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University of San Carlos

Tradition of excellence for 400years since founded by Jesuits from Spain and eventually became a university in 1948 under the stewardship of SVD missionaries from Netherlands, Germany, US. CHED has designated USC as Center of Excellence in Chemistry, Teacher's & science Education, Anthropology & Sociology and Center for Development of 11 academic programs in chemical engg'g; civil, computer, mechanical, electrical, electronics & communications, industrial eng'g, architecture, biology, physics and business administration / mgmnt. PRC has rated USC among high passing percentages in board exams in Accountancy, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial & Civil Eng'g, Architecture, Chemists, Pharmacists. Supreme Court has ranked USC college of Law among the top 10 law schools nationwide, the only school in Cebu to be ranked among top 20 in the Phils. Based on QS rating of Asia.
USC four campuses such the main campus in downtown Cebu City which is national heritage being ...more

USC has most modern infrastructure among universities in visayas and mindanao. With the latest state of the art buildings and facilities at the Talamban campus is the largest libraries and learning center as well new buildings for sciences laboratories; architecture & fine arts with spacious theater and fine arts, filming studio; the allied health sciences building housing the schools of pharmacy & nursing; new dormitories while existing buildings for college of engineering and the sciences where upgraded with state-of-the-art laboratories for instruction and research such a natural products research laboratory of chemistry dept. ; biophysics & medical physics research laboratory; molecular biology lab; CNC machines, mechatronics & robotics lab for ME, ECE; micro electronics / PCB desugn & fabrication lab for ECE; biotech/bio-engineering and analytical instrumentation labs (high tech GC FID, ECD, TCD and HPLC UV-Vis, FTRI; total carbon analyzer; AAS instruments lab for ChE & chemistry ...more

USC is among the top universities with tradition of academic excellence, Research and Publications. It's the only university in Cebu and few in the visayas such as Silliman you that have research centers, professors and faculty members with research publications presented locally and abroad. The USC research infrastructure are the USC Museum, Cebuano Studies Center; Business Resource Center. CHED Regional Research Center housed in the main campus. While in Talamban campus are Science & technology research centers/ laboratories which are; Office of Population Studies (social sciences); Water Resource Center, Water Laboratory; Biological Museum; Nature and Botanical Garden Park; Research Laboratories for Bio-engineering / Biotechnology (ChE dept. ); Hydrology & Soils engineering (civil en'g. Dept; waste treatment & environmental eng'g (ChE dept); mechatronics, robotics & CNC machining / CAM/ CAE (ME, ECE dept); microelectronics & PCB design & fabrication (ECE dept); Natural products R& ...more

Locally and abroad USC alumni are among the leaders in business, industry, professional practice, community and public service. For those graduates of 1970's to 1980's prominent alumni include the following industry leaders which include top export business magnates in the Phils. Such as the former Benson Dakay founder, chairman of the board, CEO of Shemberg Biotech Corp. The largest carrageenan manufacturer and exporter of the Phils. ; Mr. Justin Uy considered the "mango king of the Phils. " chairman of the board & CEO of Profoods International Corp. The largest mango and tropical fruit processing company and exporter in the Phils. (Mr. Dakay & Uy) are both awardees of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Phils. , Presidential Awards for Entrepreneurship; Outstanding Carolinian USC Alumni, Top Exporters Awards, Outstanding Chemical Engineer of the Phils. For Entreprenuership (Mr. Uy); Mr. Jack Gaisano chairman of the board and CEO of Metro Gaisano Corp and chain of stores ...more

University of San Jose Recoletos

USJ-R is the center for excellence. Students are humble, discipline, and most especially knows how to work as a FAMILY "TEAM". They do not misjudged other schools, but instead of, they respect them as how they respected their selves.

One of the best school that has a core values of I. N. S. P. I. R. E... Means

Interiority - The enthusiasm to live out one's life as an authentic witness of God, being maka Diyos, makatao, makapamilya.

Nationalism - The loyalty to ones own country by developing a profound sense of national consciousness, appreciation of distinct culture, preservation of the environment among other endeavors.

Service - The willingness, availability and readiness to share generously ones time, resources and expertise to the institution.

Pioneerism - Being at the forefront in the pursuit of new ideas and better ways of doing things.

