Top 10 Unique Names to Name Your Female Original Characters


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1 Zephirah

She's one of my characters and she's an African demon with long black/purple hair and red eyes. - KianaLexi

2 Alessa

She's one of my characters and she's very pretty. She has long natural hair, purple eyes, and dark skin. - KianaLexi

3 Ebony

She's my adventure time OC and she wears 2 long pigtails and she wears a red ripped tank top and denim blue ripped jeans and some red boots and she has dark skin and green eyes in her anime form. - KianaLexi

This is the name of the main character from My Immortal, you do realize that, right?

4 Lucia

She's another one of my characters and I went as her for halloween! She has two-toned hair tied in 2 long ponytails, she has heterochromia when her eyes are 2 different colors, blue and pink, and she wears a light pink crop top and a blue tutu she has dark skin but not too dark. - KianaLexi

5 Seraphina

I don't have a character named this but I think this name is beautiful. - KianaLexi

6 Oceania

I named one of my past sims this, I miss Oceania and I regret deleting her. She was so pretty. - KianaLexi

7 Catalina
8 Rhi

Pronounced Ree. She was my Boondocks OC back in 2014. She was Huey's crush and she was basically the female version of Huey but Rhi wears a lot of pink and has her hair in braids. I forgot how she looked like since I stopped drawing her a long time ago. - KianaLexi

9 Oritélle

I made it up. - KianaLexi

10 Crystallina

This name is very gorgeous if you want a crystal oriented character. - KianaLexi

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