University of San Carlos


Locally and abroad USC alumni are among the leaders in business, industry, professional practice, community and public service. For those graduates of 1970's to 1980's prominent alumni include the following industry leaders which include top export business magnates in the Phils. Such as the former Benson Dakay founder, chairman of the board, CEO of Shemberg Biotech Corp. The largest carrageenan manufacturer and exporter of the Phils. ; Mr. Justin Uy considered the "mango king of the Phils. " chairman of the board & CEO of Profoods International Corp. The largest mango and tropical fruit processing company and exporter in the Phils. (Mr. Dakay & Uy) are both awardees of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Phils. , Presidential Awards for Entrepreneurship; Outstanding Carolinian USC Alumni, Top Exporters Awards, Outstanding Chemical Engineer of the Phils. For Entreprenuership (Mr. Uy); Mr. Jack Gaisano chairman of the board and CEO of Metro Gaisano Corp and chain of stores ...more

The training and facilities in University of San Carlos is definitely an advantage in order to enhance the ability of the student to grow and develop their skills.

The University is really up to its name of providing excellent education because the university has more activities that the students need to pass in order to prove themselves worthy of the course they are taking. And when it comes to issues of sophisticated students of USC, its not really what other people think it is outside the school, to be one of them, your facing a different perspective to the matter and from within I can say that its really just a matter of whom you hang out with and how you guys are connected to each other. Proud to be a Carolinian!

Always the best and premier university in Cebu and the Visayas, among the leading and topnotch schools in the Philippines particularly in the fields of Natural & Physical Sciences (Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science; Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Industrial); Architecture & Fine Arts; Pharmacy; Accountancy, Business Management, Economics; Law & Governance (Political Science); Social Sciences (Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology, History); Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Psychometry, Guidance & Counseling); Teacher Education (Basic Education) and Science & Math Education.

USC has been proven for past decades as the leading institution geared towards academic excellence. Many schools outside Cebu are considering USC as their benchmark and USC has always been known for its prestige culture and unparalleled degree of education.

It has already made HISTORY, others are still on the way of making it, but it's still uncertain whether thy can make it or not.

No matter what others say, fact can't be denied that other schools want to be US!

USC has always been the premier university in Cebu and southern Philippines! It has produced professionals of high caliber, lawyers, engineers, architects, accountants and business leaders, physicians (pre-med / bachelor degree); biologists & marine biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians / statisticians, economist, sociologist / anthropologist, environmental specialists, science teachers, advertising artists, fine artists, product designers (furniture design, etc) that played major role, leadership, professional excellence in regional, national and global economy.

At USC as in topnotch universities such as UP, Ateneo, La Salle we inculcate among our students academic excellence and academic freedom with social conscience / responsibility.
We develop our students competence on strong foundation of liberal education, the sciences & mathematics in conjugation with the arts, culture & social sciences for our graduates to be whole rounded professionals, well educated as well cultured, globally minded. Most of all in the Carolinian community we highly respect and practice the freedom of expression within the limits of law, decency and public order. We encourage our students to free and open discussions, debates to allow an environment of creative, critical, in-depth & independent thinking, inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, universality, inclusiveness, foresigthedness, and being competitve in the context of Christian values and tenets.

- The only school in Cebu with most numbers of CENTER OF EXCELLENCE (3) and DEVELOPMENT (10)..
- One of the TOP TEN LAW SCHOOL (#6) in the Philippines.
- Has Produce a President of the Republic and Other Higher Key Political Positions.
- Produce Business Tycoons and magnates and world class entrepreneurs.
- Top Chemical Engineering school in the country, 100% passing rate.


USC is the only university here in cebu that equips and produces individuals globally competitive one. It is the only university here in cebu that is internationally well-known. Tatak USC, tatak quality!

The main specialty of University of San Carlos is, the variety of faculty and it's infrastructure from which, I am impressed and eager to join this university for my MPH (Master of Public Health) which is commonly known as allied health sciences. I will be very much worthy if I can able to know the procedure to be the part of this university. You can send me the draft in my mailing is;

All I can say is... This university is filled with awesome... REALLY AWESOME PEOPLE. And I just don't mean the students, but the teachers too. And... I like how it's so, mountainous. Kinda makes you feel healthy, yeah?

USC is the best... It made me a real PERSON and developed the four aspects of life.. Spiritually (though we don't always have holidays during feast days of different saints).. Physically, emotionally and mentally (i learned how to spell words correctly! )

University of San Carlos are always consistent in making their students, prepare for future. They build a competitive students in both non-academic and academic era."They taught their students not to be employees but managers"

Definitely USC. Based on board/bar exam results, USC passing rate is way ahead than USJR or other schools in cebu.

I'm not being biased but as what I've noticed to the universities here in Cebu USC has many advantages than the other schools. Being the witnesses to the WORD.

University of San Carlos is still the best university in Cebu. It is Top 7 in PAASCU evaluation in the whole universities and colleges in the whole country of the Philippines.

I guess san carlos is the best university in cebu... Will in fact university of san carlos is one of the top 200 universities in Asian country..

Because they have a very high standards of educational background but they still allowed students to enjoy like having lots of activities held in there campus. So all in all, amazing :3

USC carolinian culture has been known locally and abroad. Most pinoys abroad are OFWS and a lot more work as domestics, caregivers which are honest and hard working jobs but yet considered low level profession. It's just fortunate that Carolinians abroad are not among the domestics and caregivers but rather the professional jobs are highly in demand aside from the health care jobs such as nurses, therapists, paramedics, Carolinians especially in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Euorpe work in lage multinational corporations as administrative support staff, bank tellers, financial analyst, quality control analyst, quality assurance engineer, chemist, microbiologist, clinical pharmacist, CAD/CAM/CAE engineer, process control engineer, environmental analyst, grade school teachers, among others. These proves that USC trademark of academic excellence in the sciences, engineering, business management, economics and social sciences
Produces Carolinian graduates to succeed globally! ...more

USC has always been Cebu's primer university, it's alumni worldwide and their leadership in different fields of business, industry, science and technology, research, education, public service attest to the Carolinian spirit of excellence, credibility and liberalism.

I'm planning to send my son to College in this school. His still in 10th grade now and he plays basketball here in his school. A sophomore right now.

advanced and better facilities.
teachers are highly competitive. :)
graduates from usc are prioritized by companies, :)

No other universities in cebu or outside can match this school of learning which is widely recognized here and abroad.

A great University that focuses not only in the academic field but as well as the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the students.