Top Ten Most Unexpectedly Bad Movies of 2015

While 2015 had a lot of movies that we knew were going to be big winners, there were a fair number of flicks that we had bet big on, and lost. These movies didn't live up to our expectations at all, simply put. Here's the list, folks!

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1 Minions

This movie was created for the sole purpose of making money. The studio knew the public would devour a movie centred around the Minions, and decided to make the movie (regardless of whether or not it had a decent script or adequate humour). As someone who loves the first two 'Despicable Me' movies, I can honestly say that I've never been more bored watching a film in theatres as I was watching this one. I actually almost fell asleep (and it was a matinee, people). The jokes were solely-aimed at the under-5 age bracket, poor Sandra Bullock had absolutely nothing good to do in the film, and the pop culture references were all of things that kids wouldn't know anything about (so why add them? ). But, it made a BILLION DOLLARS so I guess the billionaire movie execs are happy. - BKAllmighty

Although I've never seen the movie, it's no surprise this is on here. Just another cash grab being based off of the popularity of characters in another movie. I fully expected this to be bad when I saw the trailer. - Leviathan

Well, to be honest, Minions was a money-making scheme, but it was still a fairly good movie. It just wasn't as good as all our expectations. - NoEntranceHere

I like the Minions in Despicable Me, but not some of the trailers had questionable content for kids... - SailorSedna

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2 Fantastic Four

The movie world was blind-sided by this one. Everything was looking great all the way up to the premiere of the film. The film had a great cast, a fresh-faced director with one big success under his belt, a promising batch of trailers and promos, and a supposedly-smooth production. Ah, but the production was NOT so smooth. After two months of shooting, the Fox executives mandated that re-shoots be done to improve the quality of the film (can you imagine the movie being any worse? ) and the director, Josh Trank, was apparently fired beforehand due to "erratic behaviour". Trank would, subsequently, disown the film before its releasing. - BKAllmighty

It wasn't unexpected, everyone knew this movie was gonna be bad. - Tristan1975R5

Probably one of the most worse movie I ever seen

3 Pixels

Okay. we probably should have seen this one coming, but we didn't. Chris Columbus and his colourful brand of film-making is the one aspect of this film that we can appreciate, because everything else that may have ever been good about this movie was consumed by whatever creature is living in Adam Sandler's emaciated bag of gags and jokes (I'm betting that it's Rob Schneider). It really is a shame too, since the original short film that this picture was based on was, truly, deserving of a well-made expansive feature film. We'll probably never get that now. - BKAllmighty

People expected this to be good? Really? - TheYoshiOverlord

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4 Jupiter Ascending

I was a bit of a fool to anticipate this one being a success, especially right before the movie was released. Looking back, the movie looked ridiculous from the moment Channing Tatum's costume was revealed (those ears, man). Still, after 'Cloud Atlas', I thought the Wachowskis were heading towards another great film. I was very wrong. This movie is totally brainless and does nothing to support the feminist community (something that a lot of people actually think it did). Mila Kunis couldn't be a more helpless damsel in distress. Avoid this film, people. - BKAllmighty

Honestly thought this one was going to be a masterpiece. But God, it was one of the worst films in my memory. Maybe the CG looked amazing, but that's the only positive thing I can say about it. - PositronWildhawk

5 Terminator Genisys

To be fair, I still like this film (Arnold returning to his single-greatest role couldn't have really been ruined for me, I don't think). That being said, people hated this movie and I do think I can understand why. The story is all over the place, the time-travelling makes for a very confusing ride, and there are some character changes that angered many fans of the franchise. To make matters worse, the film didn't make the money it needed to in North America to really give the studio much interest in making another sequel, putting the whole franchise in limbo, indefinitely. So, our friend, the T-800, may not "be back" for a while. - BKAllmighty

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6 Chappie

'Chappie' Director, Neill Blomkamp, is at risk for becoming a one-hit wonder. His first directorial effort, 2009's 'District 9' was a total smash-hit. His second effort, 2013's 'Elysium' was moderately-well received and made a decent-sized profit (but has, seemingly, already been forgotten). 'Chappie' was looking like another winning original idea for the South African filmmaker. That was, until the critics entered the picture. The narrative was criticized for being flimsy and underdeveloped, while the characters were being called "one-note". Now, Blomkamp is prepping himself for the heavy task of directing the next main instalment in the 'Alien' franchise (with Ridley Scott producing). Let's hope that, with the proper guidance and a wealth of source material to build off of, he can pull it off. - BKAllmighty

