Top Ten Universal Languages

There are certain "languages" spoken by all cultures and nations. Thank-you to PositronWildhawk for the inspiration. This is the most difficult list I've ever compiled, and I could only think of seven, but I'm sure you'll come up with more.

The Top Ten

1 Music

Every culture has its own unique style, but if music is good enough, you should feel the lyrics, even if they are in a foreign language. - beatles

2 Mathematics

Different numbering systems, but the fact remains that two and two always equal four! - beatles

I'd bet PositronWildhawk would vote for this - keyson

It helps me with communicating with my Vietnamese friend.

A lot of these are valid, but yes, I would. - PositronWildhawk

3 Expression

Emotions are the same throughout the world! We just have different words describing them =) - keycha1n

So much can be read simply from a smile or the eyebrows. - beatles

Music is OK, but one time I listened to a song in Spanish and did not know what the heck anything meant. Expressions however can show people exactly what you mean.

4 Posture

Even from behind, you can instantly gauge someone's confidence level or how they are feeling. - beatles

5 Dumbshow

Consisting primarily of hand gestures, this is probably most often used between fishermen: "He was this big! " - beatles

6 Photographs

Indeed, a picture speaks a thouaand words. - beatles

7 Motions

Something in the way someone moves can often tell you a lot. - beatles

I agree with and like this one, beatles. Non-verbal communication is its own universal language.
Can't tell much from an expressionless, motionless person though. And there are a few of us, er, those about!
And any doctor can tell a lot from a person's 'motions' too - indeed, anywhere in the world! - Britgirl

8 Love

Indeed, Britgirl (I'm guessing you added this), love is a universal language.

I didn't add it because I knew you would...haha! No, somehow I forgot to include love! But I'm glad you remembered. - beatles

Hello again, Beatles. You know me so well... ! Why didn't YOU add it?

9 Middle Finger
10 Money

The Contenders

11 Emoticons
12 Art

Art is spoken by the whole world, and it knows no boundaries. - keycha1n

13 Laughter
14 Images
15 Touch

That warm kiss on the forehead or that soft caress of a young one will immediately let you know who cares about you. - UndaDaSea

16 Dance
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