Most Unfair Weapons in Splatoon 2

People who use these weapons drive me out of the lobby.

The Top Ten

1 Octobrush

The Splattershot barely outranges this weapon, but if the Octobrush user is on higher ground, good luck trying to survive. It also takes only 3 hits and you’ll die. If the Inkbrush has shorter range but faster flicking speed, at least make it so that the Octobrush and the Inkbrush have equal damage. That would be much more balanced. The Inkbrush is one of my main weapons, and if the other team has somebody using the Octobrush and you’re using the Inkbrush, it’s nearly impossible to kill them without your sub or special. Please do the others a favor and stop using this on Ranked Battles. You’re giving those who are actually putting effort into ranking up a huge disadvantage. I used to main the Octobrush but I switched to the Inkbrush because at least that weapon requires some bit of thought and skill. Only the most experienced players are able to get an advantage over them. If you’re going against an entire team of Octobrushes on a Ranked Battle, you better be prepared to ...more - thunderstar1124

2 Range Blaster

I have an undying hatred for all blasters, and this one I hate the most. Too much range, OHKO Damage, and too big of a hitbox. I could have put any blaster here, but it seems that Range Blasters are the hardest to deal with. - thunderstar1124

3 Clash Blaster

This weapon isn’t much better. It does have short range, but due to the large hitbox, it’s barely outranged by the Splattershot. It also has a ridiculous firerate and it takes 2 full hits to splat somebody with it. The only reason I would use this is because it’s easy to defend yourself when you’re Squid Partying on Regular Battles. - thunderstar1124

4 Tri-Slosher

This weapon takes 2 hits to kill, and has a ridiculous spread so you don’t have to be very accurate. This makes it really easy to kill someone at close range. It also doesn’t help matters that it has the same range as the Splattershot. You’re probably going to say that this weapon was nerfed. However, in the massive November update, it went back to its original state where it dealt 62 damage per hit. And yes, I’ll come clean that I do use this weapon. - thunderstar1124

5 Carbon Roller

This roller is the most painful to deal with despite it’s short range. It flicks and rolls very fast, and it’s very easy to get close enough to an opponent to splat them in a single flick. - thunderstar1124

6 N-ZAP '85

I consider any of them unfair. This type of weapon has too much range with too much firerate. I actually use them every once in a while and every time they just feel overpowered to me. The N-Zap ‘85 is the worst one though. Because it’s easy to cover a lot of ground really quickly, you can flat out spam the Ink Armor. - thunderstar1124

7 E-Liter 4K

Actually... the E-Liter is currently considered the worst charger in the game. - TheYoshiOverlord

This includes all of them from the normal E-Liter 4K to the Custom E-Liter 4K Scope. These weapons don’t really have a long charging time and have a RIDICULOUS range. It’s also super annoying when you have E-Liter tryhards on your team that are barely contributing to the objective - thunderstar1124

8 .96 Gal

This weapon does have a slow-ish firerate (but it’s not THAT slow), but the range is insane, and it literally only takes 2 hits to kill somebody. I used this on S Rank Tower Control once and I got 25 Splats, and I was barely even trying. - thunderstar1124

9 Dapple Dualies

This weapon has short range, but it has a great firerate with LOADS of damage. You also can dodge so fast that it’s almost impossible for your opponent to hit you, and when you do get close enough to them, the time it takes to kill might as well be OHKO. - thunderstar1124

10 Sploosh-o-matic

The range is awful but it has a ridiculous firerate and the damage is 3HKO. It also comes with curling bomb, which can be really useful for transportation. This just makes it painful though when a Sploosh user is using it to camp at your team’s spawn. By the time you do catch up to them though, they greet you with a Splashdown, and you’re about to die. - thunderstar1124

The Contenders

11 Splattershot

Not necessarily. One of my favorite weapons, actually - thunderstar1124

12 Dualie Squelchers

WAY too much range for its firerate. It’s also really easy to dodge-roll back to outrange your opponent. - thunderstar1124

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