Most Unique Fanfiction Female Warrior Cat Names

Odd or interesting warrior cat names and descriptions for female cats. some may not follow the traditional rules of cat naming but I think there is nothing wrong with being a little creative and colouring outside the lines. Please vote and add your own descriptions in the comments, I hope you enjoy the list.

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1 Silversheen

I like this one. Reminds me of a shy, sweet queen, sort of like Ferncloud in the books. Maybe a little bit too Mary-Sue. I think she'd have a shimmering white coat, maybe a former kittypet. A soft, plumy, silver-white tail.

A silvery gray she-cat with soft blue eyes, ex-kittypet, now a RiverClan warrior - Blossomfrost

Tall, slender, long-legged she-cat with sleek, light grey fur tipped silver and white so that when she moves, the different colours of her pelt ripple like water. Small delicate white paws, she moves with strength and grace and a determined look in her Light amber eyes that are the colour of sherry. Her ears are white tipped, as is the tip of her tiny nose. Her father, Beechstride, was the deputy of Riverclan before he was killed in a border patrol skirmish. He was well respected among his clanmates and that respect has now passed on to his eldest daughter, Silversheen. Her younger brother, Waterwade, is her best friend and they never leave each other's side. Both siblings are very proud and strive for greatness in their clan. They are very devoted to protecting their still young mother, Lilystream, and her new born litter of kittens, Softkit(light), Sunkit(wave), and Mintkit(shine).
Silversheen and Waterwade had two sisters, Brightkit and Streamkit, but they died of Greencough ...more - Seaheart

It's not something I'd use but I like the suffix "sheen which means shine. I think Silversheen would be a silver tabby with a gray-and-black striped tail. Pale blue eyes. Her mother Skyfur was born to Swiftpelt, a black tom from WindClan who met with Skyfur on a high, jagged rock which they secretly named the Sunstone. They were apprentices when they first met as Skypaw and Swiftpaw at a Gathering with the former leaders, Wildstar and Rainstar. Then, Swiftpaw asked Skypaw to meet at the Twolegplace and she said okay. So they went out at midnight and saw a dark outlined shape. Swiftpaw! She ran towards it but Swiftpaw was on the roof of the Twoleg nest to look at the stars. With some Skypaw got up by jumping on some shiny Twoleg cans and tattered boxes. Climbing up they decided to become mates without telling any of their Clanmates. Swiftpaw asked Skypaw to come back the next day. Skypaw got her warrior name, Skyfur and Swiftpaw was named Swiftpelt. Then the next they came back ...more

2 Briartumble

A brown tabby she-cat with sparkling Amber eyes, of ThunderClan...a really creative name - Blossomfrost

Bubbly and energetic young she-cat with Golden brown mottled fur that sticks up in spikes going in all directions. very friendly and enthusiastic, especially with her apprentice, Cherrypaw.
Briartumble has bright yellow eyes and a black tail tip.
She loves teaching younger cats all she knows and helping them to improve their warrior skills.
She has four other littermates: Rookcloud(Dark red tom with blue grey eyes), Sharpfeather(Golden brown tom with white underbelly and face, light blue eyes), Heathernose(light brown she-cat with large yellow eyes), and Wildshade(Red tom with Black tail tip and paws, Grey eyes). - Seaheart

3 Jasmineclaw

Long-haired, cream-colored ShadowClan queen, with blue eyes - Blossomfrost

Awesome name!
Sister: Silvergaze, Lilysnow
Brothers: rainstorm, stormcloud
Mentor: Dovefeather
Mother: Silverleaf
Father: Raincloud
Mate: Dawnsong
Kits: SIlverkit (SIlvermist), Dawnkit (Dawnflower), Stormkit (Stormfur) - Silverleaf

I see a solid gray she-cat with a pinkish tinge and brown eyes. Daughter to Mudspots, a dark brown tabby, and Daisyleap, a gray she-cat. Being without siblings, Daisyleap wanted her first kit to be named something unique, sealing the name Jasminekit. As an apprentice, the one thing she loved the most was running with Stagpaw and Featherpaw down in the valley. She would do this almost every day and whenever she got the chance after Rabbitflight finished with her training. She received her warrior name after fighting alongside her mentor and Mouseclaw, a gray tom, with a drive-in of a badger sent to BreezeClan territory by the DuskClan leader, Crowstar. She was quite shy when getting her name, Jasmineclaw but lived up to it as a mother to over 3 litters of kits including Heatherfur, Dawnheart, and Waterkit of the first, Silversong of the second, and Brownclaw of the third. She was killed by Adderheart and Badgerpaw in a border patrol.

