Jennifer Lawrence - Silver Linings Playbook


They gave her and oscar just for being funny, not for being a good actress, david O. Russell is overrated!

Yeah! Emmanuelle Riva should have won!

I can't believe that actresses like Naomi Watts, Rachel McAdams, Amy Adams, Michelle Williams and so many others are barely noticed for their higly talented acting skills while a mediocre actress like Jennifer Lawrence gets so many attention ( undeserved by the way ) and even get away with an oscar! I never saw a movie with Jennifer Lawrence worthy for getting nominations and certainly not one for win Oscars.She's just very popular by some teenyboppers for her " Hunger games " movies and if she won this oscar for the movie " Silver Linings playbook " it's just because of that popularity and certainly not for her acting skills. When " American hustle " came out she received the most best critics about her acting when in fact it was really Amy Adams who should have received all the attention and praise for her amazing acting. What I mean is that this actress is way too overrated ( and even arrogant in real life ) and should never have win that oscar or any other oscar because she has ...more

Very average performance. Nothing special about it. She win because she was the new it girl.

Sorry, but I am just disgusted and ashamed at how corrupted and messed up Hollywood is nowadays. Though Jennifer Lawrence can act, I just don't think she deserved such a prestigious award. The Oscar is like the top of the top for great actors. Sorry, but please just think for a moment. Katharine Hepburn, Vivienne Leigh, Julie Andrews all those amazing actresses then compare them with Jennifer Lawrence. I just want Hollywood to stop making crappy films and stop making celebrities famous just by their looks! If anything I thought Jessica Chastain should've gotten the award for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty.

Leonardo Dicaprio doesn't have an Oscar and he is a far better actor. Her, I don't see anything in her to be handed it out so easily.

Sadly, this was one of the most underserved award the Academy has given away. We're not saying that Jennifer is not a good actress, we're just implying that there was a better performance than hers in 2013. Emmanuelle Riva should've won. Period.

That year actress Naomi Watts was also nominated for leading role in the movie " The impossible ". When it comes to acting there's no doubt about it that Naomi Watts is a much better actress than Jennifer Lawrence. So when all the judges decided to give the oscar to Jennifer Lawrence ( who was not that good in that movie ) I was really dissapointed. Naomi Watts is an actress who really deserve to win Oscars because of her outstanding acting ( don't tell me that she was bad in " the impossible " ) and yet it's an mediocre actress who gets away with an winning oscar ( in an mediocre film ) and who surely didn't deserve it that year. Does it make sense to you? Look at the two movies now and it is chrystal clear that " Silver Linings playbook " is a overrated movie with an undeserved oscar-winning actress in it!

I agree. I wonder how many dicks she sucked to get where she os.

Jennifer Lawrence is the most overrated actress in history in my opinion. Oscars are supposed to mean something. They aren't supposed to be just handed out like candy. Lawrence's performance was mediocre, and clearly wasn't anything she understood. She has said before that she's a really good liar, and that's what kind of actress she is, whereas the other nominees work very hard for their place in the acting business, and deserve the notoriety. Lawrence on the other hand, thinks that acting is just lying in front of a camera, when it's much more than that. It's an art where you completely embody yourself in the role, and truly understand the way your character thinks, why they would think that, what they would do, and what they would say in any situation. Jennifer Lawrence clearly didn't even look up her characters disorder, and just thought she'd scream and cry through the performance, as she does every time. Newsflash, J-Law, but screaming and crying doesn't equal crazy. Don't even ...more

I can't believe that this actress won a oscar! Naomi Watts, Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams, Michelle Williams never won a oscar and yet they are by far more talented actresses. So, what's the real story behind her undeserved winning oscar?

I can't stand her, Emanuelle Riva was amazing in Amour. Jessica Chastain should of won before Jennifer.

Seriously, Silver Linings Playbook was a very good movie because it was somehow different. However, Jennifer Lawrence's performance was a joke.

Haha I though it was a joke when they told me she won, it was a chock for me when I realized it was true. She's not a bad actress of course but an oscar? No the AMOUR actress should have won. Fact

The most underwhelming best actress winner I can remember. I recently watched Winter's Bone because someone told me her acting is fabulous - it isn't. Obviously subjective on my part, but what some people have described as her ability to be understated just seems to be blandness.

She made like the easiest role and did it bad. Also if you see any of their other movies she has the same personality no matter the movie and that's not acting, is just being a human.

Jennifer Lawrence isn't a particularly great actress, nor is she a particularly terrible one. The fact that she's number one on this list, and with such a higher percentage than anyone else, tells me that most of these votes are a pushback against her popularity rather than an objective appraisal of her performances. I understand that, and even kind of agree with their irritation, but don't agree with this vote. Her performance in SLP may or may not have been Oscar-worthy, but it certainly wasn't the most undeserved win in history. - miketheratguy

She's just too overrated just because of " The Hunger Games". I find her acting very annoying and cringe worthy.

So overrated in so many ways, America Hustle was terrible. I walked out. In fairness Lawrence was the only good part of that train wreck of a film:S

This Best Actress Oscar win is one of the most undeserving wins in the history of the Academy.

I think Naomi Watts and Emanuelle Riva are more deserving than her. Also, she got all the praise for her ridiculous performance in "American Hustle"! I think all the cast (inclduing Bradley Cooper, surprisingly! ) are way better than her. Amy Adams should have been the one who "steals the show".

I never buy into some of the roles she chooses. Esp ones where she supposed to be older and the age diff stands out. Nothing compelling about her roles.

Her performance was mediocre. She's not an Oscar worthy actress. Not buying the second trip and fall at the Oscar's. That was her best performance.

Emanuele deserves the Oscar more than jennifer Lawrence, seriously... She doesn't even know the worth of that Oscar.. It's like giving a 2 yr old a degree certificate

Not only did not deserve to win the oscar but beating all the other talented ladies that night was a big joke