Top Ten Unfair Eliminations In Battle for Dream Island


The Top Ten

1 Tennis Ball
2 Ice Cube

We all know Ice Cube will get his revenge... - Turkeyasylum

It was rigged by contestants

Snowball says that it's hot in TLC and needs ice cube.

A SNOWBALL. - DapperPickle

3 Golf Ball
4 Snowball
5 Pen V 1 Comment
6 Woody
7 Bubble

Bubble wasn’t eliminated...

8 Donut

Actually, donut is a mean character because he was hard for jackandjelfy to animate and everyone knows meanies get out first >=D

I acctually hate donut. He bullies pencil,my favorite character.

9 Spongy
10 Teardrop

Snowball got way more votes than Teardrop, Teardrop will help in a crying contest, And
In BFDIA, I heard that a person told all of it's fans to dislike Teardrop's video. If Teardrop chose Immunity, Coiny would've been Eliminated. Poor TD.😞

V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Needle
12 Pin
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