Short furred Shadowclan she-cat with soft smokey, light grey fur and long white legs. large, round, emerald green eyes and a small pink nose.
She is very beautiful and mysterious and can sometimes seem shy or quiet when she is only being perceptive and aware of her surroundings. Her two closest friends, Bumblefrost and Tansyshine, know that she is actually very fun and silly once you get to know her.
Jasmineclaw is determined to prove herself to her clan as she was born into Riverclan as a half-clan cat to her mother, Silversheen, who fell in love with a Shadowclan warrior, Rowanstep and paid the price for breaking the warrior code.
When some angry Shadowclan cats learned that Rowanstep had fathered Silversheen’s kit, they banded together their own group of cats without the permission of the Shadowclan leader and they chased Rowanstep out of their territory, all the way to the river where he was forced to jump in the cold water and drowned.
Following the news of her ...more - Seaheart

4 Shyoak

Tooo foot to be true

Shy- Her soft, gentle appearance and shy nature as a kit.
Oak- Sturdy in battle, brave, and calm.
Mother- Reedshine
Father- Appledusk
Sisters- Willowdusk, Applefrost
Description- Beautiful golden she-cat with a paler golden underbelly and a white tipped tail. Blue eyes flecked with gold.
Personality- Seems shy, gentle, and tender, but in reality is calm, brave, and sturdy.

A bit of an oxymoron, I'm thinking, because oaks are tall, tough, and sturdy - Blossomfrost

I'm thinking of a solid brown tabby she-cat with round Amber eyes...of ThunderClan - Blossomfrost

5 Frecklemask

Frecklemask is the oldest can in Windclan. She is a weathered old she-cat who spends her time worrying about her clans future and warning young apprentices that their time is limited.

many of the clan cats avoid her and gossip about her sanity.

She doesn't have any real friends that she can talk to and all cats think she's crazy. All they see is a delusional old cat who is almost ready to join Starclan.

But to Frecklemask, she is still the same cat that she was as a young, newly made warrior.

Every night she dreams that she is young again and her heart aches for her youthful days.

She has had a hard life full of grief and pain and a crippling injury which left her immobilized, and forced her to grow up too fast.

But Starclan is watching and they are full of sympathy for the life she should have been given. They decide to grant her her youth again and give her a second chance at happiness.

When Frecklemask wakes up one Newleaf morning, ...more - Seaheart

6 Fawncry

I can imagine Fawncry would be a small and whiney she cat. She would probably have pale fur maybe brown or ginger with white specks.

Rip Bambi

Fawncry seems to have been struck with cupid's arrow; she is falling in love with a trio of brothers and she can't decide which one she loves more. The problem is that they belong to a different clan!
Lionrunner, Tigerdash, and Leopardstrike have no idea that a little Thunderclan she-cat has fallen head over paws in love with them and are completely oblivious to her existence.
while over in Thunderclan, Fawncry is constantly day dreaming about her crushes which distracts her from her warrior duties, causing her to lose focus and be called a "feather brain".
Fawncry is a very petite, fawn coloured she-cat with faint tabby stripes and large smokey brown eyes.
her eyes are always very wide and curious looking, but she almost never shows enthusiasm, is very shy, and almost melancholy looking.
little do her clan mates know what she is thinking about when they catch her staring wistfully off into the distance. - Seaheart

7 Scarletwind

I like. this one

I think that this name should be #1

Large, Deep Auburn Orange She-cat with thick fur and soft, doe brown eyes. White underbelly, chest, and nose. Very powerful with huge paws and long claws.
despite her impressive appearance, Scarletwind is actually a very gentle and compassionate soul with a large heart who cares for all of the members of her clan as if they were her children. And in fact, a large amount of them are her actual children. Numerous litters from two different fathers, Rainwhisker and Adderpelt, who are filled with jealously and contempt and are constantly competing against each other in an attempt to win her affections.
she is praised by the leader of Thunderclan for being the biggest contributer to Thunderclan's strongest warriors.
There is gossip in her clan that when the very old present deputy, Whitefang, decides to resign his position and move to the elders den, Dawnstar will choose Scarletwind as the new deputy. She may have a very important future ahead of her. Who knows what Starclan has ...more - Seaheart

8 Russetsmoke

Dark ginger tabby she-cat with long, slim white legs, chest, and tail-tip, green eyes, of name!

