Top Ten Most Unique Planets of the Solar System


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1 Earth

Easily the most interesting. Only planet that can sustain life. But scientists recently proved that life could have once existed on Mars, so that is why, in my opinion, Mars is the second most interesting planet. - Alpha101

Just because it has life.

2 Uranus

Before I start, URANUS IS NOT INTRESTING BECAUSE OF IT'S NAME AND THE DIRTY JOKES THAT ARE MADE ABOUT IT! Scientists say Uranus is not interesting at all, but trust me, it is. it's tipped on its side. TIPPED ON IT'S SIDE! It also has rings, that in my opinion are as spectacular as Saturn's! It also has a beautiful green-blue (mostly blue) color and interesting moons, like Miranda, that had may had been destroyed by another moon then was put back together! If you dropped a rock from the highest point on Miranda, it would take 10 minutes to reach the ground! 10 MINUTES! So yeah, Uranus is interesting and unique.

It's funny, because it's only interesting for phrase "your anus. - McKing1003

It's a very interesting planet, that sometimes reminds me of old images that came into my mind when I was very young

Uranus is my favorite

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3 Venus

This is by far the most interesting planet, a day is longer than a year, it rains acid and snows metal, it's the hottest planet in the solar system by far, it has the most pressure in the solar system, 92 times the pressure on earth, it's the ONLY female type planet, it was the first planet to be observed with a telescope, it's the brightest object that you can see from earth, other than the sun and moon. So it was probably the first planet to be seen with the naked eye. It's the ONLY planet that rotates backwards, other than Uranus that spins on its side. Overall this planet is the most unique in the solar system hands down.

Its day is longer than its year.

4 Neptune

Neptune, it's pretty cool. when voyager 2 flew past it, it reminded scientists of earth, with Neptune's ocean blue color, and it's belts of clouds. it's moon, triton, is the coldest body in the solar system being 40 degrees above absolute 0! Do you know how cold that is? Yet, it has ice volcanoes. ICE VOLCANOES! Neptune is cool.

Neptune is very beautiful for its blue color. Dod you guys know that Neptune is 2-3 water in its 2nd layer? I believe it a cool planet and the best because of its color and mysteriousness.


5 Saturn

It floats ON THE WATER.

6 Jupiter

I love jupiter

Its big and it helps the earth like keeping it away from the meteors ^^

7 Mercury
8 Mars
9 Pluto

Pluto is the only planet in the solar system that we know of that is a bianary planet, since it slightly orbits it's moon Charon, which is 1/3 the size of pluto.

It used to be a planet... - Minecraftcrazy530

It still is a planet and always is

10 Eris

Discovered in 2003, eris was the reason of pluto's downgrade to a dwarf planet because it was bigger. it also is the only other body besides earth that has 1 moon, dysnomia

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