Top 10 Unexpectedly Bad Movies of 2013

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1 A Good Day to Die Hard

What happened? What the hell happened?! Quote from The Sand Pebbles that can describe my thoughts on this movie. Anyways, it was horrendous. 1988's Die Hard is a classic starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman. 2013's A Good Day to Die Hard is the latest in the franchise and an abomination to the film industry. This, was one of the 2 movies that blinded the film industry in 2013. - jack2244

This was awesome... - AlphaQ

2 After Earth

Just when we though 2010's The Last Airbender was bad enough, M. Night Shyamalan destroys his film career more in 2013 with After Earth. Look, I don't necessarily hate 2017's Split or his 2002 films The Village and Signs but they disappointed me. Either way, they are still better than this garbage, and The Last Airbender (worse than this though) - jack2244

3 Movie 43

Objectively the worst movie of 2013. OBJECTIVELY. This was the other movie that primarily blinded the film industry in 2013. Well, either way, I put A Good Day to Die Hard at top since we actually had high expectations for that. - jack2244

4 Oz the Great and Powerful

Victor Fleming's 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz is usually considered one of the greatest movie. There are many reasons to adore it. However, this remake, Oz the Great and Powerful, will make you lose faith in 2013's films. Hey, Fleming also made another 1939 classic Gone with the Wind which a remake would never be good of. - jack2244

I honestly really liked this movie - kempokid

5 Scary Movie 5

We got the talentless hack Charlie Sheen in it, one of the biggest douchebags in film history. His only good movie was 1986's Platoon. Anyways, this movie has got to make the list if it has a 3.5 on IMDb. - jack2244

6 Olympus Has Fallen

This was a good film though... - AlphaQ

7 Thor: The Dark World

Worst Marvel movie, that's all I can say. Just when we thought Iron Man 3 didn't ruin our thoughts on 2013's Marvel, they just had to come with Thor: The Dark World. I haven't really cared for Iron Man, nor Thor that much. However, I'll watch the movies. And, as a film critic, I can say these two movies were trash. - jack2244

8 The Hangover Part III

We all like 2009's The Hangover, right? Well, we were also disappointed in 2011's The Hangover Part II, but this was even worse. 2009's The Hangover was funny, 2011's The Hangover Part II was bad but this killed the franchise. - jack2244

All The Hangover movies are awesome. The Hangover 3 is still good and the franchise is basically my favorite franchise of all time. so yea 9/10. But yes this was a bit disappointing. - AlphaQ

9 Epic

I agree with you, this was a very bad movie, I did had good setting, but the characters were just awful. - darthvadern

10 Iron Man 3

I rank this lower because many hate it and many like it. I'd be on the hate side, but I rank it low due to the bad action and all in it. Come on, this movie had potential. It had lots of potential. You just waste it on lame action and bad cinematography, and you got this pile of trash. I know I might get some hate for this but, it's pretty bad. - jack2244

Total bust

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11 The Smurfs 2
12 Grown Ups 2
13 The Call
14 Despicable Me 2
15 R.I.P.D.
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