Most Unfair Weapons in Splatoon 2

People who use these weapons drive me out of the lobby.

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Clash Blaster

The complaint about not needing aim can be made for all blasters in general, but this one in particular takes the cake. No only is this weapon completely BS as far as needing aim to kill but its fire-rate is not even necessary. Some dev pulled this out of their ass to make the game more "balanced" but it sure as hell did the opposite.

This weapon is so cheap. It has a really high firerate for a blaster, and you don’t need to be accurate at all due to its blast radius. It also has better range than you would expect, literally outranging the Splattershot with its Blast Radius.

Really? That has got to be the dumbest excuse I have ever heard for a weapon to be considered balanced. Most players are at that point already anyway!

I honestly never come a across them tbh, but when I do they are always jumping and never use their sub.

This weapon literally takes no skill to use whatsoever


The bloblobber was nerfed already. The tuf it inked was nerfed greatly and though it takes no skill to play causal it takes lots of practice to play it really well and as an middle

Here's the issue:
-1 slosh (four bubble) kill potential (pretty likely to get hit by all four).
-Stupidly long range that can be increased by looking a bit further upward when sloshing.
-The fact that you can slosh really fast makes it easy to spam.
-It's been around 4+ months, yet no balance.

Wow, and people call Tri-Slosher "easy mode".

Dumb and takes no skill, at least the explosher takes skill as well as the other slosher weapons, I don’t play this thing because I don’t want to make the other team disconnect (rage quit)

This thing is just painful. The range is brutal and rivals chargers, its horrendously spammy and if all projectiles hit you from one swing it’s a ONE HIT KILL. Why Nintendo hasn’t nerfed this trash enough, I don’t know.

Custom Dualie Squelchers

Everyone uses this weapon. Literally everyone. Your grandma probably uses it. It’s good at everything, bad at nothing, and extremely easy on top of it all.

A perfect example of a “low-risk high-reward” weapon. Excellent range, outright the best dodge-Roll in the game with virtually no endlag, still good damage output that can kill opponents quickly, better turf coverage than most weapons in the game, and it has Splat Bombs and Ink Storm, both of which are among the best and most favorable in their class. And what weaknesses does it have to make this weapon kind of stoppable? NONE. You can do basically whatever you want with this weapon with no fear of being overwhelmed.

This should be at the top of the list. The vanilla Dualie Squelchers already have an overpowered main weapon, but the Custom variant is outright better. Like seriously, who can go wrong with Splat Bombs and Inkstorm?

Because why aim when I can shoot straight and slaughter everyone in front of me?

Kensa Sloshing Machine

It could do better w/ range

The set is too good!

There’s a reason why every match in Rank X Solo Queue has at least one person using these.

Ballpoint Splatling

Better Run Speed than the Mini Splatling, faster charge time than the Heavy Splatling, the fastest 4-Shot kill in the game at close range, perfectly accurate at long range, with range only slightly less than the Hydra Splatling, and you can recharge while shooting? It doesn’t take even the smartest players to realize that that the Ballpoint Splatling should not be allowed to exist in this current state.

Edit: The Ballpoint just got nerfed into oblivion, as it deserved

I just has too many strong characteristics as opposed to negative characteristics I didn't play much when it came to vs pre/post nerf so take that into consideration with my opinion

Mobility of a mini with range of a hydra, Nintendo's balancing team must be on drugs again.

“Let’s make a weapon that combines every splatling’s strengths, but with none of the weaknesses!”


No aiming needed, kills in 3 hits with virtually no fall-off, swings so fast you can barely see past the Great Wall of Ink, insane for covering turf as well as bolting to the objective, and if you somehow can't do all that there's always Autobombs and the Inkjet.

The octobrush is to overpowered. It needs a nerf NOW. Who else wants mahi mahi resort back

Another weapon I usually get splatted by. Just nerf this dang thing...

Can agree with this, no skill even aiming, aiming is not needed.

Splat Charger/Splatterscope

It seems like the really good Japanese snipers who never miss their shots always use these. Their range is too much, with OHKO damage, making it hopelessly overpowered in the hands of a master. It also seems like the hitbox for this charger is way more broken than the E-Liter 4K. When I get up close to someone with a fully charged shot, they will NEVER miss me. There were times where I was splatted by one of these when I was clearly behind a wall.

Um, excuse me, you need godly aim practice to use this weapon properly, especially for flicks. You basically are trading range for charge speed, and the same goes the other way around. Also it's a SNIPER. Why wouldn't it be a 1 shot kill? Just saying.

Splat chargers? Dapple Dualies? Ha ha Sorry but NO. Those weapons are far from overpowered garbage and they a just above average and you just don’t know how to deal with them you even said the best of the uses the charger instantly backfiring you point plus the dapple dualies can tricked in seconds and smart people can take advantage of it’s abismal range. I’m sorry but these weapons just make you salty and if you still think their OP, keep telling yourself that. But it’ll be forever that these weapons are pretty good and they may have been nerfed. OK?

