Top Ten Most Unique Cat Breeds

The Top Ten Most Unique Cat Breeds

1 Sphinx

Everyone thinks they’re ugly but I think they’re pure adorable.

2 Khao Manee

They actually have eyes that are blue and gold. - SamuiNeko

3 Scottish Fold

The folded ears are actually genetic disorders...but it looks so kawaii though,that's my cat's breed! - SamuiNeko

4 Munchkin

Imagine looking at one walking with those cute little legs...(explodes) - SamuiNeko

I love munchkins so much, my grandma has a munchkin!

5 Minskin
6 Persian Cat

There so cute and the wight hair is amazing

7 Siberian The Siberian is a landrace variety of domestic cat, present in Russia for centuries, and more recently developed as a formal breed, with standards promulgated since the late 1980s.
8 Devon Rex The Devon Rex is a breed of intelligent, short-haired cat that emerged in England during the 1960s. They are known for their slender bodies, wavy coat, and large ears.
9 Sphynx The Sphynx is a breed of cat developed through selective breeding starting in the 1960s, known for its lack of a coat, though it is not truly hairless.

You ain't gonna see something like this anywhere eles.

10 Japanese Bobtail

It was a hard decision between the japanese bobtail and the maincoon cause my cats part maincoon part turtle shell but I love Japanese bobtails..well...tail! And look! So yes I think their awsomecute and different!

The Contenders

11 Pixie Bob
12 Manx
13 Exotic Shorthair
14 Maine Coon
15 Korat
16 Savannah
17 Russian Blue The Russian Blue is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey.
18 Bengal The Bengal is a domestic cat breed developed to look like exotic jungle cats such as leopards, ocelots, margays and clouded leopards.
19 Birman
20 Ragdoll The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat. It is a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat.
21 LaPerm The LaPerm is a recognized breed of cat. A LaPerm's fur is curly, with the tightest curls being on the belly, throat and base of the ears. LaPerms come in many colors and patterns. LaPerms generally have a very affectionate personality.
22 Toyger
23 Ocicat The Ocicat is an all-domestic breed of cat which resembles a wild cat but has no wild DNA in its gene pool.
24 Abyssinian The Abyssinian is a breed of domestic short-haired cat with a distinctive "ticked" tabby coat, in which individual hairs are banded with different colors.
25 Lykoi
26 German Rex
27 Singapura The Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of cats, noted for its large eyes and ears, brown ticked coat and blunt tail.
28 Siamese The Siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cat. Derived from the rtgs: wichianmat landrace, one of several varieties of cat native to Thailand, the Siamese became one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America in the 20th century.
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