Top 10 Most Undeserving Oscar Winning Actors

Male actors who won an Oscar for films that many people felt didn't deserve whether for the quality of that performance or due to tougher competition.

The Top Ten Most Undeserving Oscar Winning Actors

Al Pacino - Scent of a Woman
Michael Caine - The Cider House Rules
Jim Broadbent - Iris
Jack Palance - City Slickers
Charlton Heston - Ben-Hur
Cliff Robertson - Charly
John Wayne - True Grit
Art Carney - Harry and Tonto
Denzel Washington - Training Day

Laughable performance, overrated film too. - truckturner

Roberto Benigni - Life Is Beautiful

The Contenders

Lee Marvin - Cat Ballou
Richard Dreyfuss - The Goodbye Girl
Paul Lukas - Watch on the Rhine
Robert Donat - Goodbye, Mr. Chips
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