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1 Alphyne (Alphys/Undyne)

It's cannon and is the only valid ship. Everything else is just incest, pedophilia or just doesn't make sense.

The only ship that I ship, and because it was meant to sail. I used to ship Frans until I realized Frisk is actually just a kid (how did I not notice earlier? Toriel literally calls them a CHILD)

U-um why do you guys s-ship me with umm Undyne!? We watch mew mew kissy cutie but that ship kinda makes my heart beat fat

I love these two! - UltraViolet2244

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2 Soriel (Sans/Toriel)

Simply better than frans (a ship I find disturbing because of how popular it is because frans is like shipping a kid with a grown up

They are so cute when they met after saying all those knock knock jokes

I personally support this ship. I think it's cute.

I agree it's a cute ship I used to ship frans like what the heck! ;-;

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3 Frans (Frisk x Sans)

My favorite ship

No body ruin my ship this one is the best and not soriel =)

This is my OTP! I simply love it. UwU

In my opinion, Frisk doesn't really seem like a kid. What kid would even be ABLE to kill every monster in the underground?
People also say that Frisk put Sans through hell in the genocide route, etcetera... Well, uh, this may seem kinda insensitive, but Frisk could always reset - Sans doesn't remember. He just has knowledge of the timelines, and people tend to forget that. ;w;

There are more arguments for why I ship this but... Eh... Too lazy lol

I love this ship a lot since it is cute.

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4 Asrigore (Toriel/Asgore)

I feel like this ship should be called Asriel...

Its called ASRIEL - Willowfur

Why is it "ASRIgore"?
Wouldn't it be "Torigore"? - rhysterrabbit

It would be funnier if you wrote Asriel :DDD - Tuana123

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5 Alphrancis (Alphys/Francis)

Lmao who's francis?

6 Papyton (Papyrus/Mettaton)

Love this ship

The person who said papyton sucks is homophobic

This ship is my OTP - Willowfur

Oh yes this is the best couple

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7 Friskriel (Frisk/Asriel)

Why does everyone say Asriel and chars is a bad ship like I know they are siblings but chars IS ADOPTED!

I'm glad this is above Chara/Asriel that's horrible to me. They loved eachother as a brother and sister should. Although many ship all three and I'm like "What the heck? " but this is on here so I am happy.


Don’t understand why people don’t like this ship

8 Alphamalg (Alphys/Amalgamates)

You can't ship anything with alphys because she is taken by undyne

After writing Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series and compiling it together, I would personally have to agree.

(But then I also wrote a LemonBread/Alphys vore story ) - xandermartin98

9 Mettablook (Mettaton/Napstablook)

Second favourite undertale ship. ( no one asked, but favourite is nicepants)

Why is this even a thing? It's INCEST THEY ARE COUSINS


10 Cratty (Catty/Bratty)

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11 Charisk (Chara/Frisk)


They are literally so cute

Why does no one support this :'( - Yendks

I love it, it is like an anime ship

12 Chariel (Asriel/Chara)

It's so cute, but they're siblings. If they were friends I would ship 100%. Well maybe not 100 but you know what I mean. - rhysterrabbit

But their sibling I really hate this ship cause of that I'm more of a Charisk shipper myshelf he

It's absolutely adorable.

This is my OTP - 7iiLoD

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13 Royal Guards (RG01/RG02)


Canon, but it's awful. - rhysterrabbit

Canon! Love it!

14 Sansyrus (Sans/Papyrus)

Fontcest is the best

Where did this name come from-

This is fontcest and it's disgusting - Flowerrose

Better than soriel. Y’all know it.

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15 Sansby (Grillby/Sans)

Mm... goood - Antifi


16 Monster And Kid (Frisk/MonsterKid)
17 Undyrus (Undyne/Papyrus)

They are perfect for each other.

Okochama-san675 is a gift to this world. - ShipWarStarter

I think they work better without romance considering they're best friends. - Garythesnail

This ship name should be Spearghetti - Okochama-san675

18 Annoying Tem (Temmie/AnnoyingDog)
19 Papyfrisk (Papyrus/Frisk)

I actually ship this for the pure fun of it. - Garythesnail

20 Alphysans (Alphys/Sans)

That’s the best ship I’ve ever seen

HECC TO THE YEAH - ShipWarStarter

21 Dogi (Dogamy/Dogaressa)

Canon! Yes! - rhysterrabbit

22 Flemmie (Flowey/Temmie)

Lol I ship it


23 Mettapants (Mettaton/Burgerpants)

Mettaton says Burgerpants is bad at his job. - rhysterrabbit

24 Pikasans (Sans/Pikachu)


25 Alphgore (Alphys/Asgore)

I like dis.

26 Mr. Satemmie (Temmie/MrSaturn)


27 Flowriel (Flowey/Asriel)

I ship it...I don't know why...I'm weird

Is this a joke? they're the same person - Garythesnail

28 Napstashy (Napstablook/Shyren)

The ones after this one makes no sense. Don't bother looking at them. - rhysterrabbit

Best minor ship.

29 Monster Kid's Dream (MonsterKid/Undyne)

Time to die in a hole

30 Mettasans (Sans/Mettaton)
31 Napstafrisk (Frisk/Napstablook)
32 Mettafrisk (Frisk/Mettaton)
33 Nice Cream Pants (NiceCreamGuy/Burgerpants)
34 Mettalphys (Mettaton/Alphys)
35 Galphys (Alphys/Gaster)
36 Gastans (Gaster/Sans)
37 Asrigore (Asriel/Asgore)
38 Torifrisk (Frisk/Toriel)
39 Alphogeny (Alphys/Endogeny)
40 Alphrisk (Frisk/Alphys)
41 Shyren Bread (Shyren/LemonBread)
42 Equal Dogs (GreaterDog/LesserDog)
43 Asroko (Asriel/Toroko)
44 Reunion (SnowdrakesFather/SnowdrakesMother)

Give me one reason why not. I fecking DARE you. - ShipWarStarter

45 Reaper Bread (ReaperBird/LemonBread)
46 Muffrisk (Muffet/Frisk)
47 Undrisk (Undyne/Frisk)
48 Enfriskeny (Endogeny/Frisk)
49 Bromalgamate (Sans/Papyrus) [Amalgamated]
50 Cattypants (Catty/Burgerpants)
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1. Alphyne (Alphys/Undyne)
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3. Soriel (Sans/Toriel)


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