Fiery ginger Skyclan she-cat with grey and brown patches and ice blue eyes.
Brave, loyal, overconfident, and likes to show off her hunting skills to her littermates.
Secretly wishes to become the next medicine cat but is too afraid of criticism to admit it to her clanmates.
She studies herbs in secret by carefully watching the medicine cat Doveflight(soft grey tabby she-cat with unusual violet eyes) who she finds herself irresistibly attracted to, and sometimes by getting minor injuries that require medical assistance.
In this way, Russetsmoke slowly learns about her hearts desire, what role she plays in helping her clan, and discovers who she truly is. - Seaheart

A scruffy, spiky ruffed russet she cat with dewy green eyes and one smoky patch over her.
Fierce, fiery, and a skilled warrior of FireClan. She is a part WaterClan cat because of her father's mother. Her mother was always from FireClan. Her parents split at Russetsmoke's birth because of the battle from both clans. She got her name from the russet, nearly squirrel color of her pelt. The suffix smoke was given when she saved Whitekit, Shadekit, and Flamekit from a fire on a twoleg nest where they was born. The fire damaged her ear and burned her pelt. Her fur became ragged and scruffy but was always remembered for it when the leader gave her the name Russetsmoke.

She had heard the noise while busy licking her wounds and BlueFire was suffering inside the smoke filled den of monsters where they slept. Russetsmoke looked around and saw a huge flame strewned across the roof of the twoleg den. She ran forward but wasn't looking for monsters. One chased her down the road and broke ...more

9 Featherstream

This name is BEAUTIFUL like a mix of two pretty cats, Feathertail and Silverstream

Sounds pretty

Why isn't this #1! I love this name... It's like Feathertail, and I think that she would of done an amazing job having kits.

Oooh, love this I see a ruffled, white she cat with a plumed tail like a stream of feathers

10 Sorrelcrown

Warriors have no idea what crowns are - Blossomfrost

I like the description!

Rich brown and cream tortoiseshell with golden tipped ears, nose and one patch over her heart.
Dark orange eyes.
Wise, thoughtful, brave, loyal, and fierce.
Destined to be a great leader one day.
Add your own descriptions and stories of the name Sorrelcrown. - Seaheart

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11 Silversong

I love it!

Wow! This is so interesting I have an O.C with this name! What are the odds!

Beautiful. I love it.

Very unique yet absolutely brilliant

12 Amberprint

Wirey and long limbed, light Golden and brown leopard she-cat with red paws and amber eyes.
Very devoted to her sister, Goldencloud, and her mate, Acornfur.
She had two litters with Acornfur: Daisytoe, Sloeslip, Littlebeam, Tansyshine, Lilackit, and Beetlekit.
Add your own descriptions and stories of the name Amberprint. - Seaheart

A sleek ginger she cat with black spots and amber eyes.
Father: SmokeFire
Mother: FlameWing
Adoptive Brothers: Redkit, Russetkit, Blackkit, Greykit
Aunt/Uncle: EmberFur, BrownFoot
Amberkit cuddled next her mother. It was a beautiful night with the moonlight shining into her den. She soon fell asleep...
The next morning SmokeFire was returning from the 2 moon hunt with SunnyTail, TigerStripe, RowanTail, and BerryEar. He came up from the hill and Amberkit came bounding after him. He ran up to his daughter, very excited to see her again. He touched tails with FlameWing and nudged her face playfully.
" FlameWing... I have them... Let's tell her. " SmokeFire said eagerly.
FlameWing sighed and said, " Yes, it's the perfect time. " SmokeFire waved his tail at a nearby bush and 4 kits walked out. Amberkit sniffed them and backed away slowly.
" These are your new brothers, Amberkit, " Amberkit ran back to the den, although no one noticed. Inside the den Redkit, ...more

13 Honeygaze

So pretty!
She is a white she cat with golden eyes and gold legs, gold ears, gold tail tip.
She is slender and a bit tall. She is short furred and belongs to Windclan

I used to have a Warrior OC with the same name, beautiful

14 Timbershine

This name rocks! Would be perfect for a RiverClan cat that's kind, quiet, and thoughtful for the Clan. Timbershine could be a brown tabby tom with a white chest and dark brown eyes. So kinda like Strikestone. He would be a mentor to many apprentices and participate in lots of battles and hunting parties. Timbershine would be around when Mistystar is leader of RiverClan. Love interest would be a she-cat that's strong and confident, possibly Minnowtail. ~Mistyrain

