Most Unfortunate Jobs

I feel sorry for anyone who has a job like these below. You deserve better jobs or a massive salary to make these hellish jobs worthwhile.

The Top Ten

1 Cleaner at an adult cinema

That job would be torture, That stuff all over the floor isn't milkshake you know! - Cazaam

2 Guard at Buckingham Palace

Don't join the British Army or you might find yourself standing in one place not allowed to do anything whilst wearing horrible clothes. - Cazaam

3 Medical Research patient
4 Portable Toilet Cleaner

Somebody's gotta do it! And I feel sorry for them. If I need to go to the toilet really bad and there was a portaloo and a group of trees nearby, definitely the trees for me. Portaloos are hell on earth. - Cazaam

5 Shark tank cleaner

I guess if you have this job you're more likely to be killed by a shark than a vending machine. - Cazaam

6 Attack dog training dummy

Time for an obscure Simpsons reference. "I thought you liked dogs" - Cazaam

7 Cat Food Quality Controller
8 Sewer Cleaner

Cleaning the second dirtiest places in the world, the only thing dirtier are those portable toilets. - Cazaam

9 Roadkill Remover

Not only collecting the remains of dead animals but you can do it whilst traffic is coming! Marvellous! - Cazaam

10 Deep Sea Fisherman

The most dangerous job to have on fatality rate. In other words, the job you're most likely to die on. - Cazaam

The Contenders

11 McDonalds fry cook

Where our employees get paid $8 an hour. - Connor360

12 Skyscraper window cleaner
13 Landfill Cleaner
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1. Cleaner at an adult cinema
2. Guard at Buckingham Palace
3. Medical Research patient
1. Cleaner at an adult cinema
2. Guard at Buckingham Palace
3. Medical Research patient



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