Cebu Institute of Technology


Cebu Institute of Technology - University is one of the Center of Excellence in Information Technology in the Philippines, an honor which only few schools are granted from the Commission on Higher Education. It is also the home of several board topnotchers and producing quality students.

Simply the best! If you are smart, hard working, creative and willing to top in your choice of education, then CIT will help you with that decision. CIT has produced the best and the brightest graduates in Cebu and beyond. Surely, the education you'll get is worth the time and value for money. CIT tops again that's the mantra!

CIT-you- Cebu Institute of Technology is now a UNIVERSITY. CIT-you is the school where most of the Engineerings are always pass the board exam. I am proud I'm a technologian 'cause CIT-you is always TOP on the board exam EVERY YEAR!

Fortunately, I am one of the student here in this institution where It proves that one of the pioneering nursing student here in this school who rank in 4th place nationwide even though the said course is newly offered last 2004.

Creative, Innovative and Top-minded. These are the 3 perfect characteristics of a Technologian. And I have all of these that makes me a TRUE TECHNOLOGIAN. Forever, we always bring this slogan to any sides of the world. CIT-you TOPS AGAIN!

Hey I just met you and this is crazy. HOME OF TOPNOTCHERS, Enroll na baby!

CIT University is a Center for Excellence in IT Education. Its graduates are honed to be highly-skilled, values driven and competitive Technologians.

CIT University Tops Again!

Wow, I guess Cebu Institute of Technology is the right University for me. It's the word o here in Lapu-Lapu City. They do really produce quality people.

CIT-you value the education and they really doing good lately... They always on the top! So I am really proud as a technologians... Cheers!

CIT-you is my alma mater. They always top the board exams in all the engineering fields. :)) I feel proud that I studies here

CEBU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY really gives quality education..


CIT university is awesome. Here & abroad, the graduates are excellent & dependable.

CIT University tops again! not surprising! haha.

The students are great and humble, unlike some universities where you feel intimidated, indeed a great environment for learning

The university with the most number of Mathematicians!

Simply because CIT products tops in their chosen fields.

Yes, this university stands out as one among the best not only in Cebu but the whole Philippines!

It's where my brother study. He said that it's a very awesome school. It's a university that values education. I Love CIT!.

CIT is the first higher educational institution (HEI) in the Visayas and Mindanao classified as Category A.

The Best Engineering School not only in Cebu but in the whole Philippines

School of Competitive Engineers! I'm very proud of it! I'm one of those! Nothing compares to CIT...
Group of Humble, Simple Peru ROCK...

The best IT School in Visayas and Mindanao...

A go to university for quality education!

Center of excellence in IT and home of topnotcher engineers

Top engineering school outside Metro Manila! Wow just wow!

CIT - UNIVERSITY is the BEST University! It is where learning is fun and interesting. Molding every students not only ACADEMICALLY BUT they trained every technologian to become a GOOD LEADER in the future as well. Facilities are provided by the school so that students are fully equipped with knowledge and hands on experience. CIT-U TOPS AGAIN! ALL HAIL MAROON AND GOLD!