Top Ten Most Unexpectedly Bad Movies of 2015


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21 Home Sweet Hell
22 Peanuts
23 Smosh: The Movie
24 Hot Tub Time Machine 2
25 Some Kind of Beautiful
26 The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
27 Pay the Ghost
28 Chloe & Theo
29 Jurassic World V 1 Comment
30 Krampus

I saw this in theaters, this was OK, but felt more like a poor man's version combination of Home Alone (a more mean spirited version of that), Gremlins, and Beetlejuice. It also was hard to feel sorry for the protagonist's horrible cousins, and the end twist was frankly a bit dumb. - SailorSedna

I had recently seen this. I was disappointed with the ending. - 906389

31 The Good Dinosaur

The scenery was beautiful, but I hated the character design.

It Was Okay, But Could Have Been WAY Better

Overly cartoonish and boring. It does not feel like a Pixar movie at all. I have another name for this movie: The Bad Dinobore.

32 Hotel Transylvania 2
33 Vacation
34 The Ridiculous 6
35 Accidental Love
36 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Really? Were people really expecting this to be good? - cjWriter1997

37 Home

This looked horrible, the plot wasn't that interesting and it looked way too little kid friendly and pandering to children. - SailorSedna

The movie is alright, but the way the aliens talk is just annoying - though some of it is actually funny. (SPOILER ALERT! ) Like the bathroom scene.

38 Pitch Perfect 2

Terrible! The first movie was bad enough, why make another one? This was unnecessary, point blank.

39 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

By far the worst movie of the series

40 San Andreas
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