Top Ten Best Universities In Kazakhstan

The Top Ten

1 Nazarbayev University

It is university where I am studying, despite a few cons, overall I feel positive about gaining knowledge there.

Despite it is located in Astana, I consider it as the best university in Kazakhstan.

2 Kazakh Britich Technical University

KBTU had a lot of strong programmer, but since Fuad Hajiyev moved to the Nazarbayev University, it lost a few points.

3 Suleiman Demirel University

Has a one of the strongest specialist in the area of information technologies.


Majority of talented Kazakhstani journalists finished this university.

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5 Kazakh National University

Mechanics and Mathematics Department is the best a very strong, gives a good knowledge!

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6 International Information Technologies University

Despite its' loud name has only a few strong specialists.

7 Kazakh National Medical University

The cleverest doctors in Kazakhstan were produced in this university.


Has smart students due to old school SU system of studying.

9 Kazakh National Technical University

As the AUES has teachers of the old school.

10 UIB
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