Top Ten Most Unexpectedly Bad Movies of 2014

Not every hugely-anticipated movie gets the love that audiences and critics had expected it to get. Sometimes a movie that was "supposed" to be a smash hit ends up barely landing on its feet (or worse). This list compiles the movies of 2014 that were the most unexpectedly-bad.

The Top Ten

1 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This movie does not deserve to have a "2" in its title. It's a terrible shame that every time someone does an online search for 2004's 'Spider-Man 2' they'll have search results leading to this piece of crap mixed in. Honestly, how Sony ever expected to launch a franchise with this film as its foundation is a complete mystery to me. I could go on for hours on how this movie royally-screwed Spider-Man, but I won't. - BKAllmighty

Good job on this list, so glad it didn't get out of control like your 2016 list - germshep24

My Gosh, I Hate This film so much, Awesome And 100% Spot On list, BKAllmighty! - VideoGamefan5

Titanic Is Overrated But Not Bad, Frozen kinda sucks, but it isn't horrible in my opinion - VideoGamefan5

Watch Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance it's worse than this.

No, you're all wrong this movie is amazing, hence the name

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2 The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' was a heaven send, where final instalments in movie trilogies are concerned. It was a total culmination of everything that the first two movies worked so hard to build up, and cemented the series in its place as one of the finest movie trilogies ever made. This film, however, was a completely underwhelming. Firstly, the excess of cheesy CGI (that plagued the first two 'Hobbit' films) really held the film back. Secondly, the stakes just never felt big enough. Thirdly, it proved to all of us that the series should never have been more than two films, which was the original plan. - BKAllmighty

While I wouldn't say this was bad, it was a bit of a letdown. Downplaying the epic scope of previous instalments to the point where this is just a popcorn movie, this is perfectly fine entertainment but that's it and a major downgrade from their classic predecessors. - Mrveteran

If this end of the Hobbit trilogy were even closely related to the book, then it would've been over before the title of this film came up. But no, you'll make a completely meaningless addition for it just for the millions you make. - PositronWildhawk

Big disappointment for me. The worst of Peter Jackson's Middle Earth films. The best scenes were the ones with Bilbo in them (only about a fourth of the movie or something).

3 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

I liked The Hunger Games, thought Catching Fire was great. This was a pretty big disappointment for me. *dabs* - AlphaQ

This film's end result echoed 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'. It was underwhelming, unsatisfying, and proof that 'Mockingjay' should have been one film (not split into two parts). Seriously, Hollywood. Stop doing that. - BKAllmighty

4 Annabelle

2013's 'The Conjuring' is a modern classic horror film. There's no denying that. The opening to the film, by itself, was terrific. And it was, of course, centred on the frightening entity known as 'Annabelle', a demonic doll. Her role in the film was small but memorable and was, clearly, enough to warrant the making of her own spin-off. Unfortunately, that spin-off failed to equal the original film in most respects. - BKAllmighty


HORRIBLE - PeeledBanana

5 300: Rise of an Empire

The original 2006 film is, perhaps, more well known (and well-liked) for its over-the-top action, unique visual design, and gratuitous sense of fun than it is for being a legitimately-high quality piece of film making (which includes writing and acting). Why it took so long for its sequel to arrive, I'm not exactly sure (especially since the original film made a killing at the box office). Unfortunately, the time gap between films, the change of talent behind the cameras, and the apparent lack of star power all contributed to the follow-up being a bloody, stabby, slicey-dicey dud. - BKAllmighty

Oh no don't stab yourself, stupid gladiator! - AlphaQ

6 Dumb And Dumber To

We waited 20 years for a legitimate follow-up to the fan-favourite comedy that helped to solidify Jim Carey's career (I am ignoring the prequel). While it wasn't a total disaster (some golden moments of humour are to be found in this film, I promise), it certainly wasn't the breath of fresh air that fans expected it to be. - BKAllmighty

7 A Million Ways to Die in the West

Honestly I loved this movie - TopTenListmaker

Seth McFarlane seemed to be Hollywood's next big go-to comedy filmmaker after 2012's 'Ted' ended up being a smash hit. Everyone expected his second feature (this one) to be a continuation of his newfound success when it was released in 2014. Well, it wasn't. It didn't make $500M like 'Ted' did (it made less than $90M) and it didn't receive anywhere near as warm a critical reception as 'Ted' did, either ('Ted' earned a 67% on RT, while this film sits at a 33%). One of the film's biggest offences was that most of the best jokes were wasted in the trailer. That might have been the final nail in the coffin for this forgettable flick. - BKAllmighty

8 Transformers: Age of Extinction

The Effects Looked Great In MY OPINION, But It Ended Up Being A Crappy One - VideoGamefan5

9 The Expendables 3

They gave it a PG-13 rating. Not an R rating. That just about sums up why this movie failed. If they get around to making a fourth movie they'd better smarten up and do the right thing. You know better, Sly. - BKAllmighty

10 Annie

Completely bland reboot. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

The film received a limited release in 2014 (which, technically, makes it a 2014 film). I was so incredibly disappointed with this film. The 2012 film is one of my favourite horror films of the 2010's (and in general) and I expected the studio (Hammer) to treat the sequel to their most successful film more carefully. Instead, what we got was a dialogue-heavy, un-frightening snore-fest. - BKAllmighty

12 How to Train Your Dragon 2

The sequel violently slaughtered the original.

13 Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Another example of a film sequel that took way too long to happen. By the time 'A Dame To Kill For' came around, nine long years of waiting resulted in a major loss of interest in the project, and the box office results prove that to be a fact. The movie, itself, wasn't anywhere near as awesome as the original was, either, and felt tired and overdone instead of unique and edgy (like the first film). - BKAllmighty

14 Rio 2
15 The Nut Job

I kinda predicted this would be bad.

16 Maleficent

Completely botched the original Sleeping Beauty.

17 Blended

Adam Sandler just needs to put his career to rest...

18 Behaving Badly

Nat Wolff is too good to put up with Selena Gomez. - The Ultimate Daredevil

19 Big Hero 6

Worst Disney Movie since Chicken Little.

20 Guardians of the Galaxy

How dare whoever put this on the list! - TopTenListmaker

Boring, cheesy and mega overrated.

21 The Lego Movie

96% on RT - TopTenListmaker

22 Noah
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