Best Unknown Games In the App Store

The Top Ten

1 Swordigo

I don't know

2 Bad Nerd

EK! This game is SOOO underrated! I wasn't expecting it to be #2! I am probably the most attached to the game in the fandom. I headcanon Twirp's REAL name to be Tristan!

3 Linebound
4 Crossy Road

The recreation of the game is old but the creation is entertaining

This game is ok my favorite is the hipster whale but minecraft is way better HEHEHEHEHEHE

5 QuizUp
6 Jump Car
7 Shade Spotter
8 Fairy Hotel
9 Battle Bears
10 Trap Adventure

The Contenders

11 Tick Flick Boom
12 Fart Hotel
13 NBA General Manager
14 XCOM: Enemy Unknown
15 Crazy Dentist
16 Zoo Story 2
17 Happy Poo Jump
18 Skinseed

I've owned this app since 2016, and you can make an account on there, which lets you like skins that other people made, leave comments on skins, and upload skins of your own. This app was actually made for Minecraft, but most Skinseeders use it as a chat site. ( Also, you can start a role play in the comments if ya want to ) - IceFoxPlayz

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