Velez College


Velez college is one of the best medical school offering pre-med courses. This school has been practicing quality education for more than 40 years and has top the board examinations every year in the field of medical technology, nursing, physical/occupational therapy. This june 2013, velez college-college of nursing tops the nursing licensure examination. If you graduate here, you have proved yourself to be one of the best after all the trainings that you've been through.


Look not just on our facilities, but on the name of our school. So if you are planning to enroll in Nursing or Medical Technology, and think you are tough enough to survive, then this school must be your no. 1 option!

Both of my sisters are there and they love it! This school is a perfect epitome of great quality education. Just don't mind the front building though. Laugh out loud

Really? Seriously though' how can quality be omitted without the experience from the new facilities to be used. Your equipped knowledge will be useless without the real thing. I'm sorry to say but studying like crap wont make up for the experience you school lacks.

Training is Superb. When you survive Velez, you can survive anything! Rigorous and fun, challenging and absolutely a one-of-a-kind exercise for the working mind.

This College is the number 1 among the Medical Schools in Cebu. their preparatory med has a 100% passing rate.. what are you waiting for. come and enroll.

Graduating from Velez College gives you a very promising future! Though the campus is outdated, the training is superb! Can't wait to finish!

I guess if you graduate here, you will no longer be afraid of passing the board exam.

As a student in this school, I can't really say we have the best facilities. But hey, we go to school for the education right? No question for that for this school!

Can't wait to see the campus of this school, I heard it's the best and the med-tech graduates here are the best among the rest

Medtech in Velez goes beyond my expectations. It will make you think back how you get in here in the first place because of the discipline that squeezes out the best in you during your 3rd year life and there could be no greater achievement in the medtech field than to make it up here. It's the discipline here that makes out all the difference.

I am a velez medtech student and it is true how hard velez is. But still I am proud to be one because passed the board exam

The teahers just read powerpoint presentations. The teaching methodology sucks but the content is without compromise. That's why students have to strive for themselves or else fail.

All your hardwork will pay off. It may be hard but its conquerable