13 Nathaniel Bandy Nathaniel Bandy
14 Blaire White Blaire White
15 Shoe0nHead Shoe0nHead
16 Ali-A
17 Ninja
18 Cinemasins
19 Armoured Skeptic Armoured Skeptic
20 Takedownman
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