Top Ten Unique Names for Girls


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41 Lexi

Cool name. My friends name is also called lexi!

My name! Yay! Well... Nickname I guess... - Fandom_Lover

I love this name I told my frends to call me that but I can't this someone savannah is a ugly name that my name

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42 Olivier
43 Gigal
44 Ana
45 Sofia

My little cousin is called Sophia not Sofia it's a gorgeous nameπŸ˜‡

46 Zendaya Zendaya

It is cute, but crazy


47 Brooke

Beautiful name, like Brooke Hogan

Most beautiful name in the world! (P.S. that's my name)

48 Silverdust

Sounds like a name for a fairy tale character

Haters just gotta hate, don't they.

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49 Phoinex
50 Alaska

I love this name! And all country names! Like a girl called America... That would be awesome!

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51 Aili

Please vote for this name, it means sunshine! It is a finish name, too! - TheMazeRuner

This is my name. It means Sunshine - TheMazeRuner

52 Leah

My name is Leah and I love it! @ πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

53 Jess
54 Danica

It's my code name... any reaction please?

55 Xandra

It begins with an x enough said because no name I have herd of begins with x

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56 Lily-Mae

My name is Leila-Mae and I always thought if I had to change it I would change it to Lily-Mae

57 Mia

I love this name my friend had this name but shes gone

I am obsessed with this name! I just think it's so cute

58 Samantha

Samantha is the name of: A-a retired American girl doll, B-Samantha Shaw, a Person Of Interest character. so far so good!

I'm reading this right now while watching Icarly with Samantha on it.

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59 Amayrany

For me that a unique name

60 Iris


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