Do I have to even explain? It's worse when you a teamed with a bad one.


I know a blaster user who always splats me in X rank!

Get caught in a single hit from them, direct or indirect, you’re not going to survive.


I main this thing and I still get mad at it if other people use it against me in clam blitz because you can just run around and be really fast then use your splashdown when someone gets close

The 1 iq jumper that camps and flings their stick at everyone, they have a natural habitat of splat zones and rainmaker

Clam Blitz. Enough said.

It should be banned in Clam Blitz. It’s stupid.

Mr. Grizz

It's so unfair in this game! It keeps lowering my pay count! And then there's things like "Oh? 1 egg? Not bad! " and then "50 eggs? What a shame! " I hate this!

You got 1 egg? Not terrible
You got 50 eggs? That's a shame

This dude docks my pay when I have 2 disconnects on profreshional 100

This dude keeps lowering my pay grade. please nerf

The Contenders

Dapple Dualies

The Clear Dapples are even worse, because you can’t hide from them. AT ALL. Those stupid torpedoes are the definition of aggravating.

Your dodge roll speed is so fast that being hit is impossible. By the time someone using these does insta-dodge-roll close enough to hit you, the time it takes to kill might as well be OHKO.

Doge rolls toward me, immediately splats me, almost an insta kill. When I use these, I get at least 10 splats

Always dodge rolls and I find most of them in rainmaker and clam blitz

N-ZAP '85

I hate N-ZAPs in general they are the bane of my existence, and their shots are heat seeking for my poor octoling with the golden toothpick in his hair. Nope, I’d rather fight inner 3 again than a good NZapper ugh

Good lord. Combine good range + decent damage (lOw DaMAgE my ass) and you have a weapon that requires no skill to play and is overused. It needs a 20% increase in ink consumption or a decrease in range or speed. Speaking of speed, this thing is so light weight, impossible to kill with anyone wearing run speed.

I consider any of them unfair. This type of weapon has too much firerate for its range. I actually use them every once in a while and every time they just feel overpowered to me. The N-Zap ‘85 is the worst one though. Because it’s easy to cover a lot of ground really quickly, you can outright spam the Ink Armor.

-Decent range.
-Good fire rate.
-Suction bomb tactics.
-The fact it's intended to be an aggressive weapon.

Dualie Squelchers

The Dualie Squelchers have literally no weaknesses whatsoever. They have great range along with dodgerolling that allow you to slide whichever direction you are doing so, so you can easily dodgeroll back to outrange your opponent. They also have excellent turf coverage (so you'll be getting your special a LOT) with it's range combined with good firerate, and enough DPS to at least be viable in CQC. Not to mention that the Custom kit is nothing short of amazing.

I will have you know that I use these a lot, and they're incredibly easy to win with. I can easily steamroll my way to getting the highest rank in Splatfests.

Also, winning against an entire team of Dualie Squelchers is literally impossible, and destroy Octobrushes in every possible situation imaginable.

High Range, fast fire rate, dodge rolling, essentially no end lag, bombs, trackers, missiles, and rainclouds where the drops don't need to hit you? Seems fair.
Like, please nerf these. They're only used by sweaty nerds.

How to get 15+ kills in ANY MODE with the Dualie Squelchers (95% guarantee! )
1. Get into a match.
2. Find an enemy
3. Shoot straight.
*Results may differ between how often you die.

I see them EVERYWHERE in ranked, they always dodge roll back to try to splat me from a distance, cowards.

Krak-On Splat Roller

I love getting one shot by a sharking player. Really fun and thrilling experience.

I bet you that it would be #1 if it still had kraken as a special.

Turf war + krak-on splat roller = instant win

Meh. The normal Splat Roller is better


A common species that is found commonly in splat zones, jumping and sub combing you and your team to death. They have a predictable pattern and don't show much improvement for their brain, don't approach them they will snip you from a distance some how.

It's fairly overpowered I suppose, but it isn't unstoppable kind of OP.
-Larger spread from the regular slosher.
-It's a 2 hit kill.
-Burst Bomb combo.
-Fairly faster slosh (at least for me).

Ah, yes. You knew the most notoriously overpowered weapon in this game would be on here somewhere, but I really believe the Octobrush is more overpowered. This weapon takes 2 hits to kill, and has a ridiculous spread so you don’t have to be very accurate. It also throws ink faster than the regular slosher.This makes it really easy to kill someone at close range. It also doesn’t help matters that it has the same effective range as the Splattershot. You’re probably going to say that this weapon was nerfed. However, in the massive November update, it went back to its original state where it dealt 62 damage per hit. However, it’s overshadowed by the Dualie Squelchers

I think you forgot that Burst Bomb + Slosh kills faster than 2 sloshes. You just have to directly hit the opponent with the burst bomb.