I love this name! One of my favorites. My rating is 10/10. I picture a brown tabby tom with a white chest, brown eyes, a white tail-tip, and a white flash on his muzzle. Sweet, caring; basically a RiverClan version of Brackenfur. Born to Dawnsky and an unknown tom, Timberkit had one sister named Rosekit. Even as a kit, Dawnsky could see how different Timberkit and Rosekit were. Timberpaw was made an apprentice to Leafstripe, a fairly young green-brown mackerel tabby she-cat. Training came surprisingly easy to Timberpaw and he finally got used to other cats around him. Once a warrior, Timbershine preferred to resolve conflicts in battles rather than actually fight. He was a good choice for deputy but was never chosen as one. Timbershine became Leafstripe's mate, having 2 litters of kits including Sandfeather, Poppyseed, Chivepelt, Whitestripe, Grasstail, and Deerskip.
- Sky

15 Softrose

This is the prettiest name on this list! Should be number one



This one is So beautiful I imagine a cream coloured she-cat with very very soft fur and a kind but gullible personality she is a Queen with 4 kits, Creamkit; Bumblekit; Tabbykit and Rosekit.
She mated with Stripestorm a grey tabby Tom they live happily and when Softrose dies of green cough she watches her kits and mate from star clan - Mookitty

16 Shadedfox

Wow so original...I'm thinking a long-haired black she-cat with orange splotches and green eyes, a warrior of ShadowClan - Blossomfrost

I WANT TO BE THIS CAT! - Foxflight

17 Smallestwhisper

A ticked munchkin tabby shwwho is a healer/medical cat - Lavamoon

Such a cute name! I love this.

18 Cinderswoop

Gray tabby she-cat with green eyes. Father: Smokesplash, a gray tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Mother: Ivysong, a light gray she-cat with gray tabby paws and green eyes. Brother(s): Stormblaze, a dark gray tom with dark blue eyes. Sister(s): Frostlight, a light gray she-cat with gray tabby legs, paws, shoulders, and light blue eyes. Mate: Cloudstripe, a light gray long-haired tom with three white stripes on his back and yellow eyes. Son(s): Rainpaw, a light gray tom with blue eyes, and Smokekit, a gray tabby tom-kit with green eyes. Daughter(s): Snowpaw, a white long-haired she-cat with green eyes, Puddlepaw, a light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes, and Dovekit, a light gray tabby she-kit with white paws and yellow eyes. Clan: RiverClan. Rank: Queen.

19 Brightshadow

I imagine a pale yellow she-cat with faint tabby stripes and her front legs are pure black with faint white speckles. Her tail tip is also white. Her back is also covered with faint white speckles. She has a black shaded muzzle. Her eyes are bright green, as green as leaves on a tree in summer. She was named Brightkit because when the sunlight hits her pelt, it seems to shine. She was named -shadow because she was mysterious and wise, and she has a black underbelly.

Another oxymoron! - Blossomfrost

20 Heatherbreeze

This is one of my characters! She is a pretty light brown tabby she-cat with a pinkish tinge to her pelt and sky colored eyes
Her father is a brown tom named Emberblaze and her mother is a light brown she-cat with red paws named Heatherfrost. Almost immediately after Heatherkit was born, Heatherfrost died from blood loss. Emberblaze gave Heatherkit to a queen named Amberpelt and Amberpelt named the kit Heatherkit in memory of the kit's mother, Heatherfrost. When Heatherkit became Heatherpaw, Amberpelt told her the truth about who her real mother was. Then, a few moons later, Amberpelt had a litter with Emberblaze, Heatherpaw's father. They had three kits named Goldenkit(fur), Wishkit(pelt,star), and Antkit(claw). Emberblaze stopped paying attention to Heatherpaw and started to only pay attention to the new kits. This caused Heatherpaw to feel unwanted and the only cat that could cheer her up was a tom a few moons older than her named Lionpaw. When Lionpaw became Lionclaw and when ...more

21 Wolfsong

I saw this somewhere and thought it'd be cool to add since a wolf's howl is kinda like a song, in some way. I like Silversong too :3

Yes, I agree with what you said, Wolfsong is related to my name. I don’t know why, but when I see a cat with the prefix Wolf�" I think of a gray furred cat. The suffix tells me what gender it is. To my opinion, Wolfsong is a silvery-gray she-cat with soft blue eyes. Wise, sometimes snappy, she is a loyal elder of WindClan. ( Wolfhowl )

22 Silverwing

She was a minor character in my fan fic...a real snotty RiverClan warrior lol - Blossomfrost

Oh I had this in a RP!