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7 Pan

I'm guessing that not too many people were asking for this movie to be made in the first place. We didn't exactly "need" another film centred around Peter Pan. The 2003 film is still new and fresh enough to quench our thirst for live-action Pan-nanigans (I apologize if you hate that pun - couldn't resist). Also, everyone still loves and continually-watches the 1953 animated Disney film like clockwork. So, there was really no desire, I think, for this film to be made. Still, WB made it, marketed it, packaged it, and sold it to an audience that, for the most part, got pretty excited about it. Of course, once it premiered the reviews spoiled the film's chances of achieving financial success. The movie bombed. - BKAllmighty

What could have been amazing.. was actually one of the worst things I've seen. Well that's unfair.. I only stuck it out for about an hour it was so ****

8 Tomorrowland

Disney's had a very good couple of years. Their recent successes have greatly out-shined their equally-recent failures, for the most part. One film, in particular, seemed to leave a lot of people feeling especially bitter towards its floundered potential. 'Tomorrowland' looked every bit as ready to be hit as did 2016's 'The Jungle Book'. The special effects work looked awesome, the great casting had people excited, and the nifty futuristic-but-also-vintage tone made it look as though this could be a film that people would want to remember. Instead, it ended up being a film that had people wanting to forget it. I, personally, expected more from director, Brad Bird (who directed 'The Iron Giant', 'The Incredibles', 'Ratatouille', and 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'). At very least, it's a feast for the eyes. At most, it's an underwhelming ho hum of a film that takes all the excitement it builds up (during the first two thirds of the movie) and throws it away. - BKAllmighty

Go see AniMat's review of Tomorrowland and see if your perspective towards Tomorrowland will change. - The Ultimate Daredevil, an avid liker of Tomorrowland who is aware that this is not one of the greatest The Walt Disney Company movies of all time.

This movie gave me AIDS. My advice to you all: don't watch this if you love your life. - TwilightKitsune

9 Fifty Shades of Grey

Are You Guys Dumb Or What? , This List SAYS "UNEXPECTEDLY Bad Films Of 2015", Not "Worst Films Of 2015", Unless You Expected This To Be Good, WHO THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE GOOD? , No Offense There But I Just Really Hate it When People Don't Understand What The List Says - VideoGamefan5

I predicted this one was going to be a piece of crap, actually. Maybe some people thought it looked good, though. - BKAllmighty

Why did they even need to adapt a terrible book into a terrible movie? - SailorSedna

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10 Avengers: Age of Ultron

This movie was utterly confusing, and was just another Marvel cash grab. There seemed to be little visible continuity. The fight scenes consisted of in your face CGI and sound effects that made my organs vibrate. I recommend you stay away. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

It's no 'The Avengers', but it's no failure either, guys. - BKAllmighty

It may not be good as the first Avengers but it still is a great movie - Lucasw14

Age of crap was one of the worst film ever

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11 Sinister 2

The first 'Sinister' is a great horror movie. I promise it is. Too bad Scott Derrickson, the original film's director, was too busy directing 'Doctor Strange' (good choice, Scott) to direct its extremely-disappointing sequel (which he still produced and co-wrote, supposedly (it's hard to imagine his involvement being much more than minimal considering how pathetic this film ended up being)). Instead, some newbie took the reigns and made a horror sequel that's about as frightening as a piece of wet cardboard. - BKAllmighty

12 Ant-Man

There's no way this deserves to be here. If anything, this movie should have been a mess (following issues during the pre-production) and turned out way better than expected. Please do not vote for this unless you've actually seen it and felt legitimate disappointment with it, because it should NOT be voted on, otherwise. - BKAllmighty

Hey guys look over here! It's someone still upset about Edgar Wright leaving the production. Do something else please? - Leviathan

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13 Strange Magic
14 Unfriended V 1 Comment
15 Hot Pursuit
16 Insurgent V 1 Comment
17 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

This was a sequel that I never asked for - Nick-brick8

Hopefully this is the last one, the Alvin live action franchise showed its age here. - SailorSedna

18 Hitman: Agent 47
19 The Duff

So how does this have nothing to do with the "Duff Sisters" aka Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff? Also, Bella Thorne/Madison's butt is huge!

20 Point Break

This was a remake that, despite earning our anticipation with promising promotional material (that's how they always get us), did not need to happen. The original film from 1991 is still as watchable as it was back 26 years ago, and will remain relevant for years to come, I'm sure. This is largely due to the presence of lead actors, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. It's been just over a year since this movie was released and I can't even remember the two actors who starred in this one. That says something. - BKAllmighty

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