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1 Alphyne (Alphys/Undyne)

Alphys and Undyne have incredible chemistry together. Undyne has a common interest of anime, typically those aimed at young female audiences, just like Alphys and science, believing it is cool. She also views Alphys in a favourable way and thinks she is cool as well, again implying that she likes her.

Alphys, on the other hand, admires Undyne’s confidence and strength. So much to the point she attempts to put on a persona to attract Undyne (before later realising Undyne likes her the way she is).

Not to mention, it is canon.

When I first watched the playthrough, I missed the clues about these two (In the quiz they chose "The Human" as the crush). After seeing the end, I decided to watch it again. During the second time, I noticed the small details stating they liked each other. My favorite ship of all time in any Fandom!

OTP, obviously. They have great chemistry. Undyne doesn't put down Alphys for her anxiety and stuttering, and Alphys supports Undyne in everything she does. They are perfect together!

There is NO ONE else you can ship these two with (except Undyne)! They work out perfectly, as they share the same connection, AND if you befriended Undyne, then you deliver what starts the relationship!

2 Soriel (Sans/Toriel)

It makes perfect sense, the True Pacifist Route explains all about this ship! They also share an interest in puns, so this would work out perfectly!

Why I don’t and won’t ship this:
Toriel is much older than sans
They would overload the timeline(s) with puns
And Toriel already had a child with NOT SANS and adopted one with, again, NOT.SANS.

Toriel and Sans are adults, they’re the perfect ship because they both like puns/joking. They’re pun/jokes buddies. Sans like Toriel and Toriel like Sans it’s obviously true that Soriel is true, they have same interests such as puns/jokes.

tori is way older then sans too because she was at least a "kid" when the war happened...
(HEHE "kid". see what I did there EYY)
-Blackberry of the RainWings

3 Asrigore (Toriel/Asgore)

They both were perfect and I was sad that Tori left Asgore alone when he needed her the most, like man, he just lost two children, forced to kill 7 humans to break the barrier and yet his wife left him alone despite being guilty for what he’d done.. I really wish they will be together again

Honestly love this ship. I wish Tori wouldn’t be ignorant, and realise how much Asgore went through, and how he doesn’t enjoy doing the things he does.

I actually want them to get back together so that people stop shipping tori with sans.

They are already married, have a son and just seperated

4 Frans (Frisk x Sans)

This has been my first ship and I rlly love it, and also... Frisk didn't started Genocide or Chara... WE started it... And when it comes at the Mettaton Resort part, he tried his best to protect Frisk so this is my OTP

I mean, this ship is my main OTP and I really love seeing Frisk with Sans together, my heart went ✨ and yes Sans really need a person as positive as them and yet Frisk has no confirmed age plus they were best friends which means there might be a relationship between them both, who knows? 👀

This is what Sans needs. Sans needs a person who is merciful and nice, who can help him if he's down and give him good advise. This ship is going to liv forever!

Frisk, naive and merciful girl, that believes in every person to be good, and Sans, mature and near to lost hope in this world, where only Frisk with her believes could snap him out of it.

5 Friskriel (Frisk/Asriel)

It’s actually pretty cute, how Frisk was able to forgive Asriel even after he tried to kill her 3 times, and how persistent Asriel is to keep Frisk in the Underground, so that Frisk would stay, and even after all that Asriel did, Frisk saved him from the darkness, but then he just said goodbye, and though it hurts him inside, he just had to stay...Someone also has to take care of the Golden Flowers right? But I hope Frisk came back for Asriel, but if Frisk ACTUALLY did it in the Real Game, they’d be the Top Ship in this ranking, or at least 2nd

I prefer Charisk over this, but I can see this one working. I don't necessarily ship it, but it's one of those I like and accept. I don't really see a reason not to ship this. I only don't because I'm not really a multi-shipper, and instead ship Chara×Frisk.

I'm glad this is above Chara/Asriel that's horrible to me. They loved eachother as a brother and sister should. Although many ship all three and I'm like "What the heck? " but this is on here so I am happy.

The sound of the ship is pretty adorable and wholesome. Don't know if I would ship it but... there's a possibility...

6 Chariel (Asriel/Chara)

I can see why this is shipped. They are best friends! Although I see them more as siblings, this could work out. I don't think I ship it, but I have my reasons. First of all, I have a different ship with Chara (Charisk). As I said before, I see them as siblings. It's just my opinion, though.

Chara is the adopted sibling of Asriel. It would make sense because they're both BEST friends! I can see this working perfectly!

