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81 Zeniyah V 1 Comment
82 Brielle

I love the name Brielle - probably because I'm a huge fan of the singer Brielle Von Hugel! - I think it's amazing and I would name my chilkd Brielle, it's one of those names that are very special.

Believe it or not, there is a town called Brielle. And it's very close to where I live... - MusicalPony

83 Morgan

1 of my besties is named Morgan and it's a she. She's 1 of the most wonderful people in the whole world I have ever met. So I would suggest that name great personality

84 Jade V 2 Comments
85 Dawn

My name is dawn

86 Xenophon

Um...XENOphopic? what is she is xenophobic? I mean, COME ON.. this is a lame excuse for a name

87 Anniek
88 Mara V 1 Comment
89 Favor
90 Minerva

I fount this name while typing and I love it.

91 Malthace

I like this name a lot, actually. It reminds me of a girl with long brown hair and honey skin. - Oliveleaf

V 1 Comment
92 Ruby V 1 Comment
93 Katrina

I love this name for some reason.

94 Nora
95 Audrey
96 Evangeline V 1 Comment
97 Addison V 1 Comment
98 Uniqua
99 Erin

It's beautiful and so unique you might think different but I hope you agree with me

V 3 Comments
100 Samira

Samaria is super unique and the best part about it is that not a lot of people have it. And of course there are names that are knock offs like; samara, samurai.

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