Top Ten Unexpectedly Good Movies of 2017

Was there a movie released in 2017 that you avoided because it just didn't look promising enough? Maybe the director has had a bad track record, or the movie studio pumps out a lot of crappy movies, or some other reason. Well, if you find that same movie on this list then you might want to give it a second chance. This is a list about second chances. Doesn't that sound nice? I think it does. There, now I feel all fuzzy inside. Am I rambling? I do that when I'm happy. Ok, now stop reading this paragraph and vote on this list filled with unexpectedly-good 2017 movies.

The Top Ten

1 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Nobody expected that this movie would not only earn close to $1 billion but also be as much fun as it turned out to be. I, myself, was expecting this movie to be something of a bomb. At most, I predicted that the movie might make $150 million and receive a generally mixed response but boy, was I ever wrong. The movie was an absolute blast. Dwayne Johnson must be magic or something because he's on a roll. - BKAllmighty

The first Jumanji movie received mixed reviews, so I thought this one would be the same. But this was actually great.

When I first saw the trailer, I was preparing myself for the cringe. But when I actually seen it, it actually was actually a great movie. From all the history Sony had of bad movies this year, especially the Emoji Movie, this one had a decent plot and decent jokes. I love this movie, but not one of the best. So... 8/10

Honestly this movie was better than I expected. - Powerfulgirl10

2 Wonder Woman

I am so happy that this movie turned out so well because there was a lot of doubt as to whether it was going to fly or flop with critics. With the DCEU (as we're still unofficially calling it because WB won't give their franchise a name) being such a bag of cats, critically, what reason did we have to expect this movie to do any better? Well, Zach Snyder didn't direct it. That's probably what did it. So hopefully 'Aquaman' will be a winner, too. - BKAllmighty

Didn't care for it. - mattstat716

I liked this movie! - TheFourthWorld

I love you Gal Gadot

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3 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Yes, I used to read these books when they were new and I loved them (I was the perfect age for these things when they came out) so I felt obligated to see this movie once I learned of it. I expected a pretty bad movie, I'm not going to lie. The premise wouldn't translate well onto the big screen, I thought. Instead, it was well-written, funny, and fun. I actually hope they make a sequel. - BKAllmighty

Actually pretty funny for a movie that was expected to be hot garbage - Maxo

I thought this was gonna be mediocre. It was actually REALLY good. - mattstat716

Quite true to the books but still had that fun humorous tone - Phillip873

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4 Get Out

...of my car, now? - mattstat716

Jordan Peele's directing a horror movie? The "Peele" from 'Key & Peele'? The guy from 'Mad T.V.'? That sounds crazy. What would he know about writing and directing a horror movie? Well, apparently a lot considering that the movie ended up being a critical darling and one of the most profitable horror movies in recent memory. It was nominated for four major Oscars (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay - winning the latter) for goodness' sake! This is more than a success, it's a must-watch. - BKAllmighty

5 Split

M. Night Shyamalan's name as a filmmaker has seen itself get dragged through the mud. While some of his earliest projects (like 'The Sixth Sense' and 'Unbreakable') were praised, he's had a continuous run of poorly-received films (with 'The Happening', 'The Last Airbender', and 'After Earth' often considered his worst) that has plagued his career for well over a decade. While his 2015 film, 'The Visit', was seen as a mixed-moderate critical success, it was relatively minor project and made only a small profit. Only with the success of this film have critics and audiences started to hope for Shyamalan's full return to form. - BKAllmighty

I honestly thought that Shyamalan would never make a good movie ever again. But this movie is actually really solid and its final few seconds are incredible. I'm looking forward to see how everything wraps up with Glass in 2019. - phillysports

I was extremely surprised to see a Shyamalan movie that wasn't a jumbled, confused mess or a boring slog. - kempokid

6 Cars 3

Yeah. This film does not deserve to be in the list called "Top 10 unexpectedly bad movies of 2017" because it is not one of the unexpectedly bad films of 2017. Whoever put this great film in that list is wrong and must be punished. Putting this movie in the Unexpectedly bad films of 2017 list does not make whoever made that list right. This film will always be one of the unexpectedly good films of 2017. - Badabooo2

It's certainly way better than Cars 2.

Happy This Turned Out Good - JPK

7 Baby Driver

At first I had a feeling this would be flop, but OH BOY! This was marvelous

Turned out to be a masterpiece

Fantastic Movie - JPK


8 The Disaster Artist

A movie about the worst movie ever made... made by James Franco? Sounds a bit like a joke, doesn't it? Well, the punchline must have been hilarious because this film was a hit. Franco had tons of award nominations thrown at him for his efforts as both the director and lead actor (portraying the always-mysterious and endlessly-fascinating Tommy Wiseau). Maybe this films greatest triumph was it's now introduced a whole new audience to the "Citizen Kane of awful", that is 'The Room'. - BKAllmighty

The Room's younger cousin. - mattstat716

A really good film - Masochismismagic

Absolutely Hilarious - JPK

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9 Logan

One of the favourites - hashmat

10 Annabelle: Creation

It's like the ouija series, the first one sucked, the second is good - Myuuu

The 'Conjuring Universe' has seen a lot of success. The first two 'Conjuring' films have both been very well-received and made a lot of money. The first spin-off, 2014's 'Annabelle' was not a success (okay, it made a lot of money - but everyone hated it). It was slow, low on scares, and felt unoriginal. But, since it made money we all knew it'd get another instalment. So, a prequel to the film was made (which is funny since 'Annabelle' was already a prequel to 'The Conjuring') that would supersede the original. I can't imagine a lot of people expected the attempt to work but it did. 'Annabelle: Creation' was an improvement over it's predecessor in practically every way and established a more satisfying origin for the creepiest doll since 'Chucky'. - BKAllmighty

The Contenders

11 Girls Trip

I haven't seen this film but my initial impression from seeing the trailer in theatres was that this would be you average, run of the mill buddy travel comedy that would use up all the cliched tropes and bring nothing new to the table. Well, I guess it must have since the film got a 90% percentage on RT, and that's not usual for this kind of comedy film. - BKAllmighty

12 Justice League

it sucked

Great film. - girlcool

13 Coco

I thought this would be a rip off the book of life at first when I went to see it I was so wrong this film is a masterpiece it should be remembered forever

The Plot-Twist is what sold me.

