Most Unique Ideas for New Mario Kart Items

Nintendo always comes up with weird new items for Mario Kart. Here's some of the most unique ideas I have.

The Top Ten

1 Dry Shell

Acts like a red shell but reassembles for a second hit. - Randomator

2 Black Shell

Acts like a green shell but explodes upon contact - Randomator

3 Double Cherry Double Cherry

You basically create a clone of yourself that copies your moves.If you get hit or fall off the clone goes away. The clone will disappear after about 20 seconds - Randomator

4 Ice Flower Ice Flower

Same as fire flower but ice instead. Freezes whatever it comes into contact with - Randomator

5 Crown

Boosts your vehicle stats to the maximum - Randomator

6 Metal Cap

Turns you metallic taking less damage. - Randomator

7 Spiny Egg

Similar to a Yoshi egg but it turns into a spiney that stays there for the rest of the race - Randomator

8 Mini Mushroom

Same as the giant Mushroom from mkwii but shrinks you instead as if you were hit by lightning - Randomator

9 Hammer Flower

Similar to the boomerang flower but you throw a hammer instead. - Randomator

10 Blaze Mushroom

Works like a normal Mushroom but leaves a trail of fire that can stun other racers. - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Launch Star Launch Star

Instead of the blue shell it launches the player to first place. - Randomator

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