Top Ten Most Unexpectedly Bad Movies of 2016

2016 threw us a lot of curve balls. While it ended up being a record year at the global box office, there were an unusually-high number of failures that made the summer movie season feel like a flop, because of both poor returns and poor reviews. I've already made a list about the unexpected financial failures of 2016, so here's a list compiling the most unexpected cinematic turkeys of 2016.

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1 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Was looking forward to it. Highly disappointed and no amount of fanboys or fangirls telling me I'm wrong will change my mind. How can you have a movie about some of the greatest super heroes ever turn out to be a boring mess? I grew up watching DC and was looking forward to the cinematic universe. However, Man of Steel didn't do it for me and this especially didn't help. The fight between Batman VS Superman didn't even last that long and it ended with that whole Martha scene. Yes, I get it, your moms had the same name. Except it comes out of nowhere and Batman even said that if there's a one percent chance that he's our enemy, we have to take it as absolute certainty. But now that you figured out that he has a mom, you're cool with it? Then there's just so many questions I had that will either never be addressed or in sequels. Why were there dream sequences within dream sequences? Why did Doomsday hate Superman? He got his genes from Lex and Zod but genes don't create hatred for ...more - RoseRedFlower

By most people's standards, the film was a major failure. I, personally, found my overall experience watching the film to be enjoyable (this may be because I made myself repress certain plot points from my memory). Nonetheless, it was a shaky second instalment to a franchise that seems more interested in catching up with the MCU than it did telling a good, self-contained story. And it's a shame, because the anticipation that preceded this film's release could have sent this film into a box office paradise (and into the hearts of superhero movie fans everywhere) had it been done properly. - BKAllmighty

I saw this because everyone was like "THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE SO COOL! " and stuff, so me and my family went to the movies to watch it. Well, my parents somehow liked It and prefer THIS over Captain America:Civil War, my brother likes this but likes Captain America:Civil War a lot better(like me, who liked Captain America:Civil War). While I myself disliked the movie and from the beginning to the half of the movie, I always wonder "When is this going to be good? ". Really disappointed. Sorry Batman V. Superman fans, but this movie is just a no for me. I hope there won't be a sequel to this. - MLPFan

DCEU? lol. More like Snyderverse. His movies are so terrible and his crazy worshipping fanboys makes me sick.

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2 Suicide Squad

I can understand why so many people hated this movie, but in my opinion I absolutely LOVED IT. I mean the directing was a bit choppy, we didn't need so many character back stories, and the hole plot just could have been better. Anyways if you were disappointed I highly suggest watching Batman: Assault on Arkham. Good plot, amazing action scenes, and the JOKER is the MAIN VILLAIN.

This film almost ended up at the top of my personal list with its older brother, 'BvS'. What stopped me from ranking it higher was the fact that, despite the hatred that critics and online reviewers have for this film, the general public loved this movie. The response was totally polarized. I won't go into any further detail with my comment, on why the movie was awful or terrific, since people are so divided on the subject. Instead, I will simply remind you that the record shows that this movie was a critical bomb and will be listed as such. - BKAllmighty

I mean it had all the ingredients to make a great film but the way it was put together was awful. There seemed to be no character development and I just felt the plot was boring. Pretty poor overall. - Rumje


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3 Passengers

A movie that seemed to check off everything on its to-do list for success (which included: making it a fourth quarter science-fiction-romance film with an original story, casting today's two biggest movie stars, and bathing the film in impressive special effects) and yet, despite all its "hard" work, it ended up being a messy film. That "original story", that got everyone interested, ended up being labelled as "creepy" and was accused of advocating "stalking". Now, not even the box office drawing power of it's lead actors can save it from fading into a cinematic black hole of obscurity. - BKAllmighty

I watched this movie and thought it was going to Be a good one because of the 8.5 review. It turned out AWFUL. THIS GARBAGE don't DESERVE 8.5. This is more of a 5.8-no it's a 3.5. Yes out of 10 - AlphaQ

Ugh, Just Another Boring Romance Flick, this Film Was Boring - VideoGamefan5

So boring! It turned out to be another Life time movie!

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4 The Angry Birds Movie

I actually like this movie, it is pretty funny, with good animation, but it's sometimes boring at parts - micahisthebest

Funny How A User added this and BKAllmighty didn't even mention it, and it's already 4th, the visitor is just voting for it everyday just to get it higher - VideoGamefan5

Many people don't like this but some people actually do like this movie.