They were best friends from the start and I could really see these two together and yes they may have been “siblings” but in the game it says they treated Chara like family it never said Chara was related the Dreemurrs in anyway

Thank you at least SOMEONE understands the difference between actually being family and being treated like family

It's so cute, but they're siblings. If they were friends I would ship 100%. Well maybe not 100 but you know what I mean.

7 Papyton (Papyrus/Mettaton)

Papyrus thinks Mettaton is sexy. He calls him a 'SEXY RECTANGLE' at one point, and has robot figurines in his room.
Both of them are arrogant and self-centered, but also care deeply about their friends.
Not my OTP, but a pretty good ship in my opinion.

I personally think they would make a cute couple, since Papyrus obviously looks up to Mettaton, and I think their personalities would just work well together.

It's very cute in my opinion because many of their traits are similar (their confidence, the fact they both work hard in their jobs) and some differences between the two I could see go hand in hand (like how Mettaton actually succeeds in his goals more often than Papyrus). I personally think this ship should be canon but to be honest it's up to Toby Fox (the maker of Undertale)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Papyrus is too pure for a dirty-mided robot. Mettaton is not a bad character but I don't think they were meant for each other...

8 Charisk (Chara/Frisk)

Funny story! When I first saw this ship I thought Chara was evil. I was still quite new to the Fandom. I didn't like it. Then I watched a YouTube video which explained why that isn't so. Even then I didn't ship it. But slowly, I started to. Now this is my OTP for Frisk and Chara. It's the only ship I made (cringy) fanart for. It is my favorite ship that isn't canon. This is my opinion, and no hate if you don't agree with this ship.

Despite them being genderless, they are mostly portrayed as female in this ship. However it's the persons choice to think if they are male or female.

I love this ship so much! I just wish there was more good content, because all I see for this is porn (they're both children; even if you age them up, you still looked at a kid and decided to sexualize them), misgendering (they both use they/them pronouns), or it overlaps with the ending where Toriel adopts Frisk (making them siblings; this is why Charisk and Friskriel in the other endings are okay and Chasriel isn't, because adoptive siblings are still siblings).

Technically, It is well known that Frisk is just Chara's dead body with a random SOUL in it. Chara died from eating a special flower (The Golden Flowers that Asgore and Toriel grew, They have names but I forgot it) and so she became sick and started turning green. She died and got put into the human village, where a wandering SOUL took the body (EXPLAINING THE CLOSED EYES). AND IN THE GENOCIDE ROUTE, CHARA IS SPEAKING TO Y O U, NOT FRISK. And the reason why I posted this in the ships is because - Who would be shipped with a random SOUL controlling their own dead body?

9 Alphrancis (Alphys/Francis)

Mario x undertale

Lmao who's francis?

10 Monster And Kid (Frisk/MonsterKid)

It's cute and makes sense, but I don't exactly ship it. The only reason is that I ship Charisk rather than this or other ships involving Chara or Frisk. But their both kids and I approve this ship. I can definitely see why this is shipped.

I never thought about this, but it's a good ship

In a timeline with chariel, they are the best


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11 Annoying Tem (Temmie/AnnoyingDog)

I honestly don't really have a reason to ship this. I just do. This doesn't mean I ship the creators. It just means I ship the characters that are representing them. Like, it's adorable in my opinion.

This ship could work well because they are both tiny, animals, and people think they are superior beings like the dog is Toby fox and tummies sells the best armor in the game so it might kind of also be cannon

These two characters are both based on real people (Temmie Chang and Toby Fox), so it's an interesting idea.

I don't ship the creators, but the in-game characters would be absolutely adorable together >w<

12 Dogi (Dogamy/Dogaressa)

I don't really have much to say. It's canon, cute, and just straight up a great ship! Love it!

They are cannon ships, and they love each other, what could make you don't like them

It's canon. It's cute. They're hilarious together. What more can I say?

Even tho they are siblings, it's natural for dogs

13 Mettablook (Mettaton/Napstablook)

This ship is amplified most in the scene after you defeat Mettaton, as well as after you fight Asriel in true pacifist, and when you go to Napstablook's house (that's my TV...there's a show I like to watch on it...sometimes) and (oh...mettaton...I'm a huge fan...) It's also hinted at that they could be cousins, which I completely don't ship if that's true, but otherwise it's cute

Second favourite undertale ship. ( no one asked, but favourite is nicepants)

I know they are cousins but this is just so adorable and it can be a family love instead of just pure lemon... ;(((

Aren't they cousins?

