Best University Subjects

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1 Engineering

Yes it is best for electrical engineering.

V 2 Comments
2 Computer Science

Computer Science is the best and most growing field in this century

3 Mathematics

like maths

4 Physics

Physics in 4th? I may be biased towards that field, but are you serious? - PositronWildhawk

5 Chemistry
6 Law
7 Accounting and Information Systems

The world wide valued subject and profession ever!

8 Foreign Languages V 1 Comment
9 Psychology

Psychology fascinates me! In fact, too many things fascinate me... I just want to be everything when I grow up... - keycha1n

And I'm sure you will be as much as you possibly can - which is already what you are. But yes, a well-rounded education and exposure is best. 😉😇 - Billyv

10 Biology

You can learn how everything works!

The Contenders

11 Economics

Only the economist lead,drive and direct the world-Economist Ratul

12 Business Administration
13 History
14 Medicine
15 Geography V 1 Comment
16 Public Administration
17 Sociology

Learning to understand and live together - Billyv

18 World Religions
19 Programming

If you can program, you will probably be a smart kid. Programmers are just awesome!

20 Communication
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