This movie sucks

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5 Assassin's Creed

We all thought this one would end the video game-to-movie adaptation curse, once and for all. Well, we weren't so lucky. The Michael Fassbender-driven action fantasy film served us a hearty serving of impressive visuals and epic fight sequences, but forgot to add a side of brain to the main course. Instead, it gives us the tofu-made-to-resemble-meat alternative. So much of the film is filled with plot-moving chit chat that you won't understand or care about that you wish you could skip through it like you can with video game cut scenes. - BKAllmighty

Mario, Street Fighter, Pokemon, Resident Evil, Doom, Max Payne, Ratchet & Clank, Assassin's Creed, Why Are These Films So Bad? These Are All Iconic Games, Why Are Their Film Adaptations So Bad? - VideoGamefan5

Movies based on games never work. It happened to Mario, it happened to Ratchet and Clank, it can happen to a million other games and the dumbass directors will never notice. - TwilightKitsune

What idiot at the studios decided to take a very popular M rated video game and adapt it to a PG-13 film it might have turned into the first good video game movie if it was rated R. - logan34

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6 Inferno

Ron Howard's name in the business is one of respect. His works are, much more often than not, hailed and celebrated as welcomed additions to the cinematic community. Yet, the one franchise he seems the most set on continuing just keeps disappointing us. 2006's 'The the Vinci Code' sure made a lot of money, but was more convoluted than intelligent. Its 2009 sequel, 'Angels & Demons' seemed to slightly improve upon it's predecessor, but still didn't quite reach the mark it was aiming for. We were all hoping that after seven years Howard and his crew would be able to finally deliver the goods with 'Inferno', but, appropriately so, the title of the film more accurately described the doomed picture's eventual critical response. It's time to move on, Ron and Tom. - BKAllmighty

Not that bad. Way much better than " The the Vinci code ". This movie has suspense till the end without being boring. Okay, it's not the best movie of all time and Felicity Jones's acting saves more than Tom Hanks's acting in this movie but it's certainly not a awful movie to be on this list.

The post series looks like one of those late 90s disaster movies which flopped. - DapperPickle

Why Tom Hanks, Why? - VideoGamefan5

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7 X-Men: Apocalypse

Everyone loved 'Days of Future Past'. It was the best film the 'X-Men' franchise had given us since 'X2' and gave us reason to hope for a promising future for the then-fourteen-year-old franchise. That hope mostly faded after its direct sequel, 'Apocalypse' hit theatres with a quiet thud. We were given a simpleton villain who wanted to take over the world and a distracting and unsuccessful subplot revolving around Magneto that I won't dive into for spoiler purposes. Ah well, at least we have 'Logan' and more 'Deadpool' sequels to look forward to. - BKAllmighty

How did they manage to screw up an XMEN MOVIE?! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Me (before watching movie) : Oh boy, a new X Men movie!

Me (after watching movie) : please grant me the sweet release of death - TwilightKitsune

8 Ghostbusters


This is so mean...I actually like this movie... - TristGamer

This should swap scores with Suicide Squad on Rotten Tomatoes. This deserves a 26 and SS a 73.

Comedy was bad, awful CGI, annoying characters. Now their is NOTHING wrong with a strong female lead (like Sailor Moon), but this was 100000000000000000000000000000000% CRAP! The only reason it has a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes is because the critics were scared of being attacked by feminists. Thank you for for ruining one of the best films of the 80s, if not all time with this parody gone wrong.

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9 Bad Santa 2

Oh, my god! Santa's evil! - JakePlaid

Ho ho horrible movie. - DapperPickle

10 Sing

I honestly didn't know what to think about this movie at first. The trailers were absolutely and utterly BORING. The trailers show you exactly what the movie was about; cute little animated animals singing mediocre/awful/mildly good pop songs. Sure, it sent out nice messages, but that doesn't make up for the disappointment of this move.

The worst part was how boring this movie is. It's so generic and cliche. The characters, while being somewhat relatable, were nothing new and just stupid stereotypes; you've got your stay at home mom with an overworking husband who believes she is strong (and she truly is, but that's not the point). There's the rockstar porcupine who lost her boyfriend, went into depression for, like a minute, then forgot he existed. There's a bashful elephant who's secretly good at singing but too insecure to show it, but later shows everyone she has talent. How many fictional characters have had that same personality/problem? Too many.

And, adding on to ...more

This movie is very bad.! It felt rushed, and it's very overrated! This is why I hate illumination, making overrated stuff

Did they honestly sing Anaconda? Someone pass the bleach - AlphaQ

A waste of respectable talent like Matthew Mcconaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, and John C Riley, crappy humor, very rushed, generic and painfully boring.

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11 Ratchet & Clank

Bruh don't add it twice - AlphaQ

12 Warcraft

Directors hate video games. That's why video game movies are so bad.

