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81 "Staring at this lamp. It's really cool. Wanna join me?" - Sans
82 "Where are the knives?" - Chara

I have no idea why, but this quote is in my second place.
My most favourite quote is "When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you".

83 "But nobody came." - Chara

This is your punishment for being EVIL! (Chara must also like making people feel guilty)

84 "But, like, nobody came and stuff." - Bratty and Catty
85 "I'm only TWELVE followers away from a two-digit follower count!" - Papyrus
86 "Greetings. I am Chara." - Chara
87 "Um...h-hi!" - Alphys
88 "The Greater Dog curls up in your lap as it is pet by you." - Narrator
89 "The Dummy tires of your aimless shenanigans." - Narrator
90 "Don't freaking TORI me, Alphie!" - Toriel
91 "My life's is my brain..." - Alphys and Papyrus
92 "Would you smooch a ghost?" - Mettaton

Heck yeah! - toptenzen

Heck YEAH! - SansTheComic


A) Heck Yeah B) Heck Yeah
C) Heck Yeah D) Heck Yeah

ANSWER- nope sorry Blooky - Antifi

93 "No no no NO NO NO" - Alphys
94 "Is this really the right time for a snack? Well, maybe I shouldn't be judging you. After all, I'm the one eating potato chips in my PJs!" - Alphys
96 "There's a Mettaton-shaped hole in my Mettaton-shaped heart!" - Anonymous
97 "It's quickly becoming my number-one ship of all time" - Alphys

Sgarstshtrssdthfxdhxdtreysyresdysttdysthdr Alphys reminds me of the less hateful people on the Internet.

98 "What, you think I'm just gonna stand there and TAKE it?" - Sans

But... Its not like I poisoned it or anything... (Holding out a bottle of Ketchup for Sans) - Antifi

"Sans, take your vitamins already..." - mattstat716

Yeah! - SansTheComic

99 "All you do is sit around and BOONDOGGLE!" - Papyrus

... You mean... *chuckles* BONE-doggle?

I'm sorry. - SansTheComic

100 "As I said, I was afraid that I might...not come back. I was just worried I would be too afraid...that I might run away, or do something...cowardly." - Alphys

Hmm... Maybe suicide is what she was referring to? - SansTheComic

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1. "It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like like you...SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL." - Sans
3. "We are officially screwed every which way from Sunday with whipped cream and a Sans-shaped cherry on top, aren't we?" - Sans



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