Integrity - The living of a virtuous Christian life worthy of emulation


Right.. You say you are the best university in Cebu? Have you seen your school in Top 10 Universities in the Philippines lately?

USJ-R is simply just amazing. They do not only settle for "ok" but what they ask is the best from their students. The student's are well disciplined. Others might underestimate this school because of the environment it belongs but as the saying goes "Don't judge the book by it's cover".

Being an only Industrial Engineering program outside Luzon awarded as CENTER OF DEVELOPMENT.


University of Cebu

Atty. Augusto W. Go, the founder of the university, is a kind person. He gives privileges to those who can't afford to go to college. And as a result, many students are encouraged to study and be a topnotcher at board exams :)

In UNIVERSITY of CEBU, they don't accept only the BEST, the clever and the most Intelligent students in town, BUT they MAKE them.

A remarkable and dynamic institution for learning, fueled by realistic goals, a virtuous vision, and a mission that aims to produce not only competitive people in the various fields in the industry, but WORLD-CLASS outputs which will be of great significance to the society they live in; inculcating within themselves KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION, and EXCELLENCE. This is why we, UCnians don't just dub ourselves as "Webmasters" for no apparent reason. We believe that we may be able to become such in the near future. The combined power of the University's standards and its highly- skilled and respectable faculties towards the aim of providing quality education perpetuate every deep-seated fuel of skills and potentials that each student has, making them leaders for development and undeniably, assets in the community. LET'S GO UC!

In the first place, I thought that this school is very far from the schools here in cebu. But now, I was so amazed that this excellent institution produces great and well-disciplined graduates. No tuition fee increase until you graduate. I'm a civil engineering student and I'm proud of it!

Cebu Normal University

CEBU NORMAL UNIVERSITY is a Level 3 Re-accredited institution, awarded as the School of Excellence and is waiting for the result for Level 4 Accreditation conducted on March 2-5, 2011. This school screens all their applicants with a half-day admission test before admitted. In my batch, there were 1,240 applicants for BSN and only the top 10 percent were accepted.

In the July 2010 Nurse Licensure Exams, CNU got 100 percent for first takers with 5 Top Notchers.

Cebu Normal University, in glory and in adversity, with vision we move on!

I really want to study in Cebu Normal University because this is really known in the country as the center of excellence...

Actually, Cebu Normal University already reached level 4 accreditation.

Cebu Normal University is the best teacher training institution in Cebu. The students are properly trained in skills and values. Though the university has a small campus, still it has been able to cater most of the needs of its growing number of students.

University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

University of the Visayas is the university with a heart. If you are a visayanian you never regret to enrolled this university because If I'm not mistaken 80% of the students are working Students or working scholars, working in the fast food chains, salesladies, securities, offices, drivers or any blue collar jobs. Very Independent, diligent and smart. Why? Because they can stand alone without the financial support of the parents for those has brains but lack of financing but they wanted to have a bachelor's degree course thru UV but the moral support of the parent is equivalent 200% to the total effort as an independent student... Thank's GOD UV because You can't protect your future without UV...

University of the Visayas, The best university for me, Why? It's because all teacher's and professor's are good and they do understand the situation of each student's and they give privileges to those who are poor by giving discounts for those who are excellent in academic and sports. So, I can say that my Alma Mater is soaring high!

This University is not only excellent and pioneering in education and also we are good in terms of sports. One of our best serve in our University is our Basketball player where they build top and player in Central Visayas. Most of the varsity players they are not only trained in sports but they are good in education too.. Because they have trained to balance themselves to gain success in all aspects of their lives, because for them that's the key to reach their goal! We proudly represent that most of our varsity players are qualified for PBA where only the best player qualify for the said events...

And here's the list of Top 3 University Basketball Team in Cebu:

1 University of the Visayas (UV)- 9th Straight Consecutive Year Champion since 2001-2009

2 University of Cebu (UC) - 2 Consecutive Champion since 2010-2011

3 Southwestern University - 2013 Champion

Our New Mechanical Engineers for successfully passing the March 2011
Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examinations. The Passing percentage for first timers: 83.33%.
( Highest among all engineering schools in cebu )

Cebu Institute of Technology

CIT Tops again!... I was surprise when I was in manila I visited one IT company out of curiosity and I was surprised 6 out of 10 in one department was graduate from CIT... Wow CIT TOPS AGAIN!