It was decent

It was...weird. Just weird.

That is your opinion, but I respect it. I actually like this film and I think it is beautiful. - Badabooo2

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14 Batman vs. Two-Face

The last film of Adam West (the best Batman). Mr. West was wonderful and his legacy lives on. - girlcool

15 Dunkirk

Loved this movie

16 Smurfs: The Lost Village

Girl cool found this list

Adorable and funny film. - girlcool

17 Paddington 2

This is one of very few movies to have 100% on rotten tomatoes. I went with my little sister and Mom not thinking this movie would be good. I was wrong. This is my favorite movie of 2018 so far (though the only other really good movie I have seen this year is Black Panther.) This movie deserved to make much more money at the box office! The one problem I have with this movie being on here was that it came out in 2018 NOT 2017. Please tell everyone you know to watch this heartwarming innocent move. It is a bright spot in the trend of making movies dark and edgy. It has a simple message in being kind and polite which is something we need in this day and age.

Umm It did come out in 2017 actually

18 Brawl in Cell Block 99

I disagree, if you want my brutally honest thoughts I thought this movie was a mess. Awful dialogue that reminded me of B-Movies, Vince Vaughn's character is so overpowered that he can take on an entire maximum security prison's worth of security guards and snap their arms off in garbage quality blood, and the fight choreography is ridiculously slow. Vince Vaughn is not meant for action, and it's evident why in this film. At times it even becomes comical, especially when Vince Vaughn's character dives into a body of water and emerges from it completely dry. If you like the film I have no issues with that, enjoy what you wish, but for me it's nowhere near the best films of 2017 or films of 2017 that are good in general. - nerffan8000

Most convincing fight scenes I've seen in film ever. Most brutal too. Awesome, awesome movie.

19 Power Rangers

Maybe it wasn't a masterpiece, but I was expecting it to be a total loss. It makes for a decent distraction for a couple of hours, doesn't it? I mean, it's a guilty pleasure-worthy movie. I'm not even a Power Rangers fan and I thought it was decent. - BKAllmighty

20 The Lego Batman Movie

Unexpectedly bad. - girlcool


21 Batman and Harley Quinn
22 Wonder

Wonder was the most heartwarming movie I have ever watched!

23 Avengers: Infinity War

It released in 2018, not 2017. - masoncarr2244


This movie fits no criterea here, 1. it wasn't released in 2017 2. people expected it to be good and 3. It wasn't even the best marvel movie this year, black panther was. - Revrad

24 The Greatest Showman

I loved this film do much, it didn't have half the anticipation it deserved but when it came out it made nearly 450 million and had an amazing soundtrack. Well done The Greatest Showman - Froglamb

Nah. This movie was unexpectedly bad. - MegaSoulhero

I read this as ''The Greatest SNOWman.'' - mattstat716

25 The Dark Tower

This film's too dark. - girlcool

26 Ferdinand

It was better than I thought it would be - LiamMurphy

I liked it. Can't believe this is below Emoji Movie.. - mattstat716

27 Thor: Ragnarok
28 The House

I thought the house was so funny and I cracked up and I am 12 years old

29 Monster Trucks
30 The Star

This movie sucked.

31 Baywatch

Okay, if 'Power Rangers' was a guilty pleasure movie then this is a "put me in jail, there's blood on my hands-level guilty pleasure". It's dumb. It's really dumb. I don't think it was ever supposed to be anything more than that, and that's okay with me. - BKAllmighty

Wasn't Rough Night better?

32 Better Watch Out
33 Blade Runner 2049
34 My Little Pony: The Movie

Horrible oh my god..

So good. - girlcool

35 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I have the same criticism for this as infinity war, minus the fact that this actually DID come out in 2017 - Revrad

36 Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I love Tom and Jerry and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I've even seen this movie and it's way better than the Wizard Of Oz one. - LemonComputer

Let me guess. Girlcool added this. - MegaSoulhero

There's like, three 'and's in that title!
Tom *and* Jerry *and* Willy Wonka *and* the Chocolate Factory. - mattstat716

37 The Emoji Movie

It was better than I thought it would be. It was only horrifyingly awful and disgusting. I thought it was going to be so bad that you would literally keel over and die from watching it.

Terrible movie. Name one good thing about it. - MegaSoulhero

Best movie ever - ggggh

Seriously this film was better than I thought it would be. - girlcool

38 Rough Night

Scarlett Johansson & Kate McKinnon are too goo... I've said enough. Its no Boogie Nights, which does a better job at being raunchy without being cringy.

Rough night was actually a really good film - Froglamb

39 Ghost in the Shell
40 Snatched

Snatched is unfunny

41 Fifty Shades Darker

Even gircool agrees with this - Gangem

No, just no - FellaMemestalka

No! - girlcool

At this point, I feel as though people are just adding any movie from 2017 they can think of. Regardless if it’s good or not. - MegaSoulhero

42 Alien Covenant
43 Call Me by Your Name
44 Spider-Man: Homecoming
45 Truth or Dare
46 Daddy’s Home 2
47 The Beguiled

Dark, haunting and beautiful. Not a great movie, but a really solid one.

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