The video game-to-movie curse lives on. Pity too, because the film's director, Duncan Jones (the son of David Bowie, and a brilliant new filmmaker) previously directed the sensational films, 'Moon' and 'Source Code'. It's hard to believe that the same man made this (I'm hoping studio interference had something to do with it). - BKAllmighty

I actually love this movie in every way - Hallowedbethyname

13 The 5th Wave

I didn't think this was going to be bad but then I saw that Chloe Grace Moretz was in it and I didn't even watch it. Don't fight me here she can't act

I think the worst part was when Cassie took her phone with her and there's no power. I literally walked out of the theater after that. I know I saw the first 10 minutes and I hated it a lot automatically #1 worst movie of year.

The ending was the worst part. - luvkhia101

The trailers of this looked stupid and I didn't bother to see it, but looks like I didn't miss anything.

I've heard the book was better. - SailorSedna

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14 Blair Witch

The marketing done on this film was brilliant. Originally, the film was being teased under the title of 'The Woods', which, while vague and unoriginal, still gave off the proper vibes needed for a horror film to attract an audience. And it was working, I'd say. I'll admit that I was interested. But once the film was unveiled to be a secret sequel to 'The Blair Witch Project', I was bought. Too bad that after the great trailer was released, and after the early sky-high reviews started to pop up, the movie was quickly dismissed as another missed opportunity. But hey, I still loved it (despite the hate that circles around it like buzzards around a dying animal). - BKAllmighty

One of the most boring movies I've had to sit through. Thought it may be quite scary at first but it's far from it. - Uner1996

A bad sequel to an ok movie. - SteelCity99

The horrible lionsgate verison

15 Norm of the North

How does a polar bear end up in New York City?

We All Knew This Would Be Balls - VideoGamefan5

Did anyone really expect this one to be good?

But this film was a masterpiece! - darthvadern

16 Jason Bourne

Paul Greengrass' last picture, 'Captain Phillips' was an underrated film (in that, it received too few nominations from the guys with the golden statues). This film, however, may go down being known as an overrated film, simply due to its connection to the original 'Bourne' trilogy that received all but negative reviews. Too bad, since this film was on my list of "must see films" the second it was green-lit. I denied myself the "pleasure" of seeing it once the reviews started pouring in, mainly because I had already gone against my better judgement when I went to see 'The Bourne Legacy' in 2012 and was disappointed. - BKAllmighty

I didn't think this movie was bad at all. Plenty of action, solid acting, great storyline, and the return of my favourite song, but it was pretty much made out of the other four. I can certainly understand its criticisms, but it was still an excellent movie, if not entirely original. - PositronWildhawk

Jesus Christ, It's a horrible Jason Bourne film

"Jesus Christ, it's Jason Bourne! " - SteelCity99

17 Zoolander 2

This movie is actually not that bad ( better than the first one ). About the comment of the guests. Justin Bieber is there only for 2 minutes and gets killed, Ariana Grande is there for 1 minute without saying a word. It's not that 3 minutes of the film that makes the movie bad. Penelope Cruz is looking very hot in this movie ( and also proves that she's a very fine comedy actress ) and the rest of actors and actresses are playing in a convincing way their part ( it's a comedy, people! Not an intelectual or serious script! ).

Oh dear lord, this movie was absolutely unwatchable! The first was original and witty. The second was almost the exact same plot, with all of that humour taken away. - PositronWildhawk

Three of the celebrity guests (that are Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, all destroyed by Disney, Nickelodeon, Viacom and the music industry) are one major reason why.

18 Trolls

Someone Who Only Saw The Awful Teaser Trailer Added This I Bet Because The Final Product Was Actually Pretty Good

This looks good. While I wasn't a fan of the teaser and the art style at first, I now think the style is quite cute and I'll try to give this a chance. - SailorSedna

Ariana grande ruined this movie - VideoGamefan5

19 Batman: The Killing Joke

DC hasn't had the best run where their movies are concerned. Their animated projects, however, are often well-cast, well-written, and well-executed. Everyone expected this project to be no different. After all, they were adapting one of Batman's most celebrated stories. A story that, as I recall, wasn't misogynistic towards Batgirl. That was a very poor creative decision, people. Despite being mostly faithful to the comics, the film made a few major errors that are hard to excuse, and probably never will be. - BKAllmighty

I agree the killing joke sucked I found it painful to watch its gross its awful and it drove me teen titans go is better than the killing joke I enjoy teen titans go

This Was Decent In My Opinion - VideoGamefan5


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20 Bad Moms
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