Top Ten Most Unfair Hell's Kitchen Eliminations

The Top Ten
1 Nick (Season 17)

Literally did not make one mistake the entire season, then was dumped out during a "three person finale" by a stranger based on one entree. We were robbed off the Nick/Benjamin finale we deserved.

These BS eliminations are one of the reasons I quit watching this show over a year ago.

2 Van (Season 17)

His two minor errors on fish were the only mistakes he made all season, and yet he was eliminated for it so we could drag out the Elise/Barbie drama some more. Wasn't even worth it since Barbie went the next service.

3 Jennifer (Season 9)

Fifth place would have been perfectly fine for Elise, who was clearly a worse chef than Jennifer. Yet Ramsay decided to inexplicably kick the most consistent female chef of the season just so Elise could creep into the top 3.

4 Hassan (Season 15)

Hassan was robbed. This guy would have made the top 4 at least, he was streets ahead of Jared. But after his first poor service of the season, mainly due to how dreadful that season's red team was, he is eliminated so we can focus more on fantastic characters like Jackie.

He may have made a couple of mistakes during service, but that was his first poor service. Deserved a black jacket.

5 Giovanni (Season 17)

Robyn's arc was nice and all but she should have been sent home here. Slight overportioning of pasta is not a bigger mistake than being unable to open oysters for your spaghetti oyster dish.

6 Alison (Season 14)

How Josh survived so long in this season no one knows. If Bret had stuck around and Alison hadn't had her worst performance of the season just before black jackets things could have been so much better. Alison was eliminated and Josh became the only weak spot in the greatest lineup of black jackets the show's ever seen.

7 Keith (Season 2)

Keith was spot on with his assessment on Ramsay's feelings towards Virginia. Rest in peace K-Grizzle

8 Curtis (Season 8)

Was nowhere near as bad as the 4 nominees that night, but someone had to be sacrificed to get one more episode of Raj.

9 Koop (Season 16)

Paulie lasting so long is baffling, since he was useless past the first few episodes. Quite a few chefs on the blue team were eliminated to save worse chefs, such as Pat, Aaron and Devin, but seeing as Koop's first bad performance was also his last, this was the most egregious.

The blue team was a disaster, and yet one of the few good performers was eliminated at 11th place

10 Brad (Season 3)

Brad wasn't great or anything but he absolutely did not deserve to be outranked by Josh.

Brad only left just so Josh can keep cooking spaghetti.

How Josh made it to black jackets just baffles me.

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