Top 10 Most Undeserved Oscar Wins of the 90th Academy Awards

You can add new items if you wish. Nevertheless I think that the academy got wrong many categories

The Top Ten

1 Best Original Song - Remember Me, Coco

I'm surprises Gary Oldman isn't on this list - judo8alex

This is me was much better, it was better performed, it has better lyrics, armony, rhythm and message overall. - Ale99

Deserved it - 445956

2 Best Animated Feature - Coco

Didn't deserved it. Loving Vincent was 100 times better. A silent voice was also better but it was not nominated for some reason. - Ale99

3 Best Picture - The Shape of Water

This one was objectively talking for three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri or Call me by your name - Ale99

4 Best Production Design - The Shape Of Water

This was for blade runner 2049 - Ale99

5 Best Animated Short Film - Dear Basketball

Lol kobe bryant has more oscars then samuel l jackson lol - judo8alex

6 Best Director - Guillermo Del Toro
7 Best Film Editing - Dunkirk

Again, I had to make the list longer. I actually agree with this one but baby driver was a fantastic choice too - Ale99

8 Best Documentary Feature - Icarus
9 Best Original Score - The Shape of Water
10 Best Visual Effects - Blade Runner 2049

I had to make the list longer, I actually agree with this one but war for the planet of the apes deserved it more. - Ale99

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