When I see pinoy Engineers in the UK and ask them where they are from, I am surprised to know most of them are from Cebu or neighboring provinces and when asked they say that they are all graduates of Cebu Institute of Technology... Just when it was said I became as proud to say I'm a graduate there too...

Cebu Institute of Technology " University (the newest university in the city). A humble school. Simple pero Rock! Mahinhin pero may pasabog!

Cebu Institute of Technology - University is one of the Center of Excellence in Information Technology in the Philippines, an honor which only few schools are granted from the Commission on Higher Education. It is also the home of several board topnotchers and producing quality students.

University of the Philippines - Cebu

I strongly agree with the two previous comments!

UP Cebu, indeed, is the best university in Central Visayas. As what its mission says, "UP Cebu will serve the Filipino people, especially those in Central Visayas, by promoting excellent undergraduate and graduate courses, and short-term trainings, which will be anchored on liberal education, human rights, equality, and people empowerment, aimed at addressing the quality of life of its students and other stakeholders. "

After this satellite campus of UPV was bestowed of autonomy from the former last 2010, UP Cebu now aims to be an acknowledged constituent university of the UP System in the next few years. With this, a much better UP will be seen by the Filipino masses.

I am currently an undergraduate student of UP Cebu. Though I admit that the facilities aren't that 'good enough', still QUALITY education is rendered to those deserving Filipino youth who were able to pass the UPCAT and thus entitled Mga ...more

UP-Cebu is the best university in Cebu. It has the best students and the best teachers which are the most important factors of a university. Students here a strictly screened through the UPCAT(U. P. College Admission Test). No school in Cebu can come to par with this. The school will be expanding and will soon become a constituent unit of the UP System.

UP is THE National University! The screening for incoming students is very tough. Not everyone can be admitted. So it is expected that only the best of the best can enter the university. AND the entrance exam, though very challenging, is the easiest to hurdle--staying in UP and graduating from UP are more difficult to accomplish... GOOD LUCK to all those aspiring to join the best of the best!

I am a proud graduate student of UP-Cebu and I can say in reality, even if our facilities are not that good, and some of our professors were not able to teach us really well, that tough environment has made us more equipped at battling with the challenges of the industry. Because in the industry, they don't teach you everything. You have to learn most of them, on the go.

Cebu Doctor's University

Here at CDU, students are exposed to a multi-cultural experience by interacting with students from different countries. This experience will greatly help in molding their mind and soul as they deal with every challenges in their student life.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) has released the Top 20 Nursing Schools in the Philippines for CY 2009 who have met the standards set by the Professional Regulation Commission or PRC.


Top 20 Nursing Schools with 1,000 and more takers.

1. Silliman University - 96.57
2. Saint Louis University - 95.42
3. Trinity University of Asia - 95.06
4. University of Sto. Tomas - 95.06
5. Cebu Doctors' University - 91.89
6. Saint Paul University - 89.79
7. Central Philippine University - 86.72
8. De La Salle University-Health Sciences campus - 85.26
9. Saint Mary's University - 84.10
10. San Pedro College - 83.10
11. Manila Doctors College - 82.56
12. Centro ...more

Yes Cebu Doctor's University offers high quality of education for medical courses. The facilities and the medical equipment used are very high tech and advance unlike other schools which offer medical courses. CDU is quite famous because of their medical training.

Primum Homo Esto--Let Him First Be a Man. Cebu Doctors' University has always been true to this. It is one of the best medical schools in the Philippines. The students are respectful, compassionate and dedicated. It is equipped with advanced facilities and competent faculty to meet excellence and produce graduates who are true to their profession.

The best school when it comes to "Medicine Courses", and with a high standard facilities in which students may no longer complain...

Velez College

We may not have the shebang others have in terms of facilities, Velez College makes it up with the way they teach students with the basics of our chosen profession. In here we believe that quality is always better than quantity. We don't need many students graduating with our name, we need QUALITY and EXCELLENT graduates no matter how few. If you make it here you will make it everywhere for you are equipped with the basics of every procedure thus no more panic attacks when a certain laboratory machinery dies down. but nevertheless, at present the college is beginning to compete in terms of facilities. We are beginning to provide updates to important aspects of the Velezian education be it in terms of laboratory and research to the simple student interaction within our grounds.