Oooh pretty

23 Stormbreeze

Gray she cat with white swirls - LemonadeOcean

I love the 'storm' prefix

24 Catface
25 Snowscreech


26 Marigoldstep

I Imagine marigold step as an, light dappled golden Queen she-cat with Orange Flecks, her sister's are Leopard heart and Frost Wish her mother is Blooming tail and her father is ragged runner her mate is Blazing Heart Then her kits are Ragged kit / flower (named after her grand father ), wolf kit / Talon, And Shadow Kit / Dove " The end

27 Risingdawn

I like this but this is more of an Ancient name, like Falling Leaves, Moon Shadow, Tall Shadow

28 Sweetbee

A wonderful queen who worried about her kits a bit too much

Ash grey mottled she cat with some light ginger stripes. She sounds like a sweet, friendly cat who was once a kittypet, but was accepted after she dove and shoved Molekit across the thunderpath when a monster was passing by her twoleg's den. I think of her as a cat who would break a warrior code. Don't know why but... at a gathering she meets a lithe, stormy grey pelted tom with some smoky grey white spots who was from WindClan. His name was Stormstone, named for his protective nature and his wise advice to his cats. She and him start spending some time together like hanging out as more than " friends "
So they say they are patrolling when they are actually hanging out around the rocks by the river. ( thanks to their close friends going patrolling with each of them, Whirlpelt from WindClan and blackstripe of ShadowClan ) they have two kits featherkit and cloudkit. A stormy grey she kit with a few paler spots like Stormstone ( featherkit ) and a pale grey tom kit with a couple light ...more

29 Feathersong

A tortoiseshell and white she cat with black leopard prints on her face.
As a kit she was abused by her mother, Raindust. Raindust had neglected Featherkit because she was a runt and she had was born with a permanent broken paw. She was kept inside the den and clawed up if she tried to escape by Raindust. She never liked deformed kits, in fact hated them. They couldn't walk right and looked to small to ever become a warrior. She had a torn ear and a scarred up pelt by the time she became an apprentice. ( she snuck out sometimes with Wetpaw watching her and telling the RainClan leader about her ) Her name became Featherpaw.
One day, while wandering around by herself, she explored a sheer cliff. The ground crumbled and she fell onto a ledge. Featherpaw yowled in pain and for help. The tiny piece of ground was not going to hold for much longer. Then she heard Raindust and was relieved to see her. " Mom! I'm down here! Please help! " Raindust scowled. She wouldn't help this ...more

30 Flowerflower

Pawpaw, you have been trained well by sneeze sneeze, your new warrior name is flower flower, I pick you as deputy. Oh, starstar died? Okay, flowerflower, you are now starstar!

*coughs* Ahem. Er-what? - Blossomfrost

Another cat of clanclan

31 Starstar

Seriously? - Blossomfrost

Hey clawclaw, you are the new leader starstar. You mentored pawpaw right? :Yes
She has kits now KITKIT, KitKit, and kitkit. And also your mate heartheart says she broke up with you because you made everyone of clanclan have stupid names

32 Leopardheart
33 Cheetahfur

A tawny colored black spotted tabby male who is very fast like a cheetah - Lavamoon

34 Fernpool

Nice - Blossomfrost

35 Shadowrose

A slender, long legged, black cat with a white tipped tail and light, frosty blue eyes. Beautiful yet dangerous.

Absolutely wonderful

36 Barktalon

Wow I can’t believe you added mine into the list! Thank you SO much!

37 Lightdove
38 Nimblefrost
39 Horsemask
40 Brindlefloss
41 Sleepyjay
42 Tallclover
43 Fierceheart

A silver-grey mackerel tabby she-cat with white front paws and bright green eyes
"known to be fearless in battle altho, she is known to be kind she can also be a bit snappy at times"
Mate: Minxpelt (black oriental short hair male)
Mother: Pearlsong
Father: Deceased
Kits: Otter (petal;she-cat)and Salmon( fang; male)
as a kit she loved going on hunting patrols and go swimming in the creek...if u'd like to meet her u'd have to wait until she gets back from the hunting patrol. I heard they found something big oooh I'm getting excited - Marshwhisper of Midnightclan - Lavamoon

44 Silverdapple
45 Maplefrost

Maple is a beautiful prefix

Sound evil

46 Frostwhisker
47 Mistletoe

Not the song..
This would probably be Mistlekit's name in Cloudstar's Journey. Since mistle and toe are a thing

48 Coontail

I wonder why raccoons were never a thing... Anyway my friend has one OC named this. He is a white tom with a black tinge and big black patches.

49 Raggedflower
50 Lilyclaw
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