Most Unexpected Debut Albums for a Band

Listening to a lot of the famous songs by these bands, sometimes when you listen to their old stuff, it sounds very different, as still in the same sort of genre.

The Top Ten

1 Adrenaline - Deftones

I really wasn't expecting a Deftones album as raw and different as their other stuff. Even Around the Fur was a lot different.

2 Soul of a New Machine - Fear Factory

When Fear Factory were considered Industrial Death Metal. It was so unbelievable because they didn't sound anything like that. However, I was proven wrong with this album. Lots if growling, blast beats and a lack of clean vocals unlike their following album Demanufacture which seemed more Pantera and Sepultura influenced.

3 Deathcrush - Mayhem

To be honest, Mayhem are pretty awful as a black metal band and this is their album with Dead, their original vocalist and instead of the evil shrieks it sounds like wails of Jonathan Davis (not dissing him though).

4 Call of the Mastodon - Mastodon
5 New American Gospel - Lamb of God
6 The Principle of Evil Made Flesh - Cradle of Filth
7 In the Sign of Evil - Sodom
8 With Sympathy - Ministry
9 Wave of Popular Feeling - Groundswell

This was Three Days Grace's very first album ever. Back when they were originally called Groundswell. This album though, doesn't sound very dark and depressing like the rest of their albums. It's still good though.

10 Three Dollar Bill, Y'all - Limp Bizkit

The Contenders

11 Industrial - Pitchshifter
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