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1 Sans is actually black
2 Mettaton's legs are so hot that you can literally fry an egg on top of them
3 Papyrus is actually the corpse of a deceased Starman from Earthbound
4 Alphys has an embarrassingly extreme foot fetish and is too shy to admit it to Undyne
5 Undyne's spear actually shoots Microsoft pointer arrows
6 Alphys clearly based Mettaton's design off of David Bowie
7 Skeletor is actually Papyrus' long-lost cousin
8 Mettaton's favorite anime is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
9 Muffet Works Her Daily Night Shift As A Prostitute
10 Frisk is actually Brock's newly adopted son/daughter

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11 Pikachu is Sans' favorite drinking buddy
12 Alphys got kicked out of school once for being too cute
13 Sans and Papyrus are actually Mario and Luigi
14 Alphys shows a cloying amount of favoritism toward Endogeny, and all of the other Amalgamates are pissed off about it
15 Greater Dog's father that got melted into Endogeny was originally named Greatest Dog
16 There is no actual limit to how far Lesser Dog's neck is able to stretch itself
17 Endogeny has a tongue and loves to lick Alphys' feet with it
18 Alphys secretly collects R34 images of Undyne on the Internet
19 Papyrus took spaghetti-making lessons from Luigi but forgot what the instructions were
20 Sans' favorite instrument is the trom-BONE
21 Sans is actually a very talented comedian but prefers not to show it outside of his comedic career
22 Alphys wants to amalgamate herself together with Undyne
23 Alphys and Undyne are both hermaphrodites
24 Toriel used to give Asgore footjobs almost every day back when they were still married
25 Asriel's powered-up boss form is literally a Mary Sue fanfiction character that he made of himself
26 Flowey is DURR, PLANT
27 Burgerpants is a grease-fire burn victim
28 One of the Temmies is bound to a wheelchair and can only say its own name
29 If Alphys and Undyne had children, they would be homosexual males
30 The Dreemurrs are actually a subspecies of the Mimiga from Cave Story
31 Alphys has a pet Woshua that serves as her genital cleaner
32 Gaster is an ingame representation of Toby Fox
33 Gaster is Papyrus' and Sans' father
34 Alphys used to give Asgore footjobs on a fairly regular basis back when she was his girlfriend
35 Burgerpants is Mettaton's sex slave
36 Sans is secretly human
37 Sans is Ness
38 Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 is one of Undyne's favorite movies
39 When Alphys orders pizza, she always orders the toppings in a catgirl shape
40 Alphys has a secret manga-reading club that she formed with the Amalgamates down in the True Lab
41 The Amalgamates were actually Alphys' attempt to create the next genetically discombobulated meme animal
42 Alphys likes to dress up as an anime catgirl fairy in her spare time
43 Toriel can actually make pies with her feet if you ask her to
44 Papyrus' voice sounds like Skeletor
45 Sans' voice sounds like cr1tikal
46 Papyrus' voice sounds like Waluigi
47 Alphys is Francis' sister from Super Paper Mario
48 Papyrus' voice sounds like Skeletor
49 Papyrus spends hours working out every single day but can never quite get any meat on his bones
50 Memoryhead is the minaturized leftover remains of Giygas from Earthbound
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1. Sans is actually black
2. Mettaton's legs are so hot that you can literally fry an egg on top of them
3. Papyrus is actually the corpse of a deceased Starman from Earthbound


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