Top Ten Unfair Eliminations In Battle for Dream Island


The Top Ten

1 Golf Ball
2 Tennis Ball

He deserved it - Piplup

3 Ice Cube

We all know Ice Cube will get his revenge... - Turkeyasylum

It was rigged by contestants

Snowball says that it's hot in TLC and needs ice cube.

A SNOWBALL. - DapperPickle

4 Pen

Not good - Officialpen

5 Snowball
6 Woody


7 Loser (BFB)

Loser needs to win! - TroyFan900

8 Teardrop

Whose idea was it to eliminate Teardrop? Whoever it was, Ice Cube and I will GET REVENGE!

Her eliminations were unfair!

What is this doing on the list? I hate her and always will. I wanted her to be eliminated. Hope she is eliminated in BFB next. - Piplup

Snowball got way more votes than Teardrop, Teardrop will help in a crying contest, And
In BFDIA, I heard that a person told all of it's fans to dislike Teardrop's video. If Teardrop chose Immunity, Coiny would've been Eliminated. Poor TD.😞

9 Bubble

Bubble wasn’t eliminated...

10 Leafy (BFB)

The Contenders

11 Coiny
12 Pencil

First of all, she won the challenge! She shouldn't have dropped to the bottom of the scoreboard. I would have been happy if she had just maxed out at 99 since the scoreboard could only hold two digits. But then they put her up against Firey and Spongy, two of the show's blandest characters at the time, and she lost just because she had a personality. Super unfair.

13 Donut

Actually, donut is a mean character because he was hard for jackandjelfy to animate and everyone knows meanies get out first >=D

I acctually hate donut. He bullies pencil,my favorite character.

14 Spongy
15 David

I think someone rigged the voting, since at the time, it was impossible for someone to get nearly 3 TIMES the amount of votes the last one safe received!

16 Needle
17 Liy (BFB)
18 Pin
19 Bracelety

People without a sense of humor killed her.

20 Roboty (BFB)
21 Flower
22 Blocky
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