Top Ten Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy's Characters Crossovers

The Top Ten

1 Chara meets Purple Guy

I can just picture it so well.They'd get along best! - WitheredBonnie

2 King Asgore meets Freddy Fazbear
3 Temmie meets Balloon Boy

Crap. If those two ever meet, it's gonna cause both of them to go on a killing spree.

4 W. D. Gaster meets the Marionette (Puppet)
5 Mettaton meets Toy Chica

Both of them love fashion and being hot.They may argue on who is hotter sometimes. - WitheredBonnie

6 Undyne meets Foxy
7 Muffet meets The Mangle

Them gurls would be perfect

8 Toy Bonnie meets the Nice Cream Man
9 Frisk meets The Crying Child

Ever since I started Undertale I wondered if this would happen. - WitheredBonnie

10 Bob meets Carl Cupcake

The Contenders

11 Toriel meets Phone Guy
12 Springtrap meets Sans
13 Toy Freddy meets Sans
14 Rebornica's Mike Schmidt meets Sans
15 Rebornica's Jeremy Fitzgerald meets Shyren
16 Chara meets Baby
17 Chica meets Papyrus

Pizza vs. Spaghetti.

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