Top 10 Undertale Shippings

The Top Ten Undertale Shippings

1 Alphyne (Alphys/Undyne)

In my opinion these two are so cute together! And it I said a canon ship and Evan Toby fox ships them :>

To be honest, there's nothing wrong about the ship and I ship and its really adorable too! <3 - xmoonflowrr

Please this is the ONLY CANON ship. Ship this. And please stop with incest or pedophilia random

*inhales* I hate non canon ships. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I LOVE AND SHIP. *drops mic*

2 Frans (Frisk x Sans)

Frisk, naive and merciful girl, that believes in every person to be good, and Sans, mature and near to lost hope in this world, where only Frisk with her believes could snap him out of it.

This is just too cute! Wish I could have a relationship like them.

Sans is always there for the kid, even in worst times and tries to change the kid in genocide.

I think this is a great ship. Even though frisk is like 6 and sans is like 30

3 Soriel (Sans/Toriel)

Mah favorite ship of all time I wish I could draw decently so I could make fanart

It just feels right after all the knock knocks on the Ruins door.

Toriel hates asgore now, sans don't listen to asgore, Nothing to hate

tori is way older then sans too because she was at least a "kid" when the war happened...
(HEHE "kid". see what I did there EYY)
-Blackberry of the RainWings

4 Asrigore (Toriel/Asgore)

because they are cute together (and because I don't support toriel x sans) sorry~

I think this ship is underrated, even though they DID break up, the growth spurt AU made it b a c k

Me birthday happy together from dIvOrcEd like I,.,.,.,.,. cause be it like I

Because I want them back together

5 Papyton (Papyrus/Mettaton)

Well papyrus did say he had a thing in robots and I think that the ghost in Mettaton is a girl

It's very cute in my opinion because many of their traits are similar (their confidence, the fact they both work hard in their jobs) and some differences between the two I could see go hand in hand (like how Mettaton actually succeeds in his goals more often than Papyrus). I personally think this ship should be canon but to be honest it's up to Toby Fox (the maker of Undertale)

Papyrus is just a fan of Mettaton... - ElSherlock

Oh yes this is the best couple

6 Friskriel (Frisk/Asriel)

Just the fact that this ship alone sounds wholesome in my head.

They hugged at the end of pacifist route
how could you not ship them, but the best ship is a poll one: Chariskiel

They are literally the cutest thing ever, how could u not adore them

Why does everyone say Asriel and chars is a bad ship like I know they are siblings but chars IS ADOPTED!

Hold that thought. Hold it in your hand, and crush it.
That doesn't seem absolutely disgusting to you? My brother is adopted. The thought of falling in love with him is revolting. Even if your siblings are adopted, they are in every part still your sibling, and if you think it's okay to be with them in that way, it's incest. - Azrura

7 Alphrancis (Alphys/Francis)

Mario x undertale

Lmao who's francis?

Francis? - ElSherlock

8 Charisk (Chara/Frisk)

They are the same soul, and I think they created neutral route

Technically, It is well known that Frisk is just Chara's dead body with a random SOUL in it. Chara died from eating a special flower (The Golden Flowers that Asgore and Toriel grew, They have names but I forgot it) and so she became sick and started turning green. She died and got put into the human village, where a wandering SOUL took the body (EXPLAINING THE CLOSED EYES). AND IN THE GENOCIDE ROUTE, CHARA IS SPEAKING TO Y O U, NOT FRISK. And the reason why I posted this in the ships is because - Who would be shipped with a random SOUL controlling their own dead body?

I love this ship so much! I just wish there was more good content, because all I see for this is porn (they're both children; even if you age them up, you still looked at a kid and decided to sexualize them), misgendering (they both use they/them pronouns), or it overlaps with the ending where Toriel adopts Frisk (making them siblings; this is why Charisk and Friskriel in the other endings are okay and Chasriel isn't, because adoptive siblings are still siblings).

I love lesbian and gay ships more than straight ships so make this ships #1

9 Alphamalg (Alphys/Amalgamates)

Oops I mean she doesent wanna be together with her pet and she is taken by fish lady my favorite charector undyne -.- >:c

I didint know we were shipping alphas with a person she doesent know SHE CLEARLY BELONGS WITH UNDYNE >:( I ONLY LIKE CANON SHIPS!

You can't ship anything with alphys because she is taken by undyne

After writing Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series and compiling it together, I would personally have to agree.