Trust me, I'm a an incoming MedTech Sophomore, and freshman year was just pure hell, and by hell, I mean even if ALL the freshman subjects from 1st sem to 2nd sem and Summer classes are all MINORS. The training itself was just, extraordinary, it made you feel like your subjects were MAJORS! This school is no joke, honestly, they train you like how you should be trained, especially in your field of choice. This school is DEAD SERIOUS when it comes to quality education, despite the environment. But hey, it's what's on the outside that counts. If you graduate here, you'll never be afraid of the board exams ever again.

Velez College is a school where you really need to be genius in order to pass every subject. In this school training for students was always been the best product of all time.

Velez college is one of the best medical school offering pre-med courses. This school has been practicing quality education for more than 40 years and has top the board examinations every year in the field of medical technology, nursing, physical/occupational therapy. This june 2013, velez college-college of nursing tops the nursing licensure examination. If you graduate here, you have proved yourself to be one of the best after all the trainings that you've been through.


Southwestern University

Always say... Southwestern university where excellence is a virtue... Nice environment and nice faculty members and staff... It's a worldwide institution because of the foreigners schooling here...

southwestern is a school of hopes, chances, and
fulfillment I love swu.

Southwestern University is really a true home of virtue, knowledge and excellence. It's nature-friendly environment makes it a famous location for board examinations. It is facilitated with complete working facilities. The teachers provide quality education and they were also very friendly and approachable. Now, tell me where you want to school? Come and join the growing population of Graduates of Southwestern University...

My Alma Mater... I had wonderful learning experiences at South Western University back in my college years. I admired the facilities provided by the school, they have the best of what a school should have, and environment very conducive for learning. I remember the school had so many foreign students, which means internationally accredited. Great faculty members and school produced a lot of top notchers. I am proud I graduated from South Western University, Cebu. Thumbs up!

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University of Southern Philippines Foundation

Yes. Because I studied there. During my time. The facilities are now improving as well with the management. Please have a survey to this school.
For those who will conduct the survey. Do not just look into the popularity of the school. But the management, student, facilities, staff, profs and the school it self.

I think this school deserves to be apart of top 10 university in cebu..

The campus is perfect to quality education with excellent facilities and approachable professors. A well known school of social work in the country with graduates who are occupying managerial positions.

As far as I enrolled here, the strategies towards teaching here is for global arena exposure. The quality of styles never focus in discussion itself, there is a satisfaction of a holistic formation of their clientele.

Cebu Technological University

This school has the best training in terms of education. Lecture is useless if you can't apply what you've learn from it... This school focuses on applications for the students to discover more on their hidden skills and to give them more self-confidence...

CTU is one of the leading universities in Cebu. The school offers affordable tuition fees. The education system is more excellence. Many students were top especially engineering, education, nursing and so on. And there are also many became professionals. The students are highly trained.

I agree.. Some of the classes starts at 7:00 and the professors were really strict when it talks about time. I can say that they really well-trained the students, for they just preparing them for their Job in the future.
Excellent school! More on application than Lectures! Best school for me!

If you want to invest in a great education then this University is what your looking for. People always get a specific impression of you from where you go to school and students here are admired because they learned stuffs here not entirely based on theories but in applications. Every penny is worth it, not to mention that the tuition is affordable.

Asian College of Technology

The best Computer School in CEBU... In connection to that, ACT awarded as BEst Computer School by the National Council for Product and Service Quality for 5 consecutive years...
I am an Alumni in Asian College of Technology and I am proud to have my learnings in this institution... And now I mastered my Animation and Designing Skills... Fly High ACT!

Asian College of Technology is a dynamic educational institution with esteemed professionalism committed to develop highly competent and globally competitive individuals.

Asian college of technology was spearheaded by a supernatural, extraordinary, witty, and a benevolent cebuano who was unselfish in sharing what he had learn't as he was a student. He exceeds a lot and founded A.C.T., so it means that this school has a quality of teachings and was aiming to fly high or soar high... If you graduate in this institution, or in this denomination, you will be able to get your job as fast as you want to.. Because A.C.T. is globally competitive that brings you to success.

Asian College of Technology is a school who lets all students experience what they didn't not like other schools who pick out individuals who had already lots of competition debuts. With this, students who have the skill (if they gain experience) who knows, they could be more competitive then what we'd expect.

