Top 10 Universes in Stephen King's Multiverse

Much like Michael Moorcock, Stephen King has his own multiverse as well. Here I've compiled a list of the worlds and universes in the fictional multiverse created by the king of horror himself.

The Top Ten

1 Mainstream Universe

The world where most of King's stories take place in, including Carrie, IT, Pet Sematary, and The Colorado Kid.

2 All-World

Where The Dark Tower series takes place in.

3 Keystone Earth

A world where Dark Tower readers would recognize as "the real world."

4 The Territories

Taking place in The Talisman, it's a parallel universe that Jacl Sawyer can enter through his innate connection to the place.

5 Boo'ya Moon

Taking place in Lisey's Story, it's a dream world where Lisey's late husband, Scott Landon had traveled to.

6 Rose Madder

A world behind a painting. Taking place in the novel of the same name.

7 The Null

Taking place in Revival, it's a dimension of chaos where dead humans are enslaved for eternity by Lovecraftian beings. The most powerful being known as Mother.

8 Todash Space

Introduced in The Mist, it's the limbo between dimensions where is populated by monsters.

9 UR 88416

A universe centering around how John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated.

10 UR 1000000

A universe centering around how Hillary Clinton won the 2008 United States presidential election.

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