Top Ten Most Unhealthy Sodas


The Top Ten

1 Red Bull Red Bull

All energy drinks are little bit harmful for health - zxm

Red Bull. Red Bull gives you diabetes. Sugar. Ah.

Yet classified as an energy drink more so. - htoutlaws2012

2 Pepsi

I think we all know that all soft drinks are unhealthy. - EpicJake

I've heard so much about it being unhealthy. Aerated drinks are generally so. - jerk4life

I love it but doctors said it's unhealthy. I think all drinks,especially Pepsi is unhealthy - zxm

3 Full Throttle
5 Mountain Dew Voltage
6 Coca-Cola

It's almost same as Pepsi - zxm

How was Redbull at number one

It is so good

7 Surge
8 Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry
9 Mountain Dew
10 Canada Dry

The Contenders

11 Pibb Xtra
12 Schweppes Ginger Ale
13 Seagram’s Ginger Ale
14 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper
15 Crush
16 Snapple

Not sure if I'd call this in anyway soda. - htoutlaws2012

17 Sprite Sprite
18 Fanta

It's actually not that unhealthy since there are no artificial colours or flavours and they use real oranges!

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