University of Santo Tomas - Carcar Campus
St. Theresa's College

It is also meant to establish mutuality in relationship with partner communities, as our mission towards transformation. It is also meant to establish mutuality in relationship with partner communities, as our mission towards transformation

It is meant to nurture the orientation of the school to raise the level of consciousness and commitment of the entire school community to be in constant dialogue with people in their aspirations and life values.

Theresians are very well-mannered, have class and are trained to be excellent leaders of our community. They are friendly and courteous to all. Well known for being great speakers.

St. Theresa's College is a prestigious school full of outstanding and well-disciplined servant leaders. Teachers know how to manage the class well as their core values.

Indiana Aerospace University

Biggest aeropsace university in Asia

Best Aviation Colloge ever!

Biggest aerospace lage unya sa Customs administration nila tagak-tak! Bottom as always in an individual exams.. Asa and hustisya ana? University unta pero murag technical lang and skwelahan.

Cebu Eastern College

Does this school having a entrance exam?

Cebu Eastern college is a nice school

I love Cebu Eastern College!

I'm proud to be an Easternians ^_^

Salazar Colleges of Sciences and Institute of Technology

This school does not deserve to be even in the top 100; poor class management by under qualified instructors. Poorly developed program materials, lack of textbooks, substandard classrooms etc... Place is something of a diploma mill

This school gives a luminescent torch of hope to all dreamers who are infected by poverty by proving the famous cliche which says: "Poverty is not the hindrance to success"

Very affordable tuition fee.

I am very much proud being a SALAZARIAN! We may not like other universities which is popular because of its name we can only be proud of the scholarships that our school has provided for they give us the oppurtunity to pursue our dreams even in the reality of being poor...

AMA Computer University

I'm proud to be at AMA...

Does this school having an entrance exam?

AMA is IT.


Sacred Heart School - Ateneo de Cebu

Besr school in terms of education


De La Salle Andres Soriano Memorial College

Excellence is not just our standard it's our way of life.

One of the best.

Affordable La Sallian quality education. One and only La Salle school in region 7.


Datamex Institute of Computer Technology

Despite being a neophyte in the field of learning it has afforded to extend scholarships to deserving students.

It had no votes. Duh.

The tuition fee is very affordable

"I'm proud to be DICT students.."

Colegio de la Inmaculda Concepcion

I can say that this school will definitely teach you not only to excel in academics but also will teach you how to be independent and to be morally good.

The school made me practice independence

I am from mandaue branch. I can truly say that this school helps you to be independent and advanced in lessons because of their IW's.

Talisay City State College - Cebu

Why there's a bias description towards the school. You don't know the reason why the school faced a downfall so don't judge it.

One of most promising college in our country today

A school of discipline...

Low & very affordable tuition fee

Don Bosco Technology Center

Good training for values and academics.

Saint Louis College- Cebu


True to imagine hahaah

You must vote this school istudy here since nursery and now ia m grade 7 catholic education its amust English DRIVE

WOW! Amazing this school is the best. it had their famous and the most strictest rule about their English drive. you must speak English anytime inside of this school. this school is just located in maguikay, mandaue city. this is owned by the cicm priestsand they have at least 10 campusses here in the Philippines... STUDY HERE NOW! Just call 345-1228

Center for Industrial Technology & Enterprise

If were talking about the best education

Cite was a very nice school

The best school in helping poor but deserving students.

This is the best school among all!

Royal Christian College

I graduated there a year ago. Despite the fact that there's a minimal negative comments I've heard but there's also a point that I need to be proud of. In that school, they taught us what is actual world on how we will be able to apply all the knowledge we acquired. I love all the professors there spec. Madame Q. and a month after I graduated there, I was hired one of the private schools here in Cebu. In addition, when you're applying a job, it's doesn't matter if you enrolled in a well known school that makes you ahead on another applicants but it's a matter of dedications and how you will be able to apply those knowledge in reality basis. and additional is DISKARTE.

Cebu Roosevelt Memorial College

School has no modern recognizable approach online. One would think that its graduates or members of the institution's faculty would somehow be illuminated enough via their education to create a website of its own. I have several friends who have dropped out and/or transferred out because of the substandard and poorly developed core materals. Most had good study habits but were unhappy with the lack of course supplement. Very low passing levels by students of Education via first exam let in Cebu...

