Best University Subjects

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1 Engineering

Yes it is best for electrical engineering.

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2 Computer Science

Computer Science is the best and most growing field in this century

3 Mathematics

like maths

4 Physics

Physics in 4th? I may be biased towards that field, but are you serious? - PositronWildhawk

5 Chemistry
6 Law
7 Accounting and Information Systems

The world wide valued subject and profession ever!

8 Foreign Languages

It is the best. I think it is dimandable to student.

9 Psychology

Psychology fascinates me! In fact, too many things fascinate me... I just want to be everything when I grow up... - keycha1n

And I'm sure you will be as much as you possibly can - which is already what you are. But yes, a well-rounded education and exposure is best. 😉😇 - Billyv

10 Biology

You can learn how everything works!

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11 Economics

Only the economist lead,drive and direct the world-Economist Ratul

12 Business Administration
13 History
14 Medicine
15 Geography

This is my favourite

16 Public Administration
17 Sociology

Learning to understand and live together - Billyv

18 World Religions
19 Programming

If you can program, you will probably be a smart kid. Programmers are just awesome!

20 Communication
21 Forestry and Environmental Science

It is one of the best subject in the educational field and also in the job field.

22 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
23 Finance & Banking

Finance and Banking is a major subject of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). Recently, Its popularity and its demand increased among the students want to recieve higher education, specially among the students of Business Studies group, by the increase in demand of this subject in Business sectors over the world.

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24 Philosophy
25 Linguistics
26 Astronomy
27 Microbiology
28 International Relations
29 Geological Sciences

Related with Rocks, oil & gases.

30 Statistics
31 Accounting and Banking
32 Marketing
33 Electromedical Engineering
34 Media Studies
35 Political Studies
36 Biotechnology
37 English Literature English Literature
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