If I see someone using this weapon, I automatically assume that they’re bad and they’re just carried.

Range Blaster

Range Blasters play the Keep-Away game with 1/2 of the weapons. It's bull how it even gets a OHKO and can hit around corners. Tower Control is FLOODED with them.

Be warned; you will rage if they are on the opposite team. They are NO fun to play against.

I have an undying hatred for all blasters, and this one I hate the most. Too much range, OHKO Damage, and too big of a hitbox. I could have put any blaster here, but it seems that Range Blasters are the hardest to deal with. Rename this the Rage Blaster.

The weapon isn't even that hard to counter, it's just annoying to play against on some maps.

I love range (and blasters)


These things have become the BAIN of my liking of turf war, splat zones and rainmaker. Sploosh Splash gonna beat yo ***

I love this weapon because it is a shooter but it may be too good when used in turf war. Anywhere else is fine

The weapon itself isn’t op, but its set makes it ridiculously cheap with spawn-camping. This weapon has amazing mobility on its own and it’s expanded even more with its curling bomb. Many Sploosh use it to camp at your spawn and it’s so annoying to catch them. It also has the Splashdown, so the user can defend themselves easily when spawncamping

Most weapons outrange them, so they're not that bad.

Aerospray MG

Curling Bomb Launcher team in Turf War is especially powerful. Turf War be warned.

The weapon itself isn’t op, in fact it’s only good for Turf Coverage. But what makes it op is its special, the curling bomb launcher. It is so annoying to avoid and it is easily spammable because the Aerospray is really good for covering turf

Why are these good? They just are.

curling bomb launcher is SOO good!

Carbon Roller

It's unfair with camping, but people don't do that anymore.
+Faster rolling and flicking speed.
-Less ink coverage when rolling around.
-Less range.

Lol, this weapon was only a treat in Splatoon 1.

This roller is the most painful to deal with despite it’s short range. It flicks and rolls very fast, and it’s very easy to get close enough to an opponent to splat your opponent in a single flick.

It did get a nerf, though. Most of the time they just kinda suck. Honestly, they're not everywhere like in 1, so THANK THE LORDS FOR THAT.

It's like the roller, except even more cheep.

In 1, it was ridiculously cheap with camping.
In 2... well it's still that way but a little nerfed.

Undercover Brella

Let's face it, most brellas just plain suck. This is because of one reason and one reason only, when you put in the riot shield thing they can not fire with it. Well, the UB can. It's sub is the Ink Mine which are just a flat-out nuisance. The special is Splashdown.

As you read this, one word should pop into mind: Spawncamping.

They always splash down when their sheild breaks and they always jump

I am a main of the Octobrush Nouveau and this is the bane of my existence

Sorella is better, but this weapon is still really, really cheap

Dark Tetra Dualies

Admittedly, Tetra Dualies are very overpowered. There’s a good reason why Japanese players use them. They can execute up to 4 dodge-rolls in a row and there’s no delay between the dodge-roll and when you can shoot again like on all other Dualies.

Every match, one of those evil things splats me. Like five times.

duelies are SOO GOOD

E-Liter 4K

Any charger is cheap. Snapping. There you go, instant BS.

This includes all of them from the normal E-Liter 4K to the Custom E-Liter 4K Scope. These weapons don’t really have a long charging time and have a RIDICULOUS range, with OHKO damage. This means it’s hopelessly overpowered in the hands of a master. It’s also super annoying when you have E-Liter tryhards on your team that are barely contributing to the objective

To be honest how are chargers cheap. snapping is not that good.

Pretty sure you can miss while snapping if you don’t then you have spent a very long time with the weapon. chargers ain’t cheap.

Rapid Blaster

One word: RANGE. It has too much range, quite a bit of firerate, and too large of a blast radius. This gives the weapon an unfair advantage on maps with skinny areas like Port Mackerel

I can do a heck of a lot of damage with this thing!

The least skill of all blasters.


I swear they put glue in this weapon instead of ink, because the second you get hit by one, you're stuck to the spot in a mile of enemy ink.

The Range and Blast Radius is absolutely obscene, not to mention that it’s an easy 2HKO and can immobilize you with how wide their explosion inking radius is, and follow up with an easy splat. The overall set is extremely op in Splat Zones

Splat Roller

They're extremely cheap with camping and used with Ninja Squid. They literally outrange and outmaneuver (with both their vertical flick and curling bomb) the Splattershot, and only have slightly less effective range.

I like how it says you can't kill someone if you hit them on the side... yet 50% of the time I die to the side. Not helpful that it comes with Curling Bombs and the Panic Button that can hit you 10 ft away with damage.

Wouldn’t call it overpowered, unless you’re camping with it and/or are using it with Ninja Squid.

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