San Roque Child Development School Montessori

San Roque College de Cebu (formerly San Roque Child Development School) is a quality institution which is situated at the light of the North, Liloan, Cebu.

It is a school which caters Preschool, Elementary, Junior High School, and Senior High School.

As a center of educational excellence which see and develop potentials of the students they are now offering BS Tourism and BS Development Communication to cater learners especially in the northside of Cebu.

Britech Interface College

Britech is the most advance computer learning school, everything you want to learn about computer is here, you'll regret if you are not going to enroll here! YOU want to learn about hacking? , tracking? , turning on/off all the cellphones? , in this college you'll know all of it, trust me

I love this college

Britechnology.. World of Technology.. Proud to be Britechian.
God bless us and More Power

Cebu Aeronautical Technical School
Mandaue City College

Don't know that we have a higher percentage of passing in LET examination in or school than in national passing?

The best of all

Mandaue City College which is located at Don Andres Soriano Avenue Mandaue City Cultural and Sports Complex is CHED accredited. The teachers are mostly high profiled with an excellent and superior knowledge in their specialization.
Most of them are Department of Education Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, Doctoral and Masters Degree Holder.
Mandauce City College is a fast growing institution because of its affordability and accessibility.
As what its Vision stated " MCC is a dynamic learning institution characterized for affordability and accessibility committed for its quality instruction and research with a strong sense of social responsiveness and spiritual fervor.

St. Catherine's College

I want to enroll my daughter there

Lyceum of Cebu

Lyceum of cebu is one of the school that has a big heart to all working students...

Lyceum of cebu gives 50% to all working students

Professional Academy of the Philippines

PAP is know to be one of the affordable school in the City of Naga. Students are very Polite, Friendly and Intellegent as well. They are one of the best option for those students who can't afford other colleges. The tuition fee is stable and affordable and asside from that they have a good training for those aspiring students. They offered BSHRM, Associate in Tourism/AirlineMngmt., Engineering, Education, Criminology and etc.


Dili creditted and school lisud!

College of Technological Sciences

Good training and they have the good facility and the teachers here is so nice

Good school excellent training

A school that has taining about the course you take in

Da best

St. Paul College - Cebu

We Are open for scholarship to those pool family Who cannot afford their children to come to school

Saint Paul College Foundation has the best quality of Education due to its affordable tuition fees. It also has lots of scholarships, the teachers are very dedicated to their job, and the people are very talented and humble whom could serve as models worthy of emulation. Lastly, the people are very professional, enthusiastic, resourceful, sincere, optimistic, and nationalistic due to its Core Values (PERSON).
That is an Spcfian, and that's me! #SoProud

Saint Paul college is the Best for midwifery school and most affordable nursing school in cebu,i'm proud to be an alumni of Saint Paul college under late DR.Lourdes Rosaroso.


Divino Amore Academy

I am proud to be an AMOREAN

St. Cecilia's College-Cebu Inc.
Informatics College

I am looking forward to affiliate with your institution I have a college in Papua New Guinea the demand is very high here

Highly technological with an internationally-based system and worldwide accreditation. It's main campus is in Singapore with others all over the world. The school provides our countrymen the chance for an internationally-acllaimed manner of education which is accreditaed worldwide, thus, job opportunities will not be hard to find

Is this colleges accept a scholarship student?

The best school and very approachable staff and employees

St. Joseph's School of Mactan
Rogationist Seminary College Cebu

Produces competent and god-fearing citizens and creative thinking semenarians.

Talisay Malayan Academy

I'm very very proud that I graduated from this school...

Consolatrix College of Toledo City

Bonggacious! The best in Toledo! There's a big difference when you are a CONSOLATRICIANS!

"There's always a big difference when you are a CONSOLATRICIAN! "
KUDOS to Almighty God! KUDOS ARSCians!

Felipe R. Verallo Memorial Foundation College
St. Louise De Marillac College of Bogo City

St. Louise de Marillac College in Bogo City is the only sectarian school in the City and upholds the holistic transformation of students not only in character but in academic excellence as well. SLMCB also provides an opportunity to all students from High School to College with a wide range of experiences and other things in their student life.

Mt. Moriah College
Philippine Air Force College of Aeronautics
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