(But then I also wrote a LemonBread/Alphys vore story ) - xandermartin98

10 Mettablook (Mettaton/Napstablook)

I know they are cousins but this is just so adorable and it can be a family love instead of just pure lemon... ;(((

Aren't they cousins? - ElSherlock

Why is this even a thing? It's INCEST THEY ARE COUSINS

Second favourite undertale ship. ( no one asked, but favourite is nicepants)

The Contenders

11 Chariel (Asriel/Chara)

Shurt! matching a have they and friends good child where They

They where childhood friends so it could and would make sence that if Chara had survived that they might have become a couple

They were siblings. It makes no sense for them to be a couple. Incest, people, incest. - Azrura

It's so cute, but they're siblings. If they were friends I would ship 100%. Well maybe not 100 but you know what I mean. - rhysterrabbit

It's absolutely adorable.

12 Cratty (Catty/Bratty)

*inhale* NO

The queens of garbage ^-^

13 Royal Guards (RG01/RG02)

The fight is definitely the best in the game

Canon, but it's awful. - rhysterrabbit


it canon

14 Dogi (Dogamy/Dogaressa)

They are cannon ships, and they love each other, what could make you don't like them

Canon! Yes! - rhysterrabbit

cute canon


15 Flemmie (Flowey/Temmie)

they call it petal flakes

Flakes petal this love I

Cute! just its and chats fave two my there them love I

I ship it - UltraIsBack

16 Monster And Kid (Frisk/MonsterKid)

I never thought about this, but it's a good ship

In a timeline with chariel, they are the best


17 Nice Cream Pants (NiceCreamGuy/Burgerpants)

Owners shop this love I

Woohoo they is gaay


fRiCk yEaH

18 Sansyrus (Sans/Papyrus)

This ship should burn - ElSherlock

Where did this name come from-

they are bros

This is fontcest and it's disgusting - Flowerrose

19 Sansby (Grillby/Sans)

that is a great ship


Mm... goood - Antifi


20 Undyrus (Undyne/Papyrus)

I think they work better without romance considering they're best friends. - Garythesnail

They are perfect for each other.

This ship name should be Spearghetti - Okochama-san675

Okochama-san675 is a gift to this world. - ShipWarStarter

21 Papyfrisk (Papyrus/Frisk)

I actually ship this for the pure fun of it. - Garythesnail

I like it I guess

22 Annoying Tem (Temmie/AnnoyingDog)

i'm weird


23 Pikasans (Sans/Pikachu)

Such a weird crossover ship - ElSherlock



24 Napstashy (Napstablook/Shyren)

The ones after this one makes no sense. Don't bother looking at them. - rhysterrabbit

Best minor ship.

I smell amazing

25 Reunion (SnowdrakesFather/SnowdrakesMother)

They are cannon, Married they don't need anything more to be perfect

Give me one reason why not. I fecking DARE you. - ShipWarStarter

26 Alphysans (Alphys/Sans)

Ehh... not made for each other but cute

That’s the best ship I’ve ever seen

HECC TO THE YEAH - ShipWarStarter

27 Flowriel (Flowey/Asriel)

They are the same character... - ElSherlock

Is this a joke? they're the same person - Garythesnail

I ship it...I don't know why...I'm weird

Same person

28 Equal Dogs (GreaterDog/LesserDog)
29 Mettapants (Mettaton/Burgerpants)

Mettaton says Burgerpants is bad at his job. - rhysterrabbit

30 Monster Kid's Dream (MonsterKid/Undyne)

Time to die in a hole

31 Napstafrisk (Frisk/Napstablook)
32 Alphgore (Alphys/Asgore)

I like dis.

33 Mettafrisk (Frisk/Mettaton)
34 Mettalphys (Mettaton/Alphys)
35 Gastans (Gaster/Sans)

Sans is Gaster's son... what

36 Asrigore (Asriel/Asgore)

But...Asgore is...Asriels father... and... Asriel is a child...A-Asgore is a adult...Oml

37 Torifrisk (Frisk/Toriel)
38 Mr. Satemmie (Temmie/MrSaturn)


39 Asroko (Asriel/Toroko)
40 Reaper Bread (ReaperBird/LemonBread)
41 Mettasans (Sans/Mettaton)
42 Enfriskeny (Endogeny/Frisk)


43 Cattypants (Catty/Burgerpants)
44 Grillbet (Grillby x Muffet)
45 Galphys (Alphys/Gaster)
46 Alphogeny (Alphys/Endogeny)
47 Alphrisk (Frisk/Alphys)
48 Shyren Bread (Shyren/LemonBread)
49 Muffrisk (Muffet/Frisk)
50 Undrisk (Undyne/Frisk)
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