Top 10 Unexpected Text Messages to Get

The Top Ten

1 The subliminal message girl is watching you

Get her away from me... - Puga

2 I'm watching you
3 I'm your father
4 You can't hide or run

He did it backwardss - Dustbunnie

5 You feel like an evil presence is watching you

That seems like a video game quote - PokeFallsMagica

6 #i will kill you
7 Yolo, lol

Or "I HOPE YOU YOLO" - CerealGuy

8 ######
9 Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
10 I will rip your skin when you're sleeping

The Contenders

11 I've been stalking you since 2nd grade
12 U up sexy
13 You can't see me, but I can see you. Don't worry, though. It will all be over soon.
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