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61 Generation Graveyard

Awesome name by the way.

62 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
63 Vagabunda
64 Be The Wolf

Amazing band from Italy that is completely underground.

65 The Starkins
66 Circa Waves

These guys are a lot better than many of the bands on here above them

67 O. Children
68 Forever Cult
69 Allusondrugs
70 The Narcs
71 Data Dog
72 Secondhand Serenade
73 Angus & Julia Stone
74 Me Like Bees
75 The Stone Roses
76 Sticky Fingers

Favourite band! Are only really known to Australians who listen to triple j

77 Catamenia Catamenia
78 Fortress Of Sorrow
79 Coltrees
80 Hawkwind
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