Top Ten Unfunniest Movies of All Time

These are the least funny movies ever. There may be some bad movies, but some are so bad they are funny, like The Amazing Bulk, I died of laughter watching the scenes at how bad it was. But these filmsnare both terrible and unfunny. These movies are boring and unfunny and lack good jokes.

The Top Ten Unfunniest Movies of All Time

1 Freddy Got Fingered

This movie feels like watching a horror movie than an actual comedy. - egnomac

This Top 3 is perfect. My three least favorite films EVER. - DCfnaf

This should be number 1 - MegaSoulhero

I laughed a bit - PeeledBanana

2 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Not funny at all. The Amazing Bulk is not on this list because despite the movie being really bad, it is actually really funny for how bad it is. This movie did not make me laugh once.

3 Madballs: Gross Jokes
4 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Very stupid. - Bramblestar

5 Where the Dead Go to Die

Since when was this ever considered funny?

Wait, this was a COMEDY?! I've just lost a little more faith in humanity!

I don't think this movie was meant to be funny, unless the creator is just that sick minded. - Mcgillacuddy

How is children getting tortured funny? Some people actually think this is funny, I actually saw comments on people thinking this is humourous. What has humanity come to?

6 Son of the Mask

Terrible sequel. - Tia-Harribel

7 Jack and Jill
8 Hannah Montana: The Movie
9 Bratz
10 Disaster Movie

The Contenders

11 The Nut Job

This movie is boring and not funny at all, I did not laugh at a single scene in this movie.

The fact that this movie was popular enough to get a sequel is really surprising - MegaSoulhero

It's bad, but personally, there are much worse to me. - DapperPickle

12 High School Musical

This movie is not funny at all.

13 The Emoji Movie

This must be the most hated movie of ALL time.

I laughed at it, LOL - VideoGamefan5

A trashy movie. - Bramblestar

Any attempt at comedy just fails.

14 Dumb and Dumber To
15 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
16 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Doesn't look like it, is it supposed to be? - EliHbk

17 Love Guru
18 Foodfight!
19 Frozen

Frozen isn't funny. They tried to make it funny by bringing Olaf, the snowman, and Sven, the reindeer. - LemonadeOcean

Trash,dumb, an offensively unfunny

20 A Car's Life

Unlike the original Cars that had funny moments, this isn't funny at all.

21 Due Date
22 Norbit
23 Elf Bowling: The Movie
24 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

How is a movie about a killer funny not funny at all - Watchmojo

25 New Year's Eve
26 Leonard Part 6
27 Grown Ups 2
28 Snatched
29 Sex Tape
30 Rough Night

Tries too hard to be a movie!

31 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
32 Nine Months
33 From Justin to Kelly
34 Mean Girls 2
35 Starwars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith
36 Inappropriate Comedy

Adrian Brody? What is he doing in this rubbish?

Only creative aspect about this movie are the transitions between the skits being done via the director selecting apps from a tablet, other than that the movie is unwatchable.
Intentionally offensive comedy, terrible performances all round, and repetitive jokes lead to a movie that didn't even make me smile. Just don't watch it. - SuperSonic17

37 The Green Mile

This should be number 1 - 445956

38 Barney's Great Adventure
39 Smurfs: The Lost Village
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