Unhealthy Meals You Thought Were Healthy

You thought coleslaw and California rolls were healthy? HA! Check again!

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1 Salad

Because a typical restaurant salad hoards tons of fat and calories. Add some variety of vegetables and fruits only. Junk sauce, creutons, and other additives are very frequently sprinkled on salads; one of the reasons why this listing is top. - illusion

It's not? - Misfire

I thought a salad with nothing on it was healthy. I guess I was wrong.

I always laugh when people think all salads are healthy. If your adding a bunch of fancy toppings and drowning in dressing that is unhealthy. (serving size is two tablespoons not half the bottle! ) Veggie salads with the recommended dressing serving size are bad though.

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2 Subway Sandwich

Mustard, Mayonnaise, bacon, ham, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT! Unless you order a six inch 9-grain sub with only vegetables you aren't even close to healthy. Plus those 200 to 350 calorie cookies won't be helping at all.

Salad is heaps healthy if your dressing is half balsamic vinegar and half olive oil! SUBWAY IS TERRIBLE! - HappyGarrett

3 Multigrain Bread Sandwiches

It still contains the bleached stuff, stick to whole grain.

Honestly all bread is so overrated

4 Coleslaw

With all that dressing and less vegetables and sometimes even raisins are added! It's worse than salad!

5 Ramen

Some ramen are healthy, but the instant ones; too much sodium, MSG, no nutritional value, harmful chemicals; yes, this is talking not most but all instant ramen noodles. Not to mention, they lie on your stomach for more than a day. Thank goodness I stopped eating these. - illusion

I don't care. I still love ramen. - Misfire

They are very difficult to digest

Some of you may not be surprised by this, but for those who rely on ramen for cheap meals, what you are eating is essentially empty calories, with no protein or nutrients and a large amount of sodium. Never eat ramen alone, or find a way to skip it altogether.

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6 Restaurant Baked Potato

Potatoes are naturally rich in vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Plus, a medium-sized baked potato contains only about 160 calories. But if you're eating out, don't assume that the baked potato is the healthiest choice on the menu. Many restaurant-style baked potatoes can come "fully loaded" with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and other goodies that can add up to around 600 calories and 20-plus grams of fat.

Sometimes it has butter in it even though it doesn't say. - Haumea

7 Couscous

Perhaps given a healthy reputation because it is popular with vegetarians, couscous is made of refined wheat and is no more nutritious than plain white pasta. Try whole wheat couscous or quinoa for a healthier side dish.

8 Granola

If you shop for cereals looking for "granola" as an indicator of nutrition, you're making a mistake. Most granola cereals have too much sugar, not enough fiber, and can come in at 600 calories per cup! Granola is best when sprinkled in small amounts on top of yogurt.

9 Apples

Never knew eating an apple means you're eating more than 10 grams of sugar for the day. - illusion

Sugary Sugary Goodness! Also people that claim that Salads are unhealthy should think a bit... You can add in salt, vinegar lemon, a bit of oil of whatever you like and its healthy.

Now if you are adding stuff that you know are unhealthy and think the damn lettuce will cover it enough for you to "forget" how unhealthy it is, you got only yourself to blame.

Also since when did ANYONE believe that Subway station sandwiches where healthy? White bread (or a bit darker looking dark bread) mayo, bacon, lots of corn... Healthy my butt!

Actually unhealthy I bet you never knew that

10 Bran Muffin

The ingredients are fine but the size is far too large! Maybe cut it in half and save that side for later.

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11 Olive Garden Entree

Everything is salted too much! Olive Garden's fettuccini Alfredo has a whopping 1,220 calories, 75 grams of fat, and 1,350 mg of saltâ€"the caloric equivalent of two Big Macs and an order of small friesâ€"and that's before the all-you-can-eat breadsticks, which have 150 calories each! Holy crap!

12 Cashew Butter
13 Tofu Tofu
14 Chicken Wraps

Most chicken wraps are extremely unhealthy. Weather it's grilled or fried the dressing, the wrap, and the salt is just too much. Might as well eat a burger.

OR make a Turkey wrap at home.

15 Turkey Bacon

A, it's not bacon, B, it doesn't taste near as good as it sounds

16 White Rice Sushi
17 Protein Bars

They're full of sugar and special additives. Even making your own is still unhealthy. Just don't buy these. If you need protein,try eating something like steak or green vegetables. - Epicsauce45

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