14 Alphamalg (Alphys/Amalgamates)

After writing Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series and compiling it together, I would personally have to agree.

(But then I also wrote a LemonBread/Alphys vore story )

You can't ship anything with alphys because she is taken by undyne

And besides why would someone ship alphys, who is already in a canon ship, with her failed experiments that are locked in a creepy, dirty, old lab? What people.

Oops I mean she doesent wanna be together with her pet and she is taken by fish lady my favorite charector undyne -.- >:c

I didint know we were shipping alphas with a person she doesent know SHE CLEARLY BELONGS WITH UNDYNE >:( I ONLY LIKE CANON SHIPS!

15 Flemmie (Flowey/Temmie)

Never thought of this, but why not? Flowey would hate this. Yet another reason to love it! I'm literally inches away from shipping this, but there's just two small things. Flowey can't really feel love, and I ship Temmie with someone else (Annoying Dog). I really like this ship, however.

Flowey would hate this, but it's so cute! They were also swapped in Underswap.

Flowey would hate this ship, but I could see it working!

I feel like flowey would hate on this ship. I love it

16 Royal Guards (RG01/RG02)

Super gay. Like, seriously. They need to kiss already.

They're kinda gay together in front of me... I guess?

The fight is definitely the best in the game

I like it how the just do attacks together

17 Cratty (Catty/Bratty)

I don't know why I picked this

I feel like they are sisters but I know they are ment for eachother

Made in heaven

good ship

18 Grillbet (Grillby x Muffet)

A very random ship that I have no idea why I like. I can just imagine them open a restaurant together. Wouldn't that make sense? This isn't my absolute OTP, but I ship.

They’re both retail owners and both have a passion for food/cooking. I feel like their personalities would blend really nicely too. Plus they’re ADORABLE.

I think this would work, although I don't know much about either character. What I DO know is that they could work!

Interesting. A fire and spider reproducing is a nice subject for biology.

19 Nice Cream Pants (NiceCreamGuy/Burgerpants)

First of all, this is the best ship name. Second, Burgerpants needs someone positive in his life! The Nice Cream man understands the struggles of retail, so the two would get along well.

They would totally understand each other and nice cream guy would be like a sunny person and burger pants is always grumpy XD it’s so perfect

I don't know why I ship it. Maybe it's the contrast in personality. But I ship it. A lot.

Owners shop this love I

20 Sansby (Grillby/Sans)

Tbh I mostly chose this because I wanna see sans pay his tab qwp

I agree- (not really Kustard is better-)

Grillby is super Nice and sans is more like YOLO it’s just p e r f e c t

that is a great ship

21 Napstashy (Napstablook/Shyren)

Shy beans who need friends! Also, they can be seen together in the Pacifist credits with Mettaton.
(This isn't one of my main ships, but it's a cute concept.)

I never thought of this before, but it sounds cute! I can understand why people might ship Mettablook, but this is better in my opinion. No hate if you ship Mettaton×Napstablook.

I can actually see this working. Both are shy, both love music, both live in the waterfall. Sounds cute!

Their personalities are so similar and they would make a great couple if they ever got together

22 Undyrus (Undyne/Papyrus)

I know Alphyne is canon and is pretty cute, but hear me out: these two can destroy anything when they're together and I LOVE THAT! They have a real strong bond! Then again, they could just be best friends...

They already are training together so it is possible and it would be a good ship

I think they work better without romance considering they're best friends.

I see their relationship more as friends then partners, but I still like it.

23 Sansyrus (Sans/Papyrus)

Well people might think this is fontcest but look at underlust... they have a fontcest ship no one cares about that one so... come on you gotta admit they do look kinda cute

Plus honestly I like this but I don't know why

This is also known as Fontcest, and I just think it's stupid.

This ship should burn

This is fontcest and it's disgusting

24 Reunion (SnowdrakesFather/SnowdrakesMother)

They are cannon, Married they don't need anything more to be perfect

It must be a sad but yet happy seen to watch...

They are already married

Give me one reason why not. I fecking DARE you.

25 Papyfrisk (Papyrus/Frisk)

On Fandom Wiki, it says that this could work. I also see it happening in Undertale and fandom videos. I know it isn't popular, but still, it makes perfect sense!

This is just because I used to have a crush on Papyrus.

I actually ship this for the pure fun of it.

I like this ship, they seem so fricking cute together!

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