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1 Chara is both the narrator of the game and also the spirit possessing Frisk's body
2 Alphys is the accidental creator of the Amalgamates (not to mention Flowey)
3 Asgore wasn't trying to enact evil; he was trying to prevent it
4 Sans is secretly the most badass mofo in the entire game
5 Completing the Genocide Run forever ruins your True Pacifist Ending, pretty much rendering it meaningless
6 Alphys committing suicide
7 By fusing himself with the power of all seven human souls, Flowey is able to transform into a hulking, eldritch Photoshop monstrosity

Correction: Six.

8 When you kill Undyne, she literally melts from how determined she is to stop you
9 Flowey is actually Asriel

This was a complete shocker! Why isn't it higher?

Please bring this higher.

10 Papyrus will always believe in you...even after you literally chop his head off

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11 Gaster doesn't actually exist
12 Alphys simultaneously has crushes on both Undyne and Asgore
13 One of the Temmies is actually named Bob

So shocked 4 life

14 When you name your character on the name select screen, you're actually naming Chara
15 The Amalgamates are actually horrifically deformed bio-fusions of previously encountered monsters
16 Alphys getting shipped in a heavily romantic and sexual manner with the Amalgamates
17 Snowdrake has just about the worst family you could ask for
18 The entire Hotland segment of the game was basically a puppet show acted out by Mettaton to make Alphys feel better about herself
19 RG01 and RG02 are about as gay for each other as you can get
20 Mettaton has the ability to transform into a deathly handsome gentleman
21 Mettaton is actually a female ghost that secretly has a crush on Napstablook
22 Flowey is NOT your friend
23 Toriel plans to basically lock you in her house for all of eternity
24 Sans is actually kind of a genius, hence why he was working undercover with the Royal Scientists at one point
25 Alphys is actually using the security cameras scattered throughout the Underground to monitor your progress
26 When you kill Undyne, Alphys is secretly watching you do it (with tears in her eyes, obviously)
27 When you kill Tsunderplane, she literally crashes and explodes
28 When you kill Sans, he "bleeds" for unexplained reasons
29 Gaster and Asgore are actually more responsible for the True Lab's existence than Alphys is
30 EXP and LV are actually acronyms
31 When Sans is serious about something, his speaking font shifts from Comic Sans to Sans Serif
32 The Memoryheads aren't actually an Amalgamate, but rather pieces of Gaster
33 Despite being technically nonexistent, Gaster is still lingering deep within the game's data files
34 The reason why Lemon Bread says "welcome to my special hell" is actually because it's Shyren and Moldbygg fused together with Aaron
35 The reason Alphys keeps the Amalgamates locked in her basement is because she's too afraid to admit what she's done to their original families
36 The Mystery Key is actually Mettaton's house key
37 Attempting to kill Napstablook will give you negative EXP, since he's already dead
38 Jerry is literally the ONE enemy that you can actually spare and still earn the title of True Genocide regardless
39 If you mistime your attack hit on Mettaton NEO, you can actually be forgiven by him, thus halting the Genocide Run
40 In the ending shere she becomes Queen of the Underground, Alphys claims that she should have killed you when she had the chance
41 If you kill Toriel and then reset the game in order to fix your mistake, Flowey knows
42 The reason why Papyrus sucks so much at cooking is actually because he took his cooking lessons from Undyne
43 When you complete the Genocide Run, Chara literally destroys the game itself, forcing you to sell your soul to her in order to get it back
44 Asgore believes that he no longer deserves mercy, so he literally shatters the button that allows you to show it to him
45 Flowey actually kills Asgore even if you choose to spare him beforehand
46 Flowey has the power to abuse savestates and even crash/glitch the game itself
47 The Annoying Dog is actually Toby Fox's closet fursona
48 When you kill Muffet, her babies leave a flower on the ground in honor of her death
49 Literally the only way to spare Undyne is to flee from battle with her
50 Alphys is a girl
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1. Chara is both the narrator of the game and also the spirit possessing Frisk's body
2. Alphys is the accidental creator of the Amalgamates (not to mention Flowey)
3. Asgore wasn't trying to enact evil; he was trying to prevent it


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