Top Ten Most Unexpectedly Bad Video Games of 2016

The Top Ten Most Unexpectedly Bad Video Games of 2016

1 Mighty No. 9

Anime fan on prom night. Enough said.

The biggest disappointment in gaming history - PerfectImpulseX

This is another game that looked terrible - ikerevievs

2 No Man's Sky

What? I don't even have this game and I KNOW it has good reviews. I even saw an article for No Man's Sky in TIME magazine! A beautiful, original game. The only people who hate it don't understand it.

I was very exited when this came out but once I played it I was like ''WHAT! '' I was blown away of how bad this game is. The trailer looks nice and satisfying but I really don't find it that nice. Was not happy with this game. It may have good reviews but I did not expect this game to be so bad. Don't hate it's my opinion maybe some other people like this game but I find it pretty annoying to find this game like this.

Crashing simulator 2016 - WarioMan

3 Street Fighter V

Nah, this game is awesome

I expected this to fail.
1. It's an exclusive game from a franchise that has almost always been multiplatform.
2. Capcom was going full SJW with this game (though I can understand toning down jiggle physics; they looked ridiculous).
3. Not much was shown outside of character reveals.
4. It's Capcom. What do you expect from them before RE7, really? - MKBeast

4 Star Fox Zero

Not a bad game. It's a good game.

First there was Star Fox 64, then Star Fox 64 in 3D, and now we have Star Fox 64 with crappy controls and a poorly written plot.
Nintendo, can you PLEASE stop rehashing this one game already?!?

5 Mirror's Edge Catalyst
6 Pokemon Go!
7 Homefront: The Revolution
8 Mafia III

It's not bad, it's good but I expected more - Ale9991

9 Far Cry Primal

It's freakishly easy to beat and taming is not hard at all. - Katekat123

10 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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11 Final Fantasy Explorers
12 Paper Mario: Color Splash
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