Top 10 Most Unique/Craziest NFL Touchdown Celebrations

In the NFL players often celebrate after scoring a touchdown. And there’s been some pretty creative celebrations in the past. Although most players end up getting fined for going over the top (because the league still isn’t a big fan of these celebrations) it’s still funny to see what the players come up with.

The Top Ten

1 Terrell Owens Eating Popcorn (2007)

This was the first and so far only Celebration that involves food. Another hilarious and iconic moment for T.O. - Randomator

2 Randy Moss Mooning at Lambeau (2005)

This was just hilarious both because of Joe Buck’s reaction and because he did it against the Vikings biggest rival Green Bay in front of their fans - Randomator

3 Joe Horn Making a Phone Call (2003)

This was impressive not only because he got around the NFL’s rule of no props but because he managed to score in the correct end zone. - Randomator

4 Terrell Owens Disrespecting the Cowboys Star (2000)

This has to be the most savage thing a player has ever done to another teams midfield logo. And bonus points for triggering the Dallas Cowboys - Randomator

5 Chad Johnson Using the Pylon as a Putter (2005)
6 Vikings Playing Duck Duck Goose (2017)

One of the more recent celebrations that involved multiple players. - Randomator

7 Terrell Owens Celebrates with Pom Poms (2002)
8 Tyreek Hill Cameraman Celebration (2018) Tyreek Hill Cameraman Celebration (2018)

If I’m not mistaken Tyreek Hill is the first player to use the T.V. camera as a prop and it was excellent - Randomator

9 Ezekiel Elliot Jumping Into the Salvation Army Bucket (2017)
10 The Lambeau Leap (1993)

A unique and iconic celebration that numerous Green Bay players have done over the years - Randomator

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