Most Unique Lana Del Rey Songs

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1 Born to Die

I love the irony and the fact that the name is an oxymoron. It's a true piece of art. Well Done Lana.

2 Video Games

I voted for this song because of how she combined the meaning of the song with video games. I never would have thought of video games in that kind of aspect! Great job Lana! You really know how to make things into another!

It's just were everything started for her as Lana Del Rey. That song is so beautifully written, and her unique vocals add a lot to the atmosphere that has created in that song. Simply the best.

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3 Dark Paradise

Del Rey should keep the demo 2 version of 'Dark Paradise'. It's simply superior to the one she unfortunately decided to release for her studio album.

4 Hollywood's Dead
5 American

Simply amazing, amazingly sung and written and definitely one of her most unique songs

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6 Ride
7 Backfire
8 Diet Mountain Dew
9 Million Dollar Man

Not her best song, but definitely the most unique and my favorite from BTD. Her best song in my opinion is Old Money, but that one isn't super unique. This one is unusual, strange, weird, and perfect.

10 Young and Beautiful

The Contenders

11 Velvet Crowbar
12 Bel Air
13 TV In Black and White

The prettiest and sadest love story :')

14 Playing Dangerous
15 Daddy Issues
16 Black Beauty
17 Paris
18 Brooklyn Baby

What makes this song unique is its satirical subject.

19 Off to the Races
20 Kinda Outta Luck
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