Top 10 Most Unfair Mario Party Mini Games

These are the mini games in Mario Party that are down right unfair mini games, where they really stack the deck against the player.

The Top Ten

1 Day at the Race - Mario Party 2

Some of you might be thinking: It's just another luck mini game, why is this one so important? Well, because all 4 players are supposed to choose 1 out of the 4 characters, and if you are the last player to choose the enemy, you are forced to choose the only enemy, which is probably the worst one, making this the only mini game that has a change of no participation at all.

Most of the time you have no control over which character you get to choose you will most likely go last giving you no opportunity to make a fair decision. - egnomac

You almost always get stuck as whomp. WHOMP. The slowest character.

This isn't unfair, luck based minigames shouldn't count for this list. - DCfnaf

2 Bowser's Big Blast - Mario Party 2

Yup this one can make you nervous - trains45

3 Bash N' Cash - Mario Party 1

One player gets abused,that is all

1 player is in the Bowser suit and you have to avoid the other players who are trying to bash you with the hammer and steal your coins, when you jump you often leave yourself vulnerable as it takes a while before you can jump again, even worst in the Browser event version if you manage to get through the mini game with out getting hit you still lose a lot of coins. - egnomac

Agree with this one, however. - DCfnaf

Should be called, "The 1 player will BASH his head into a wall, and spend his CASH on a AR15 and shoot his friends"
or just call it unfair.

4 Stompbot XL - Mario Party Advance

This one is actually one of the best Mario Party Advance games, why is this on this list and not Pump,‘n‘ Jump, where the COM‘s are overpowered, instead? - MarcellD

5 Honeycomb Havoc - Mario Party 2
6 Get a Rope - Mario Party 5
7 Panel Panic - Mario Party 4

This mini game is almost completely un winnable you and several other chatacters roll the dice and any number they get the panels they stand on drops them with 8 other characters there is a good chance they'll get the number you have. - egnomac

8 Candlelight Fight - Mario Party 4
9 Heat Stroke - Mario Party 5

The single player has a huge unfair advantage. - egnomac


10 Head Waiter - Mario Party 5

After the countdown reaches 6 the numbers disappear forcing you to guess hoping the bomb dosen't go off you. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Soar to Score - Mario Party 10

Simple plain luck

I remember this one. I was playing Mario party 10 and the spinner landed on this minigame and I was like noo! It is also in top 100 which is annoying.

Why the h@$# is this game in the top 100

12 Paddle Battle - Mario Party 1

Ouch my hand! Nintendo give me a glove!

13 Cut from the Team - Mario Party 8

It sucks too much luck

All luck no skill - YOSHIA2121

14 Coin Flower Shower - Mario Party

This is the worst minigame I every played,if you're the one player then you might be lucky to get some coins
but if your one of the three and the one player falls,the game ends for EVERYONE!
Peach got 13 coins and you got NONE! ZERO! (give credit to PBG)

15 Big Top Drop - Mario Party 5
16 Metal Detectors - Super Mario Party
17 Crab & Smash - Super Mario Party
18 Crate and Peril - Mario Party 6

This is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the 3 to win.

19 Mecha Choice - Mario Party 9
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