Top 10 Most Underwhelming Mario Games

Underwhelming is a generally negative quality to have. You want to make your games fun unfortunately not all these games delivered as you’d expect there’s fun to be had sure but these games are lacking in one area or another

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1 Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Product Image

Without a doubt the most underwhelming Mario Game they literally stripped it down bare bones removing everything that makes a Mario Sports Game a Mario Sports Game. It looks good at least but that’s the only place this game delivers. It checks all the boxes to be the most underwhelming Mario game. Weak roster check. lack of game modes check. Lack of unique gameplay and arenas check. Lack of a good online mode check. Stripped down gameplay? Check again. This is a game with very little redeeming qualities if any

Can hardly call this a game its clear Nintendo just didn't care about putting any effort into this.

Are you sure this isn't a demo?

who expected a mario tennis game to be good lets be real

2 Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 2 Product Image

To be fair this game originally didn't start off as a Mario game due to the original Super Mario Bros 2 game being too difficult for American games according to Nintendo.

3 Mario Kart Tour Mario Kart Tour Product Image

This is not the Mario Kart I know. Just stop pushing us with microtransactions and the gold pass price is insane, and they made a lot of questionable decisions in this one, like having a score system that will screw you over if you aren't using a good character glider and kart, and you get better ones by luck from a pipe that you use rubies on and often makes you want to buy more which is really manipulative. The controls aren't good either, you often crash into walls 10 million times at the minimum per race. It's annoying. Definitely the worst Mario Kart game.

It’s Mario Kart but infected with Mobile phone elements makes this a huge turnoff. I wanted to like this game but it’s pretty bare bones I get it’s a mobile app but still it’s nothing like a traditional Mario Kart

4 New Super Mario Bros. U New Super Mario Bros. U Product Image

It's just New Super Mario Bros. On the Wii U. That's all there is to say about this one to be honest, and I found the baby yoshis to be boring.

This could also apply to the Deluxe counterpart. You wonder why people are sick and tired of these games it’s because they’re unoriginal with nothing really innovative. A new power up or gimmick here or there and that’s it. They reuse the same themes and bosses and everything is copy and paste...sure there’s a few extra modes but they’re also pretty meh and most aren’t anything that original

5 Paper Mario Sticker Star Paper Mario Sticker Star Product Image

Why wasnt crappy star here this ruined paper mario

6 Mario Party Advance Mario Party Advance Product Image
7 Mario Party 10 Mario Party 10 Product Image

Arguably the Worst Mario Party Game you have a Mario Party 9 rehash mode. Bowser Party is a cool idea but falls flat for 2 main reasons first it’s extremely unfair for the Mario team I get it’s supposed to be that way but it’s too far in this game. Second there’s only 3 boards and 10 Minigames for this mode. So yeah it’s pretty repetitive and gets old quickly. The boards aren’t even original either just the same from Mario Party. Then Amiibo mode is a stripped down version of the older Mario Party games and the fact you need Amiibo to play just kinda turns me off. There’s fun to be had but I’d rather play any other Mario Party than this. What an abomination and really disappointing since it’s the 10th entry they should’ve gone all out for it but they just didn’t

Low effort put into this game but the Bowser mode was really cool. BUT WHY THE CAR?

8 New Super Mario Bros. 2 New Super Mario Bros. 2 Product Image

Basically New Mario Bros. DS but this time Nintendo wants to screw over people who make "without touching a coin" videos. Really. Coins? That's your best idea?

Pretty much what I said for New Super Mario Bros U applies here. This is The point where the games Started to just feel old. It’s essentially repetitive gameplay from the first 2 “New” games all over again sorry but the coins don’t do enough for me. You know you’ve hit a low point when you center the game around coins

9 Mario Kart 7 Mario Kart 7 Product Image

I have fond memories of going on Balloon Battle online and getting free points off of AFK people on Big Donut, good times. Online races were pretty good too. But the lack of VS mode is really stupid and the roster makes no sense. As for track selection, they're REALLY exciting at best and forgettable at worst. They recreated Airship Fortress in this game too, that's it this is the greatest game in the franchise. Jokes aside I found this one solid overall.

This may be controversial but the roster and items left a lot to be desired I get it’s a handheld but still they could’ve added a little more. The gimmicks are cool but there’s no single player VS mode and battle mode isn’t the best either. This game is so mediocre in all honesty. The track selection is its biggest strength and even then there’s a lot of forgettable ones

10 New Super Mario Bros. Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii Product Image

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11 Mario Party: The Top 100 Mario Party: The Top 100 Product Image

It’s an okay idea but dear god the Minigames are just flat. Meaning they lack the excitement they had in the originals where you were playing for coins. Now you just play them and that’s it. Also only one board is laziness to the extreme the whole game was just rushed for the Holidays with no actual depth to it.

It's like they put all Mario Party minigames on a Google Doc and randomly selected 100 minigames from it without considering the quality of them.

12 Super Mario Run Super Mario Run Product Image

Pretty much same as Mario Kart Tour it’s fine for what it is but it’s just an App with a limited amount of levels. I’d rather less of the kingdom builder or whatever and more levels because I could care less about flowers and stuff like that

13 Super Mario Party Super Mario Party Product Image

While I actually liked this game you can’t deny it’s pretty shallow. Only 4 BOARDS? What!? Also the other modes are fun but way too short. And the online is such a disappointment

14 Super Mario All Stars Super Mario All Stars Product Image

Not the original SNES version, but the re-release for the Wii. It was literally just a recycled port of the original SNES version with nothing new, and it cost more than what you could've gotten on the e-shop. And this was all there was to show for the 25th anniversary. Glad the 35th is looking much brighter

15 Dr. Mario World Dr. Mario World Product Image
16 Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Product Image

This is controversial but at least 3D Land has the excuse of being on a handheld this game has short levels and it’s on a console. On top of that there’s no extra missions or other bonuses it’s good but not that great. I prefer it to 3D Land but it’s not near all it was hyped up to be at first

17 Hotel Mario Hotel Mario Product Image

Why isn't this here this game sucks

Well, it's not really underwhelming. Bad yes, but underwhelming? Not sure.

18 Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 Product Image
19 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Product Image
20 Mario Party 7 Mario Party 7 Product Image

I love this game but what new did this game even offer outside of the monopoly-styled board which was better in 8 anyways? Just about everything with this game is just a Mario Party 6 rehash but with a more annoying host, less interesting boards and with no day/night cycle. Even 10 was more creative than this...

21 Super Mario Maker 2 Super Mario Maker 2 Product Image
22 Super Mario 3D All-Stars Super Mario 3D All-Stars Product Image

60 bucks for 3 old games... this compilation would be better for $44.99 or $60 including SMG2

23 Mario Party 5 Mario Party 5 Product Image
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