University of the Philippines - Cebu


I am a proud graduate student of UP-Cebu and I can say in reality, even if our facilities are not that good, and some of our professors were not able to teach us really well, that tough environment has made us more equipped at battling with the challenges of the industry. Because in the industry, they don't teach you everything. You have to learn most of them, on the go.

The name itself says what kind of education it gives. Anywhere in the Philippines, a student who comes from the "University of the Philippines" is regarded as someone who desires nothing less than excellence, and this is what is taught to every student in every campus of the UP System.

Yes I agree with this comment. Good faculty and good students are the important factors of a university. Facilities are just enhancements. I never regret that I graduated from this university...

Oh yeah.. It is really true.. Though we don't have those latest computer units nor air-conditioned classrooms but still the learning we received are really just more than enough..

The University of the Philippines Cebu is no less than any UP campuses. Valuing honor before excellence, this University truly produces competent and great graduates that the Philippines can ever have. UP brings out the best in each of its students and pushes them to do more than better. With well published researchers and research-centered faculty members, UPCEBU indeed, is the best University in the Province.

Because the students here are well-trained to become a better professional and a better future assets of the nation

UP Cebu is undermined by other private institutions since it lacks the facility and teacher-student ratio. However, they might have the campus, but being part of UP makes them have the hippocampus.

No need to explain further. The name speaks for itself. It is THE University of the Philippines...

UP Cebu is definitely the number 1 university in the Central Visayas, needless to say, Cebu itself. I don't think anything can top its best profs and its students.

Even if I'm not a graduate in this institution, I give salute to all students in UP.

UP is the best school for me because it has lots of learning especially to things that are still new to me. I EXPERIENCE A LOT OF CHALLENGES IN THIS SCHOOL.

UP is the melting pot of the great, the talented, the intellects of the whole region of central visayas.

Best students nurtured by the best teachers in the best university.

This list isn't right. It's based purely on votes. If you ask anyone, UP Cebu should be number one.

Other universities in Cebu might have the campus, yet University of the Philippines Cebu has the hippocampus.

Seriously? Your bragging that your schools is number 1? from what planets? Sooo... funny and ambitious.