Top Ten Unknown Musicians

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1 Sugarphil

Sugarphil makes some of the most relaxing and awesome songs I've ever heard. His music is something special. He's also the most unknown of this list and deserves way more recognition. One day he'll become big.

2 Iamsleepless

Iamsleepless is just all in all a great guy with great music.

3 Approaching Nirvana

These guys have a great future ahead of them.

4 Bossfight
5 Schmockyyy

This guy deserves way more recognition than he's getting. Although he's a YouTuber, he's also a great musician. His song 'future loves me' is great!

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6 Ultrasyd
7 Geoplex

Hey that's pretty good! - ---ChargedZircon---

I like him! Best musican ever!

Best music creator ever! His music give sight to future, relax! I ♥ his music!

He creates cool music in style "Luqid DnB", that gives sight to futhure...

8 C418

Not really unknown, but because he isn't mainstream (yet), he deserves to be on this list. Of course he has some awesome music.

9 blockhead

Unknown to most people, but known to a lot of people. His music is great to listen to while relaxing. Something special.

10 FantomenK V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Geoplex

His music is so relaxing, gives new sight in a future!

12 ArcadeMusic

Although he creates mainstream music, it's pretty good. Not amazing.

14 Field Studies
15 Jaymes Young
16 White Sea
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