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41 Madjack

One of the coolest designs in the whole game's Madjick, no?

42 Mettaton NEO Mettaton NEO

Metteton NEO is the most coolest person and in one video you can see his transformation and I love the blaster for a hand

43 Jerry Jerry

Who put this here?

The face you give when bae don't have no booty

He has the shape of a nipple.

Nobody likes Jerry :(

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44 Chairiel

Choose The Chair!

Is this a ship?

Chair is so cool! - buttersock

45 Froggit

Meow. - NoOreoForU

46 Onionsan

The sad part is Onionsan is lower than Jerry. You know you have a problem then.

She's the cutest little onion-octopus thingie ever

It's Onionsan, y'hear?!?

Onionsan is adorable ^-^

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47 Lemon Bread

Like all the algamites

48 Reaper Bird Reaper Bird

Reaper bird is awesome! - WarriorCatsHater

49 Memoryhead
50 Dogaressa
51 Underfell Papyrus
52 Monster Kid Monster Kid

Yo! Why so low? Monster kid is my bro, yo! Yo! Help me bring this guy up, huh?

Poor monster kid he's so cute

Why so low buddy oh pal oh friend?

But why? Why is Monster Kid so low? :(

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