Top 10 Most Underused Baby Names of Today's Generation

If you are looking for something to name your baby that will not confuse your child with other children (if you name your child a popular name, then you might mix him/her up with many other children their age and gender because many other children his/her age and gender will have the same name as him/her), then this list is for you. Though keep in mind that you will not like all those names (maybe not any of those names for some people).

Most of the names listed below are names that were once popular, but not anymore. As of this decade (2010's), most of the people with many of the names listed below are over the age of 40.

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Note: You do not have to name your children those names unless you really want to.

The Top Ten

1 Calvin

The underused boys' name of Calvin means friendly, playful, and delightful. - anonygirl

2 George

The boys' name George means helpful, agricultural, strong, and royal. - anonygirl

3 Mary

The girls' name Mary means "wished for" or "wanted". In other words, the child was a gift. - anonygirl

4 Lisa

The girls' name Lisa means satisfactory and lovable. - anonygirl

5 Bobby

The boys' name Robert (Bobby) means intelligent, smiley, and well-liked. - anonygirl

6 Ringo

The boys' name Ringo means artistic, musical, a healthy apple, and having a special ring. - anonygirl

7 Nevaeh

The girls' name Nevaeh means a blessing to others, caring, worthy, and charming. It is heaven spelled backwards, and it is pronounced Ne-vay-eh. - anonygirl

Nevaeh is just heaven backwards. If you like it, fine, but it doesn't actually mean anything. - ResonatingScreamS

8 Frederick

The boys' name Frederick means peaceful, powerful, and rule follower. - anonygirl

9 Oprah

The girls' name Oprah means fully living life and valuing the truth. The only person I heard of with the name Oprah was T.V. show host Winfrey herself. - anonygirl

10 Rosanne

The girls' name means graceful and favorable. You could call her Rosie or Anne for short. - anonygirl

The Contenders

11 Agatha

I heard Britgirl added this. I wonder what she has to say about the name Agatha. - anonygirl

12 Atticus
13 Reece
14 Kyle

Kyle sucks

15 Rory

I believe Rory is a very underused name in today's generation. In all honesty, I just remembered the name when I was reading a story on Wattpad (His At Night (His #1) by bourbonvanilla *Please read*). If I could change my name, I would change it to Rory. But noo, I got stuck with Janae.

16 Ophelia
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